Journey into Unschooling

Autumn Adventures

October 19th, 2017 by becki

September is our favourite time of year. The schools go back, the weather is lovely and Autumn is just starting to add her beauty to the world. As usual, we made the most of this wonderful month with adventures both at home and away.

We started off with a fantastic trip to Liverpool, staying in the great YHA there courtesy of a partial refund from the Eden Project youth hostel. We spent an amazing day at Formby, a National Trust owned stretch of coastline. We rolled down sand dunes, walked on the beach, explored the asparagus fields and, most exciting of all, saw lots of red squirrels in the woodlands.

We went into Liverpool for dinner at Zizzis to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had a wander around the Albert Docks

The next day we explored the World Museum. What an amazing place! The children all loved it and we learnt so much.

Back home, we had a lovely day at our nature explorers group at Wolseley.

It was great to start back at our gymnastics class too.

Our favourite HE group, Chase, carried on all through the summer luckily. Our first Autumn session was about the Vikings, which we all enjoyed. Making Viking bread, writing our names in runes, Viking quizzes and puzzles, and playing with friends 🙂

We all really enjoyed our Hama bead key ring and jewellery making session too. The children made some amazing creations

We loved our Jack’s Wood meet too – cooking and marshmallow toasting on the fire, and Autumn crafts.

It was great to get back to our regular swimming session too 🙂

We enjoyed our Not Back to School picnic with lots of friends in the beautiful Arboretum.

We had an amazing time with friends at Witley Court,catching the refurbished fountain, learning about the house and playing in the woods.

We started volunteering at a local animal sanctuary.

We had another lovely trip away to celebrate the 4th birthday of Amber’s best friend, Violet. We spent a fabulous day exploring the gardens of Belton House, and playing in the enormous adventure playground.

After a lovely pub dinner together, and a night in a Premier Inn, we all headed to Twin Lakes theme park for an amazing day of adventure

After another busy week, including a trip to Flip Out with lots of HE friends, and an afternoon with Uncle Matt visiting from Singapore, we headed off on our “big holiday” to the Isle of Wight.

After a stop enroute to visit The Living Rainforest, we reached our Ibis Hotel in Portsmouth.

The next day we headed across on the ferry to Fishbourne, then onto Thorness Bay holiday park, our home for the week in Oaklands 28, a caravan nestled amongst the oak trees. We explored the beach at Thorness Bay and settled into our caravan. We never knew that acorns falling onto caravan roofs were so loud!

The next day we went for a swim in the holiday park pool (and for some rides on the flume!) then headed to Carisbrooke Castle. We had a great time exploring the castle and museum.

The next day we spent an amazing day at Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s summer home. The children were awestruck that the Swiss Cottage, play house to the 9 royal children, was as big as our actual home! The big two enjoyed completing the trail around the house, and we all enjoyed ice cream on the queen’s private beach 🙂

We spent two awesome days at Blackgang Chine. There was so much to explore! The Water Force ride was a big hit with everyone!

Our friends joined us partway through the holiday and we had great fun together. We went swimming twice, played in the arcade, walked to the local beach, and spent an amazing sunny day on Sandown Beach. We paddled in the sea, made land art, built sandcastles, walked down the pier and ate seaside chips 🙂

Back home, we arrived just in time to celebrate Grandad’s birthday with him, before returning to our normal routine of gymnastics and groups.

Our fourth and final trip away was to Alton Towers to celebrate Amber’s upcoming birthday. She decided a year ago that she wanted to stay in the beautiful woodland lodges there. So, after a day at Peak Wildlife Park, we checked in and explored before dinner with friends at the Crooked Spoon.

The next day we met more friends for a day of adventure in the theme park 🙂

The adventures just keep on coming!

Come Into Play with wonderful friends

Jump In with yet more awesome people. Alfie was very proud to be the first to climb the ladder and ring the bell. The determination of all the others who found it more difficult was humbling to see and there were lots more successes 🙂 The jumping pillow and battle beams were great fun too, as well as the trampolines!

We had a lovely time at the wildlife trust with more awesome friends.

And playing at Crash Bang Wallop with more friends.

So many amazing autumn adventures. So much learning and fun 🙂 What a wonderful life we lead 🙂


Sensational Summer

September 19th, 2017 by becki

We have had an amazing summer. The six weeks holidays normally strike dread into our hearts as our favourite places become so crowded. We made the most of it though, and managed to find our own quiet corners to be in fresh air and nature. We enjoyed seeing schooled friends, and keeping in touch with our home ed friends. Our favourite home ed group luckily continued throughout the summer too 🙂  Oh how lovely it is to have our quiet world back again though 🙂

Here are some of the highlights of our summer of 2017.

We spent the day with Nanny for her birthday, visiting with perfume gift and home baked goodies 🙂

We had a lovely day at Aston Hall with wonderful friends. Spotting Big Sleuth bears, playing with buddies, blowing bubbles and playing games.

We attended a memorial for an old friend in Cannon Hill Park.

We went on a train ride adventure to spot the Big Sleuth bears at Resorts World and the airport

We had fun picking fruit with friends, and making blueberry muffins with our haul when we got home.

We were very glad that our lovely HE group carried on through the summer, meeting fortnightly at Redwood Park and community centre, and monthly for forest fun at Jack’s Wood.

We had a lovely day at Lickey Hills with friends.

We spent a couple of days on a mini break to YHA Sherwood Forest with friends. We had a sunny picnic at Clumber Park and had fun completing the bugs and bees trail in the beautiful walled garden. An evening of board games and makeover fun in the youth hostel followed 🙂 The next day we were deluged with rain, but still managed to enjoy Sherwood Forest and the major oak.

We spent a lovely day with friends at Blakesley Hall. We weaved rainbow fish in the craft room, completed the scarecrow trail in the garden, and the bear trail in the hall

We spent fun days tracking down all 237 Big Sleuth bears and exploring the museum and art gallery.

We had fun in Solihull and Tudor Grange Park with friends.

We had two fun summer play dates with friends in Beacon Park.

We had a great time hunting for fossils with friends at Wrens Nest. We found some amazing and fascinating fossils, as well as having lots of fun on rope swings and with Sidney the dog.

A trip to Lapworth Museum of Geology was a great way to find out more about the fossils that we had found. They have an amazing collection of minerals too. Amber loved it so much that she asked to go back on her birthday 😂

We went fruit picking with some lovely schooled friends.

