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Happy birthday Holly and Amber :-)

November 15th, 2014 by becki

It hardly seems a minute since Holly Persephone was born at 1.30am on 12th November 2007, weighing 8lb 14oz, and Amber May was born at 5.51pm on 12th November 2010, weighing 7lb 12oz.



Happy 7th and 4th birthdays, girls :-)


IMG_20141108_113024-blog IMG_20141109_101647-blog

Birthday Fun!

November 15th, 2014 by becki

It has been a fun couple of weeks. Here are some of the highlights :-)

- A trip to Birmingham botanical gardens to see the last of the Autumn colours.

- Swimming with friends.

- Cinema trips with lovely friends to see Mr Peabody and Sherman with the Kelly family, and Walking with Dinosaurs with the Kentishes as part of the Into Film Festival.

- Gym class fun

- A lovely day at Alton Towers with Elaine, Jacob and Jess, Bex and Violet, enjoying the rides and the Sea Life centre.

- Friday Club fun with lots of friends. Alfie and Holly enjoyed making density towers and using universal indicators. There was lots of painting, drawing, playing with friends and skipping in the sports hall.

- Doing the crocodile hunt and enjoying all the activities in Walsall museum

- Soft play fun with the Webb and Kelly clans  at Jitterbugs.

- A lovely play date with the Williams tribe.

- Birthday lunch for the girls with Nanny and Grandad, before hitting the shops to spend their vouchers and money.

- A trip to Snibston with the Jones/Thomas, Webb, Kelly and Hewitt-Hardacre crew for fun in the science playground and discovery centre.

- Play date fun with the Webb/Kelly/Jones-Thomas crew L-)

- Lots of time spent together playing board games, exploring new birthday toys and books, and generally having fun. Holly has made 16 markers with her marker making machine, has sewn a skirt for her new doll on her sewing machine, created lots of art with her metallic markers, and lots more. Amber has been excavating dinosurs, zip wiring Hex bugs, bathing in maroon water and playing with her new toys. Alfie is halfway through building the Sagrada Familia to go with his Mont St Michel. We are having so much fun :-)

Halloween Fun :-)

November 1st, 2014 by becki

We have had a lovely week :-) Here are some of the highlights :-)

A new baby for Amber and a pattern making spider for the ever artistic Holly.

IMG_20141020_120317-blog IMG_20141020_120319-blog

Early morning drawing before going out for Daddy’s birthday for vegan brunch at Verdo Lounge, and a visit to Sutton library, followed by gym class for the big two.


A lovely day at Thomasland for Amber and Violet :-) It was Violet’s first time at a theme park and Amber loved going on all the rides with her.

IMG_20141022_103709-blog IMG_20141022_110103-blog IMG_20141022_120000-blog IMG_20141022_110105 (copy) IMG_20141022_123943-blog IMG_20141022_145300-blog IMG_20141022_145305-blog IMG_20141022_115201 (copy)

A breezy walk at Chasewater, before Nanny and Grandad coming to play whilst I went to my hospital appointment.


A lovely day at Think Tank science museum with lots of our lovely home educating friends :-)

IMG_20141024_110956-blog IMG_20141024_121554-blog IMG_20141024_121556-blog IMG_20141024_130537-blog IMG_20141024_130916-blog IMG_20141024_143844-blog IMG_20141024_140351-blogIMG_20141024_143849-blog

A day at the West Midlands vegan festival, followed by lots of fun making, exploring and looking at art at Wolverhampton art gallery.

IMG_20141025_131918-blog IMG_20141025_132029-blog IMG_20141025_132033-blog IMG_20141025_132213-blog IMG_20141025_132246-blog IMG_20141025_132711-blog IMG_20141025_133242-blog IMG_20141025_134844-blog

A fantastic day at Conkers with friends, building dens, watching a magic show, walking in the woods and catching the Conkerchoo :-)

IMG_20141026_124430-blog IMG_20141026_124618-blog IMG_20141026_124713-blog IMG_20141026_124738-blog IMG_20141026_125443-blog IMG_20141026_131426-blog IMG_20141026_131428-blog IMG_20141026_133938-blog IMG_20141026_150538-blog IMG_20141026_151023-blog

Halloween crafts – Amber made a hand print bat, Alfie a handprint snowy owl, and Holly lots of Halloween snowflakes and a glittery pumpkin.

IMG_20141027_105456-blog IMG_20141027_111244-blog IMG_20141027_113427-blog IMG_20141027_163445-blog IMG_20141030_152747-blog

We went to Cannock HE group, for fun playing in the park with friends, painting and Terraria playing :-)

IMG_20141028_112229-blog IMG_20141028_112441-blog IMG_20141028_112443-blog IMG_20141028_112828-blog IMG_20141028_115943-blog IMG_20141028_115946-blog IMG_20141028_121907-blog

Followed by a visit to the farm shop to choose pumpkins, and plan their designs.

IMG_20141028_155514-blog IMG_20141028_155507-blog

Pumpkin day followed – lots of carving, toasting of seeds and baking of choc marshmallow pumpkin cookies, pumpkin donuts and pumpkin cake…

IMG_20141029_120224-blog IMG_20141029_120514-blogIMG_20141030_152727 IMG_20141030_171846

On Thursday we went to the Halloween themed Friday Club (!) Alfie really enjoyed the science – making gloop, testing the acidity and alkalinity of 12 substances with universal indicator and making different exploding potions. Holly had great fun sewing a pillow. Amber enjoyed all the craft activities.

IMG_20141030_121615-blog IMG_20141030_130214-blog IMG_20141030_152717-blog IMG_20141030_152710-blog IMG_20141030_130242-blog IMG_20141030_152721-blog IMG_20141030_152734-blog-blog IMG_20141030_152745-blog

Friday was Halloween. A quick trip to Poundland yielded three different micro building block figures for Alfie to build (a pumpkin, vampire bat and haunted house), plus bodies and history sticker books, a flower press for Holly and Halloween cookie cutters. The cookie cutters were duly tested out ready for a visit from Nanny and Grandad :-)


Today has involved a trip to the library, enjoying the playground in the sun, chicken care, Maths Quest adventure, spring cleaning Amber’s room and chips :-)

IMG_20141101_113541-blog IMG_20141101_113530-blog IMG_20141101_111153-blog IMG_20141101_111152-blog IMG_20141101_111150-blog IMG_20141101_111012-blog IMG_20141101_111010-blog

Another lovely week, which has also featured aqua fit, a lovely curry with Elaine, Sarah and Rach, lots of play dough, fungus identifying in the garden (weeping widow – not toxic, which is lucky as Peach ate it!), trampolining, Terraria, and lots of playing and fun :-)

Fantastic Fortnight

October 19th, 2014 by becki

What a fun fortnight we have had :-) It began with a road trip to Weston Super Mare for the sand sculpture festival.  The sculptures were themed around famous books, and were amazing. Afterwards, there was a chance to try your own hand at sand sculpture. holly made a house on a hill and a turtle :-)

IMG_20141005_130711-blog IMG_20141005_130718-blog IMG_20141005_130804-blog IMG_20141005_131237-blog IMG_20141005_131312-blog IMG_20141005_131018-blog IMG_20141005_131657-blog IMG_20141005_131734-blog IMG_20141005_131958-blog IMG_20141005_135032-blog IMG_20141005_135826-blog IMG_20141005_140120-blog IMG_20141005_140107-blog

There was plenty of time for a play on the beach, including a dip in the sea up to their necks for some of the children – not bad for October!