We had a great time at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. Willard Wigan’s amazing miniature art on the eye of a needle, on beard hairs and eye lashes was fascinating. We also enjoyed our tour of an abandoned jewellery factory. Amber got to be the jeweller’s apprentice!

We met friends at a local playground after our Jack’s Wood meet.

We had fun at Sarehole Mill with friends touring the mill and doing the craft activity.

We had a lovely day at Baddesley Clinton National Trust with schooled friends.

We had a great time at Boarstall Duck Decoy with our extended family.

We enjoyed seeing the Emoji Movie

We had a great time with lovely friends at Wolseley nature reserve.

We had a great day at Shugborough Hall.

We spent lots of time cooking, crafting, gardening, reading, playing games and looking after the chickens.

Summer Spectacular

July 26th, 2017 by becki

It has been an amazing summer so far. The weather has been a curious mix of scorching hot, wet and cold, and somewhere in between! We have been on two trips to youth hostels, lots of amazing days out with friends, several theme park visits, lots of time spent in the great outdoors and a sprinkling of craft and art 🙂 Here are some of the highlights 🙂

We have had lots of trips to the swimming pool, where all three children have made great progress with their swimming, as well as having fun playing with friends.

We have been to gymnastics many times, usually following it with an afternoon’s play in the park with lovely friends.

img_20170612_120354-blog img_20170612_120403-blog img_20170612_120459-blog img_20170612_124148-blog img_20170612_124151-blog img_20170612_134655-blog img_20170612_153033-blog img_20170612_153035-blog img_20170619_120923-blog img_20170619_121356-blog img_20170619_121402-blog img_20170619_121403-blog img_20170619_121404-blog img_20170619_121534-blog img_20170619_121536-blog img_20170619_122425-blog img_20170619_145625-blog img_20170619_145626-blog img_20170619_150403-blog img_20170619_150405-blog img_20170626_121655-blog img_20170626_121702-blog img_20170626_121858-blog img_20170626_123031-blog img_20170626_123516-blog img_20170626_124325-blog img_20170626_125234-blog img_20170626_125237-blog img_20170626_151807-blog img_20170626_151808-blog img_20170626_151811-blog img_20170626_151849-blog img_20170626_151852-blog img_20170626_151854-blog img_20170710_115723-blog img_20170710_115827-blog img_20170710_120939-blog img_20170710_121005-blog img_20170710_140405-blog img_20170710_143235-blog img_20170710_143759-blog img_20170710_143806-blog img_20170710_143808-blog img_20170710_143814-blog img_20170717_152603-blogimg_20170717_135853-blogimg_20170717_135856-blogimg_20170717_135857-blogimg_20170717_145508-blogimg_20170717_150203-blog


We have been enjoying our fortnightly home education group, where subjects have included cake designing, mosaicing, a session on science where we were in charge of a slime making stall, and the Tudors.

img_20170704_111519-blog img_20170704_111520-blog img_20170704_113034-blog img_20170704_115110-blog img_20170704_125030-blog img_20170704_131545-blog img_20170704_131546-blog img_20170704_131755-blog img_20170704_131753-blog img_20170704_131806-blog img_20170620_112029-blog img_20170620_112035-blog img_20170620_112038-blog img_20170620_112646-blog img_20170620_122316-blog img_20170620_122605-blog img_20170620_122606-blog img_20170620_122608-blog img_20170620_122646-blog img_20170620_123104-blog img_20170620_123108-blog img_20170613_121837-blog img_20170613_121452-blog img_20170613_121144-blog img_20170613_113626-blog img_20170613_112949-blog img_20170613_111913-blog img_20170613_111435-blogimg_20170530_112944-blogimg_20170530_121642-blogimg_20170530_121658-blogimg_20170530_141432-blog


We have also been enjoying our monthly woodland meets, with cooking over the open fire, tree identification, dog cuddles, rope swings and bark rubbings 🙂

img_20170627_132657-blog img_20170627_132653-blog img_20170627_132650-blog img_20170627_123141-blog img_20170627_122559-blog img_20170627_122323-blog img_20170627_121830-blog img_20170627_115849-blog img_20170627_114317-blog img_20170627_114316-blog img_20170627_113840-blog img_20170627_113839-blog img_20170627_113708-blog img_20170627_113706-blog img_20170627_113616-blog img_20170627_113428-blog img_20170627_113422-blog img_20170725_112311-blog img_20170725_112314-blog img_20170725_123557-blog img_20170725_123558-blog

Our monthly nature explorers group has included hape zome and lots of fun and exploration with friends.

img_20170609_132635-blog img_20170609_132638-blog img_20170609_134631-blog img_20170609_141851-blog img_20170609_134708-blog img_20170609_142354-blog img_20170609_143348-blog img_20170609_143351-blog img_20170714_123812-blog img_20170714_123730-blog img_20170714_122626-blog img_20170714_122617-blog img_20170714_120931-blog img_20170714_120925-blog img_20170714_120927-blog

We have been on an exciting trip to YHA Hartington Hall with friends, where we explored Dovedale one day, then spent a fabulous day at Gullivers Kingdom the next. The boys had great fun playing board games in the evening whilst the girls all played.

img_20170629_131839-blog img_20170629_131844-blog img_20170629_132310-blog img_20170629_132539-blog img_20170629_134941-blog img_20170629_134943-blog img_20170629_134953-blog img_20170629_135928-blog img_20170629_141328-blog img_20170629_141421-blog img_20170629_141907-blog img_20170629_141914-blog img_20170629_142042-blog img_20170629_193811-blog img_20170630_104655-blog img_20170630_105337-blog img_20170630_111631-blog img_20170630_114521-blog img_20170630_114529-blog img_20170630_120025-blog img_20170630_120028-blog img_20170630_120029-blog img_20170630_121357-blog img_20170630_142823-blog


We had a lovely day with friends at Wonderland in Telford.

img_20170606_120111-blog img_20170606_120113-blog img_20170606_120518-blog img_20170606_121036-blog img_20170606_121015-blog img_20170606_121043-blog img_20170606_123315-blog img_20170606_123343-blog img_20170606_123855-blog img_20170606_123857-blog img_20170606_124654-blog img_20170606_125143-blog img_20170606_125515-blog img_20170606_125534-blog img_20170606_125646-blog img_20170606_131245-blog img_20170606_131917-blog img_20170606_132624-blog img_20170606_133435-blog


We had two fabulous trips with different friends to Tettenhall pool.

img_20170618_125850-blog img_20170616_134444-blog img_20170616_134441-blog img_20170616_134159-blog img_20170616_134152-blog img_20170616_134057-blog img_20170616_132348-blog img_20170616_132342-blog img_20170616_131847-blog img_20170616_132048-blog img_20170616_130623-blog img_20170616_130338-blog img_20170616_130111-blog img_20170616_130856-blog img_20170616_130817-blog img_20170616_122528-blog img_20170616_125518-blog img_20170616_125344-blog img_20170616_120126-blog img_20170705_120252-blog img_20170705_135628-blog img_20170705_125859-blog img_20170705_120257-blog img_20170705_142144-blog img_20170705_142351-blog

A lovely day with friends at the Arboretum splash pad.

img_20170623_131056-blog img_20170623_131107-blog img_20170623_131115-blog img_20170623_140615-blog img_20170623_141432-blog img_20170623_141435-blog img_20170623_143422-blog img_20170623_143425-blog img_20170623_143428-blog img_20170623_144246-blog img_20170623_144248-blog img_20170623_144254-blog

Two lovely lovely day with different friends at Sherbrook stepping stones

img_20170706_131258-blog img_20170706_131303-blog img_20170706_132044-blog img_20170706_132046-blog img_20170706_135046-blog

img_20170621_124152-blog img_20170621_131301-blog img_20170621_133120-blog img_20170621_133121-blog img_20170621_133123-blog


We met up with some friends from Australia that we hadn’t seen for 5 years!

img_20170622_123550-blog img_20170622_124843-blog img_20170622_130017-blog img_20170622_130021-blog img_20170622_130024-blog img_20170622_130224-blog img_20170622_130227-blog img_20170622_130338-blog img_20170622_131258-blog img_20170622_131530-blog img_20170622_131532-blog img_20170622_131627-blog img_20170622_132649_1-blog img_20170622_132648-blog img_20170622_132759_1-blog img_20170622_135856-blog img_20170622_140038-blog img_20170622_135911-blog img_20170622_140313-blog img_20170622_140755-blog img_20170622_141926-blog

We had a great day learning all about animals at Peak Wildlife Park. A lady told us so much about the deer, and let us feel some discarded antlers.

img_20170703_143821-blog img_20170703_143829-blog img_20170703_143803-blog img_20170703_140327-blog img_20170703_143727-blog img_20170703_140323-blog img_20170703_140314-blog img_20170703_135509-blog img_20170703_134900-blog img_20170703_134542-blog img_20170703_134353-blog img_20170703_134305-blog img_20170703_134122-blog img_20170703_125836-blog img_20170703_124124-blog img_20170703_124115-blog img_20170703_123337-blog


We also learnt lots at Gentleshaw Animal Sanctuary.

img_20170721_124807-blog img_20170721_124811-blog img_20170721_125027-blog img_20170721_125025-blog img_20170721_130050-blog img_20170721_131849-blog img_20170721_131851-blog


We learnt all about the Victorians at Blists Hill Victorian Town.

img_20170707_130108-blog img_20170707_130119-blog img_20170707_135418-blog img_20170707_140350-blog img_20170707_141825-blog img_20170707_141828-blog img_20170707_141843-blog img_20170707_141856-blog img_20170707_141858-blog img_20170707_141900-blog img_20170707_160737-blog img_20170707_160735-blog img_20170707_150255-blog

And did some Victorian (and other!) role play of our own at home.

img_20170711_144457-blog img_20170711_145906-blog img_20170711_145907-blog img_20170711_150321-blog img_20170714_181554-blog img_20170714_181556-blogimg_20170714_105700-blog


We had a great day at Think Tank science museum, especially exploring a fantastic disco ball constructed of hundreds of tiny mirrors each representing drawings and photographs of different stages of an eclipse. The man was very informative explaining it to us.

img_20170720_140806-blog img_20170720_140756-blog img_20170720_140755-blog img_20170720_135848-blog img_20170720_135845-blog img_20170720_135744-blog img_20170720_132714-blog img_20170720_132652-blog img_20170720_130648-blog img_20170720_115632-blog

We had a great time at a home ed session at Flip Out trampoline park.

img_20170615_131501-blog img_20170615_131502-blog img_20170615_131503-blog img_20170615_131512-blog img_20170615_131539-blog img_20170615_131825-blog img_20170615_131829-blog img_20170615_132815-blog img_20170615_132852-blog

We spent a great day at Shugborough National Trust.

img_20170610_135219-blog img_20170610_134842-blog img_20170610_134843-blog img_20170610_135310-blog img_20170610_135324-blog img_20170610_135847-blog img_20170610_135851-blog img_20170610_135855-blog img_20170610_135859-blog img_20170610_142041-blog img_20170610_142045-blog img_20170610_150422-blog

A lovely day with friends at Kedleston National Trust

img_20170603_122936-blog img_20170603_122939-blog img_20170603_114146-blog img_20170603_122834-blog img_20170603_125757-blog img_20170603_125851-blog img_20170603_130008-blog img_20170603_130433-blog img_20170603_134536-blog img_20170603_134534-blog img_20170603_134529-blog img_20170603_130826-blog img_20170603_130440-blog img_20170603_130801-blog

Meeting with relatives at Stowe National Trust

img_20170624_131212-blog img_20170624_131532-blog img_20170624_131216-blog img_20170624_131539-blog img_20170624_135258-blog img_20170624_135308-blog img_20170624_135526-blog img_20170624_141617-blog img_20170624_145012-blog img_20170624_142414-blog img_20170624_142409-blog


A lovely day at Trentham Gardens with friends

img_20170712_112332-blog img_20170712_121115-blog img_20170712_121123-blog img_20170712_121234-blog img_20170712_121454-blog img_20170712_124011-blog img_20170712_132919-blog img_20170712_132922-blog img_20170712_134135-blog img_20170712_134137-blog img_20170712_140906-blog img_20170712_141013-blog img_20170712_141217-blog img_20170712_141015-blog

We had great fun at a friend’s birthday party at Wildwood park.

img_20170719_123505-blog img_20170719_123749-blog img_20170719_123800-blog img_20170719_123918_1-blog img_20170719_123940-blog img_20170719_124138-blog img_20170719_124241-blog img_20170719_124242-blog img_20170719_124309-blog img_20170719_125656-blog img_20170719_125659-blog img_20170719_125702-blog img_20170719_125711-blog img_20170719_130328-blog img_20170719_130329-blog img_20170719_130358-blog img_20170719_130359-blog img_20170719_130633-blog img_20170719_130634-blog img_20170719_130635-blog img_20170719_131413-blog img_20170719_131414-blog img_20170719_131525-blog img_20170719_131528-blog img_20170719_131529-blog img_20170719_132924-blog img_20170719_133032-blog img_20170719_133626-blog img_20170719_133651-blog img_20170719_133625-blog


We went to a lovely park with Granny and Grandpa

img_20170614_151625-blog img_20170614_151623-blog img_20170614_144819-blog img_20170614_135352-blog img_20170614_135312-blog img_20170614_131730-blog img_20170614_131728-blog img_20170614_131533-blog img_20170614_131344-blog img_20170614_130815-blog img_20170614_130342-blog


We have begun our Big Sleuth bear hunt, which will be carried on through the summer holidays.

img_20170716_132112-blog img_20170713_152032-blog img_20170713_135502-blog img_20170713_140500-blog img_20170713_135520-blog img_20170709_143802-blog img_20170709_130050-blog img_20170709_102501-blogimg_20170707_084928-blog

We had a lovely day den building, picnicking and playing with lovely friends at Hartshill Hayes.


img_20170724_140552-blog img_20170724_140524-blog img_20170724_140244-blog img_20170724_135809-blog img_20170724_135932-blog img_20170724_123752-blog img_20170724_124546-blog img_20170724_123753-blog img_20170724_123607-blog img_20170724_123321-blog img_20170724_123257-blog img_20170724_121800-blog img_20170724_121756-blog img_20170724_121754-blog

A lovely time with friends at Elvaston Castle.

img_20170723_130632-blog img_20170723_130631-blog img_20170723_125423-blog img_20170723_125421-blog img_20170723_125335-blog img_20170723_125331-blog img_20170723_121526-blog img_20170723_121430-blog

We have played board games.

img_20170529_162608-blog img_20170529_162611-blogimg_20170531_153657-blog

Alfie built his own flat pack shelving unit for his Lego Dimensions.

img_20170602_133143-blog img_20170602_133145-blog img_20170602_153305-blog

We have done lots of cooking. We have harvested lots of fruit and vegetables that we have grown ourselves in our veggie patch too.

img_20170530_144920-blog img_20170530_164658-blogimg_20170613_154036-blogimg_20170621_183649-blogimg_20170621_183650-blogimg_20170628_153327-blogimg_20170628_152218-blogimg_20170628_144621-blogimg_20170628_144614-blogimg_20170704_154632-blogimg_20170711_133802-blog


We welcomed four new chickens into our brood and have spent lots of time outside caring for them and gardening, as well as playing outdoors.




We have had some science days.

img_20170608_134330-blog img_20170608_120641-blog img_20170608_114446-blog img_20170608_114445-blog img_20170608_111721-blog img_20170608_111719-blog

We have done lots of crafts, sticker books, reading, drawing, playing and watching documentaries too. What an awesome summer so far, full of learning and fun.














Springtime Adventures

May 28th, 2017 by becki

What a lovely spring we have had 🙂 The weather at the moment is hot and sunny, but we have had plenty of fun come rain and shine. Here are the highlights 😉

We have been swimming to our local pool many times. All three children have improved their swimming immensely. Poppy can now swim two widths underwater. Alfie has progressed in both his style and distance. Amber is working towards swimming unaided. We have lots of fun playing with friends in the pool too.

Alfie had a lovely birthday meet at Tamworth Castle Grounds with lots of lovely friends. The sun shone and he had so many lovely cards and gifts.



The next day was a good opportunity to explore new presents – Lego building, chess playing and crafting 🙂




We took in 5 very elderly chickens from a lady who can no longer look after them, and spent lots of time in the garden looking after them and introducing them to our existing ladies.




We also went to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast.

The Easter holidays were great fun. We met up with lots of friends, made vegan creme eggs and saw an amazing animal man at our HE group. We learnt so much about lots of different creatures.



We had a wonderful day out at Calke Abbey NT with the lovely Elliott family, plus Bex and Violet.


We had a lovely doing scooting, playing and doing gymnastics with Evie and Finn in the Arboretum.



We made yummy vegan creme eggs and chocolate eggs 🙂

img_20170414_104459-blog img_20170414_105329-blog img_20170414_113448-blog img_20170414_113452-blog img_20170414_113509-blog img_20170414_113515-blog img_20170414_115704-blog img_20170414_123618-blog

We had a lovely time with friends at our HE group.

img_20170418_112953-blog img_20170418_111151-blog img_20170418_111149-blog img_20170418_122539-blog img_20170418_122542-blog img_20170418_122600-blog img_20170418_122601-blog img_20170418_122614-blog img_20170418_122612-blog img_20170418_123501-blog img_20170418_123505-blog img_20170418_123503-blog img_20170418_123513-blog img_20170418_123510-blog img_20170418_123742-blog


We had a great day at Plantasia with Sarah and Alice. We conquered all the mazes, built a den and had lots of fun playing in the woods.

img_20170419_112238-blog img_20170419_112236-blog img_20170419_122825-blog img_20170419_122945-blog img_20170419_123919-blog img_20170419_123923-blog img_20170419_123957-blog img_20170419_124205-blog img_20170419_130145-blog img_20170419_150325-blog img_20170419_150345-blog img_20170419_150408-blog


We found all the Easter bunnies hiding around Croome Park NT, and found all the ingredients he needed for his baking.


img_20170420_133508-blog img_20170420_133510-blog img_20170420_133712-blog img_20170420_133727-blog img_20170420_135148-blog img_20170420_144026-blog img_20170420_144041-blog img_20170420_144114-blog img_20170420_144153-blog img_20170420_145117-blog img_20170420_145302-blog img_20170420_145603-blog img_20170420_145632-blog img_20170420_153022-blog img_20170420_153504-blog


Alfie built Minecraft Lego, we sowed lots of seedlings and did lots of space related science experiments.


img_20170421_130552-blog img_20170421_130559-blog img_20170421_130612-blog img_20170421_145422-blog img_20170423_111125-blog img_20170423_111128-blog img_20170423_111544-blog img_20170423_120141-blog img_20170423_121713-blog img_20170423_121714-blog img_20170423_152908-blog


We went to the theatre to see an amazing one man show all about science – the Ensonglopaedia of Science. The kids had great fun.

We met lovely friends for a play in the park.

img_20170424_125310-blog img_20170424_125312-blog img_20170424_125316-blog img_20170424_125319-blog img_20170424_130011-blog img_20170424_130012-blog img_20170424_131317-blog img_20170424_135804-blog img_20170424_135815-blog


We had a great time cooking outdoors at our woodland bushcraft meet.

img_20170425_115448-blog img_20170425_115453-blog img_20170425_115826-blog img_20170425_115829-blog img_20170425_115830-blog img_20170425_121715-blog img_20170425_121716-blog img_20170425_121925-blog img_20170425_121926-blog img_20170425_122604-blog img_20170425_122606-blog img_20170425_123244-blog img_20170425_123436-blog img_20170425_123437-blog img_20170425_124634-blog img_20170425_124636-blog img_20170425_124639-blog img_20170425_131410-blog img_20170425_131409-blog img_20170425_131407-blog img_20170425_142535-blog img_20170425_153502-blog


We were lucky to have an amazing trip away with friends to Windsor. We had a lovely day at Cliveden NT, then spent the night at our favourite YHA, Jordan’s.

img_20170426_143742-blog img_20170426_143848-blog img_20170426_143921-blog img_20170426_144219-blog img_20170426_144226-blog img_20170426_144537-blog img_20170426_144733-blog img_20170426_144916-blog img_20170426_144957-blog img_20170426_145101-blog img_20170426_145104-blog img_20170426_163233-blog

The next day we had a fantastic day of fun at Legoland, culminating in a stay in the fab Legoland Hotel.

img_20170427_105607-blog img_20170427_105609-blog img_20170427_112926-blog img_20170427_113124-blog img_20170427_125856-blog img_20170427_125857-blog img_20170427_125904-blog img_20170427_131826-blog img_20170427_131851-blog img_20170427_142334-blog img_20170427_185017-blog

The next day we made great use of their splash pad, swimming pool and Lego pit 🙂

img_20170428_125654-blog img_20170428_125656-blog img_20170428_125659-blog img_20170428_130829-blog img_20170428_130955-blog img_20170428_132557-blog

Back home, we had a lovely day at Rosliston Forestry Centre with Charlotte, Katie and Bella.

img_20170430_113731-blog img_20170430_115329-blog img_20170430_121933-blog img_20170430_121936-blog img_20170430_122456-blog img_20170430_125212-blog img_20170430_125225-blog img_20170430_125302-blog img_20170430_125359-blog img_20170430_131309-blog img_20170430_131312-blog img_20170430_132610-blog img_20170430_132612-blog img_20170430_141637-blog img_20170430_141642-blog


We had a great time junk modelling at our HE group.

img_20170502_115727-blog img_20170502_121338-blog img_20170502_172927-blog


And an amazing day at Trentham Gardens for our good friend Francis’s 11th birthday.

img_20170503_120630-blog img_20170503_125351-blog img_20170503_125715-blog img_20170503_133557-blog img_20170503_133720-blog img_20170503_134100-blog img_20170503_134101-blog img_20170503_134252-blog img_20170503_134323-blog img_20170503_134711-blog img_20170503_140723-blog img_20170503_142345-blog img_20170503_144830-blog img_20170503_144832-blog img_20170503_144834-blog


We had a lovely time bug hunting at Wolseley Explorers (despite a tyre blow out – just another learning experience for our HE kids as they watched the AA and mobile tyre fitters at work!)

img_20170505_115802-blog img_20170505_115804-blog img_20170505_125255-blog img_20170505_145838-blog img_20170505_145832-blog img_20170505_143119-blog img_20170505_143118-blog img_20170505_133841-blog img_20170505_133836-blog img_20170505_133559-blog img_20170505_133558-blog img_20170505_133556-blog img_20170505_133411-blog img_20170505_133409-blog

We had fun at the library, choosing lots of new books and audio CDs.

Poppy and Amber made some amazing lemon cake and hummus.

img_20170506_160529-blog img_20170507_114804-blog img_20170507_114805-blog

Poppy was glad to be back at her gymnastics class after the Easter break. She has enjoyed going every week, often playing in the park with friends afterwards.

img_20170508_121433-blog img_20170508_121501-blog img_20170508_121507-blog img_20170508_143233-blog img_20170508_143236-blog img_20170508_143238-blog img_20170508_151342-blog img_20170508_151343-blog img_20170508_151344-blog img_20170508_151349-blogimg_20170515_120700-blogimg_20170515_121616-blogimg_20170515_121620-blogimg_20170515_121623-blogimg_20170515_130035-blogimg_20170522_115730-blogimg_20170522_120409-blogimg_20170522_120413-blogimg_20170522_121717-blogimg_20170522_121737-blogimg_20170522_140620-blogimg_20170522_145743-blog


We had a wonderful day learning all about animals at Peak Wildlife Park.

img_20170509_125948-blog img_20170509_130929-blog img_20170509_130931-blog img_20170509_130936-blog img_20170509_131043-blog img_20170509_132353-blog img_20170509_133515-blog img_20170509_133521-blog img_20170509_133625-blog img_20170509_133955-blog img_20170509_134023-blog img_20170509_135114-blog img_20170509_142202-blog img_20170509_143435-blog img_20170509_143441-blog img_20170509_144514-blog img_20170509_144518-blog img_20170509_144540-blog img_20170509_150716-blog img_20170509_151236-blog img_20170509_151329-blog img_20170509_151343-blog img_20170509_151428-blog


We had lots of fun at home after swimming with marble runs.

img_20170510_171536-blog img_20170510_171537-blog img_20170510_171547-blog img_20170510_171549-blog img_20170510_171555-blog img_20170510_173618-blog img_20170511_122351-blog


We visited the animals at Brockswood Sanctuary with lovely friends.

img_20170512_121717-blog img_20170512_125411-blog img_20170512_130143-blog img_20170512_130205-blog img_20170512_130213-blog img_20170512_130842-blog img_20170512_131120-blog img_20170512_131123-blog img_20170512_132115-blog img_20170512_132944-blog img_20170512_132945-blog img_20170512_133023-blog img_20170512_133024-blog img_20170512_133400-blog img_20170512_142033-blog img_20170512_144212-blog img_20170512_144917-blog img_20170512_144920-blog img_20170512_145305-blog img_20170512_145313-blog

We had a great time at Emberton Country Park cycling with Uncle Steve, Aunty Andy, Toby and Bunty 🙂

img_20170513_132504-blog img_20170513_132518-blog img_20170513_132521-blog img_20170513_132522-blog img_20170513_132525-blog img_20170513_135535-blog img_20170513_135539-blog

A lovely time painting canvases.

img_20170514_135431-blog img_20170514_135435-blog img_20170514_135446-blog img_20170514_145342-blog img_20170514_151750-blog img_20170514_152135-blog img_20170514_164600-blog img_20170514_194911-blog


We had a lovely time at our HE group making HAMA bead creations.

img_20170516_112951-blog img_20170516_145004-blog

Sadly we lost our chicken, Bob, but Amber was a wonderful veterinary nurse.


We were lucky to have another adventure away with friends, staying at the awesome YHA Ilam – a mansion house set in beautiful NT grounds.

We visited Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood on the way, learning lots about life for children over the years, including climbing a chimney.

img_20170517_131648-blog img_20170517_131755-blog img_20170517_132403-blog img_20170517_133816-blog img_20170517_133823-blog img_20170517_135041-blog img_20170517_141005-blog img_20170517_141406-blog img_20170517_141409-blog img_20170517_142407-blog img_20170517_142409-blog img_20170517_142609-blog img_20170517_142616-blog img_20170517_142622-blog

We walked to Dovedale and the stepping stones, and the big kids climbed Thorpe Cloud.

img_20170518_102512-blog img_20170518_104643-blog img_20170518_113347-blog img_20170518_122502-blog img_20170518_122504-blog img_20170518_122812-blog

We had a great time at a triple birthday bash with so many lovely friends.

img_20170519_124318-blog img_20170519_130332-blog img_20170519_131656-blog img_20170519_131809-blog img_20170519_131810-blog img_20170519_131812-blog img_20170519_132450-blog img_20170519_133106-blog img_20170519_133124-blog img_20170519_133126-blog img_20170519_133209-blog img_20170519_133211-blog img_20170519_133248-blog

An amazing vegan curry night with lots of friends.



Another lovely session of our bushcraft meet.

img_20170523_121730-blog img_20170523_122138-blog img_20170523_122257-blog img_20170523_122517-blog img_20170523_122520-blog


A great time with friends at The Big Play Barn.

img_20170525_150037-blog img_20170525_150014-blog img_20170525_150013-blog img_20170525_141654-blog img_20170525_141649-blog img_20170525_135329-blog img_20170525_135328-blog img_20170525_125631-blog img_20170525_124243-blog

An amazing day outdoor swimming at Bosworth Water.

img_20170526_125853-blog img_20170526_144617-blog img_20170526_144616-blog img_20170526_143905-blog img_20170526_143823-blog img_20170526_143821-blog img_20170526_141708-blog img_20170526_135713-blog img_20170526_135710-blog img_20170526_130907-blog img_20170526_130902-blog img_20170526_130856-blog img_20170526_130846-blog img_20170526_130837-blog img_20170526_130833-blog img_20170526_130709-blog img_20170526_130703-blog

Looking back it is amazing how much fun and learning has been going on. So much time spent with friends playing, discovering, growing. These are just the photograph worthy highlights too. Unseen are all the books read, visits to grandparents, imaginative play, crafting, trampolining, animal caring, gaming, and generally learning and growing every single day. What an amazing spring it has been. Bring on the summer 🙂


Cornwall 2017

April 4th, 2017 by becki

We had a lovely break in Cornwall 🙂

We stopped off at Killerton National Trust in Devon on our way down, for a fun but drizzly walk.

img_20170323_140450-blog img_20170323_140938-blog img_20170323_140945-blog

We stayed in a shipping container at YHA Eden Project. It should have been an epic adventure, but was marred by noisy Belgian students causing chaos into the wee small hours, culminating in us shivering on the car park at 1.30am when they set the fire alarm off 🙁

Luckily, we all enjoyed a great day at the amazing Eden Project the following day.

img_20170324_103619-blog img_20170324_104729-blog img_20170324_104811-blog img_20170324_104838-blog img_20170324_105243-blog img_20170324_105505-blog img_20170324_105507-blog img_20170324_105632-blog img_20170324_105635-blog img_20170324_111033-blog img_20170324_111041-blog img_20170324_111046-blog img_20170324_111910-blog img_20170324_111920-blog img_20170324_132315-blog img_20170324_132317-blog

We then travelled to Perran Sands holiday park, where we stayed for a week. It was lovely! We had a brand new caravan (free upgrade!) and were right by the beautiful beach. We had great fun in the pool and flume – and did well in the arcade 🙂

img_20170331_095556-blog img_20170331_095445-blog img_20170331_095442-blog img_20170331_095333-blog img_20170331_093417-blog img_20170331_093416-blog img_20170330_124024-blog img_20170330_124016-blog img_20170330_123601-blog img_20170330_123559-blog img_20170330_120144-blog img_20170330_120142-blog img_20170330_120136-blog img_20170330_115340-blog img_20170330_113508-blog img_20170330_113406-blog img_20170330_113359-blog img_20170330_113357-blog img_20170330_113024-blog img_20170330_113014-blog img_20170330_113012-blog img_20170330_112827-blog img_20170330_112826-blog img_20170330_112804-blog img_20170330_112801-blog img_20170325_095013-blog img_20170325_095941-blog img_20170325_095954-blog img_20170325_100955-blog img_20170325_101325-blog img_20170325_101345-blog img_20170325_101830-blog img_20170325_101832-blog img_20170325_102244-blog img_20170325_102310-blog img_20170325_102311-blog img_20170325_102406-blog img_20170325_102448-blog img_20170325_102504-blog img_20170325_102655-blog img_20170325_103603-blog img_20170325_104346-blog img_20170325_131216-blog img_20170325_131233-blog img_20170325_131237-blog img_20170325_131323-blog img_20170325_132104-blog img_20170325_132106-blog img_20170325_132110-blog img_20170326_141538-blog img_20170326_141545-blog img_20170326_141547-blog img_20170326_141837-blog img_20170326_141842-blog img_20170326_141843-blog img_20170326_154643-blog img_20170326_154645-blog img_20170326_154646-blog img_20170326_154650-blog img_20170326_154652-blog img_20170326_154655-blog img_20170326_192127-blog img_20170326_192355-blog img_20170328_155004-blog img_20170328_155006-blog

As well as lots of time on the beach, exploring caves and climbing rocks, we went to both an owl sanctuary and  a seal sanctuary.

img_20170328_114426-blog img_20170328_114011-blog img_20170328_112633-blog img_20170328_112629-blog img_20170327_130757-blog img_20170327_125852-blog img_20170327_125649-blog img_20170327_125646-blog img_20170327_125626-blog img_20170327_124741-blog img_20170327_124147-blog img_20170327_124118-blog img_20170327_114945-blog img_20170327_114907-blog img_20170327_114803-blog img_20170327_114753-blog


We explored Pendennis Castle in Falmouth.

img_20170329_141649-blog img_20170329_141512-blog img_20170329_142131-blog img_20170329_142642-blog img_20170329_142736-blog img_20170329_142738-blog img_20170329_142911-blog img_20170329_142957-blog img_20170329_143833-blog img_20170329_143446-blog

Then had a lovely spring hunt at Knightshayes Court NT enroute home.

img_20170331_131416-blog img_20170331_131925-blog img_20170331_131928-blog img_20170331_133027-blog img_20170331_133134-blog img_20170331_133142-blog img_20170331_133458-blog

What a lovely holiday 🙂

img_20170327_191742-blog img_20170327_191737-blog

Spring Has Sprung!

April 4th, 2017 by becki

We have been so so busy that I hardly know where to start! Springtime means getting outdoors more, lighter evenings and days out in the sun 🙂 We have had a wonderful holiday, aand lots of fun with friends.

We have enjoyed all our regular activities too. Our gymnastics on a Monday are invariably followed by the park or, if rainy, a play date with friends. This week we had a birthday party for one of our lovely friends 🙂

img_20170213_121105-blog img_20170213_123814-blog img_20170213_123818-blog img_20170213_131252-blog img_20170213_131255-blog img_20170213_131535-blog

img_20170227_121900-blog img_20170227_121902-blog img_20170306_121114-blog img_20170306_134532-blog img_20170306_134831-blog img_20170306_134836-blog img_20170306_134837-blog img_20170313_141126-blog img_20170313_141131-blog img_20170320_122847-blog img_20170320_123030-blog img_20170320_123114-blog img_20170320_150618-blogimg_20170403_144257-blogimg_20170403_144300-blogimg_20170403_144301-blogimg_20170403_150444-blog

Our fortnightly Tuesday group provides a chance to try out awesome activities and meet with friends. Our sessions have included canvas painting, making geometric shapes and fabric painting 🙂 We love this group!

img_20170221_114746-blog img_20170221_114754-blog img_20170221_124739-blog img_20170221_124741-blog img_20170221_141106-blog img_20170307_112334-blog img_20170307_112340-blog img_20170307_112723-blog img_20170307_112727-blog img_20170307_113655-blog img_20170307_125142-blog img_20170307_125430-blogimg_20170404_110042-blog img_20170404_110850-blog img_20170404_113717-blog img_20170404_114126-blog img_20170404_125318-blog img_20170404_125320-blog img_20170404_125323-blog img_20170404_125324-blog img_20170404_144442-blog img_20170404_144446-blog


We have been going swimming with various friends most weeks.

We have had sleepovers and play dates with wonderful friends too.

img_20170224_141813-blog img_20170224_141811-blog img_20170221_103251-blog img_20170215_160531-blog img_20170215_160504-blog img_20170215_160533-blog img_20170215_160318-blog img_20170215_160323-blog img_20170215_160015-blog


We have had lots of fun at our monthly home ed explorers group in the wildlife trust.

img_20170303_133341-blog img_20170303_133633-blog img_20170303_121938-blog img_20170303_140639-blog img_20170303_141009-blog img_20170303_141010-blog img_20170303_141311-blog img_20170303_141312-blog


We even went again with friends for more fun 🙂

img_20170321_143902-blog img_20170321_143857-blog img_20170321_143753-blog img_20170321_143749-blog img_20170321_134143-blog img_20170321_134141-blog img_20170321_133620-blog img_20170321_133617-blog img_20170321_133615-blog img_20170321_131841-blog img_20170321_131824-blog

We have been to Boingzone trampoline park with friends, where Poppy enjoyed challenging the coaches to gymnastics competitions 😉

img_20170302_145039-blog img_20170302_143612-blog img_20170302_143611-blog img_20170302_143606-blog img_20170302_141431-blog img_20170302_140321-blog img_20170302_140126-blog img_20170302_140123-blog img_20170302_135855-blog img_20170302_135854-blog

We had an amazing home educators’ session at Flip Out trampoline park.

img_20170316_130522-blog img_20170316_130807-blog img_20170316_130840-blog img_20170316_131340-blog img_20170316_131426-blog img_20170316_131427-blog img_20170316_131519-blog

We went rock climbing with friends.

img_20170310_114806-blog img_20170310_114846-blog img_20170310_115219-blog img_20170310_120100-blog img_20170310_120142-blog img_20170310_120144-blog img_20170310_120153-blog img_20170310_121354-blog img_20170310_121409-blog img_20170310_123447-blog img_20170310_124401-blog img_20170310_123955-blog img_20170310_123943-blog

We went bowling with friends.

img_20170315_122234-blog img_20170315_122309-blog img_20170315_122645-blog img_20170315_122647-blog img_20170315_125411-blog

We went to Peak Wildlife Park

img_20170228_123411-blog img_20170228_123911-blog img_20170228_123912-blog img_20170228_124121-blog img_20170228_124811-blog img_20170228_124821-blog img_20170228_125553-blog img_20170228_131913-blog img_20170228_135144-blog

We visited an animal sanctuary with friends.

img_20170309_121833-blog img_20170309_121835-blog img_20170309_121841-blog img_20170309_122054-blog img_20170309_125011-blog img_20170309_125102-blog img_20170309_130642-blog img_20170309_131138-blog img_20170309_132521-blog img_20170309_132523-blog

We had a lovely lunch out and charity shop mooch with Granny and Grandpa.

We spent time with Nanny and Grandad.

We had a great day at a National Trust with Uncle Steve, Aunty Andy and cousin Toby.

img_20170311_125429-blog img_20170311_130137-blog img_20170311_130135-blog img_20170311_125855-blog img_20170311_125853-blog img_20170311_125844-blog img_20170311_125445-blog img_20170311_125440-blog img_20170311_130142-blog img_20170311_130215-blog img_20170311_145425-blog

We had a fun day at Enginuity with lots of lovely friends.

img_20170317_151427-blog img_20170317_151450-blog img_20170317_151449-blog img_20170317_151442-blog img_20170317_150206-blog img_20170317_143820-blog img_20170317_142715-blog img_20170317_133808-blog img_20170317_133807-blog img_20170317_133529-blog img_20170317_132233-blog img_20170317_131054-blog img_20170317_131049-blog img_20170317_130740-blog img_20170317_130148-blog img_20170317_125821-blog img_20170317_125818-blog img_20170317_125703-blog

We had a great day at the park with some schooled friends during half term.

img_20170220_125713-blog img_20170220_125710-blog img_20170220_122705-blog img_20170220_122703-blog img_20170220_122700-blog img_20170220_120409-blog img_20170220_120359-blog

We met other lovely schooled friends at the botanical gardens.

img_20170222_114325-blog img_20170222_114328-blog img_20170222_115040-blog img_20170222_123156-blog img_20170222_123159-blog


The local vegan festival was awesome!




We spotted snowdrops at Sunnycroft NT

img_20170219_124327-blog img_20170219_124343-blog img_20170219_124349-blog img_20170219_124520-blog img_20170219_124523-blog img_20170219_124737-blog img_20170219_124811-blog img_20170219_124740-blog img_20170219_133414-blog img_20170219_133420-blog img_20170219_135325-blog img_20170219_135401-blog

We found frogspawn in our local nature reserve.

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We hatched Hatchimals.

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We baked and cooked.

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We did lots of different crafts, jigsaws, role play games, board games, construction, science experiments, went to the library and lots lots more. Here is just a taster!

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A certain boy even turned 11 🙂 Happy birthday Alfie! He had a lovely lunch at the Warehouse Cafe.

We also went on holiday to Cornwall. That is another story though 😉

Winter Wanderings

February 11th, 2017 by becki

Our return to “normality” after the festivities started with Tuesday gymnastics. It was good to see our friends and get back into our routines after the down time of the festive period! We have been every week since, culminating in badge week. Alfie and Poppy got their bronze level fitness awards, and Amber gained level 3 proficiency. They have all decided to take a break over the spring and summer so that they can enjoy their woodland meet up group and playing with friends outdoors.

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We also had a play date with some of our favourite people. Poppy and her bestie M had a great time together, whilst Alfie enjoyed playing Lego Dimensions with the boys, C and F. Meanwhile, Amber and N served us some delightful dishes in their vegan cafe 😉

We spend a lovely day at Think Tank with more wonderful friends. The Rowland Emmett Marvellous Machines exhibition was captivating for us all, even little V.

img_20170105_130754-blog img_20170105_130852-blog img_20170105_130932-blog img_20170105_130938-blog img_20170105_131843-blog img_20170105_132225-blog img_20170105_132519-blog img_20170105_132521-blog img_20170105_134100-blog img_20170105_135358-blog img_20170105_140406-blog img_20170105_141104-blog img_20170105_142315-blog img_20170105_142312-blog img_20170105_142941-blog

We had a great time getting wet and mucky at HE Exploeres at Wolseley. Paddling in the lake, breaking up shards of ice, observing the wildlife and feeding the waterfowl with lots of lovely friends.

img_20170106_120439-blog img_20170106_120442-blog img_20170106_120746-blog img_20170106_120826-blog img_20170106_120828-blog img_20170106_120951-blog img_20170106_120952-blog img_20170106_121250-blog img_20170106_121252-blog img_20170106_121254-blog img_20170106_121720-blog img_20170106_121721-blog img_20170106_121822-blog img_20170106_121833-blog img_20170106_121836-blog img_20170106_123427-blog img_20170106_123428-blog img_20170106_123512-blog img_20170106_123513-blog img_20170106_123515-blog


Poppy was particularly keen to get back to her Monday gymnastics, her favourite time of the week. Afterwards we usually head to the park or a friend’s house to play with all our friends 🙂

img_20170109_121529-blog img_20170109_121542-blog img_20170109_121556-blog img_20170109_124043-blog img_20170109_124436-blog img_20170109_125642_1-blog img_20170109_125642-blog img_20170109_125641-blog img_20170116_120802-blog img_20170116_121459-blog img_20170116_121502-blog img_20170116_121939-blog img_20170116_121942-blog img_20170116_121937-blog img_20170123_120433-blog img_20170123_120434-blog img_20170123_120648-blog img_20170123_121037-blog img_20170123_122753-blog img_20170123_121038-blog img_20170123_122757-blog img_20170123_123218-blog img_20170123_123254-blog img_20170123_123401-blog img_20170123_123357-blog img_20170123_124138-blog img_20170123_124744-blog img_20170123_124848-blog img_20170130_120910-blog img_20170130_121348-blog img_20170130_121352-blog img_20170130_123014-blog img_20170130_123043-blog img_20170130_123021-blog img_20170130_124044-blog

Everyone was also glad to get back to our usual weekly swimming once the schools went back. We meet various different friends so have the fun of socialising, as well as exercise!

Another welcome return was to our favourite fortnightly home ed group 🙂 We had a lovely time junk modelling the first session back. The children’s creations were so imaginative and amazing!

img_20170110_112546-blog img_20170110_112552-blog img_20170110_112553-blog img_20170110_112623-blog


The next session was clay modelling, again really bringing out the creative side of all three children!

img_20170124_111350-blog img_20170124_111555-blog img_20170124_111557-blog img_20170124_111644-blog img_20170124_111647-blog img_20170124_112837-blog img_20170124_112840-blog

The last session we attended was weaving and pom pom making. Alfie’s pompom turned out enormous! Poppy knitted a lovely bracelet with sticks. The laser mze that all three children made with their friends was awesome too!

img_20170207_120826-blog img_20170207_120831-blog img_20170207_121139-blog img_20170207_122702-blog img_20170207_122704-blog img_20170207_123528-blog img_20170207_122714-blog img_20170207_123532-blog img_20170207_124019-blog img_20170207_124025-blog img_20170207_124028-blog img_20170207_124350-blog img_20170207_124352-blog img_20170207_180254-blog

We had a lovely day at Come Into Play with amazing friends. Poppy found it a novelty that with her and Amber, plus J, R, M and A, there were six girls, and only Alfie to represent the boys! Most of her best friends are boys, but she declared it a novel change to have a girly day 😉

The next day, meeting other friends at Crash Bang Wallop was a little more balanced, with 4 girls and 3 boys. We barely saw any of the children, as they disappeared off playing maazing games, only returning for food and water!

img_20170113_115558-blog img_20170113_115559-blog

We had an amazing day riding the flumes and rapids with friends at Water World.

We had lots of fun rock climbing with lots of HE friends at Rock Up.

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We had a lovely day of tractor and trailer rides, ply and guinea pigs at the National Forest Adventure Farm with lots of lovely friends.

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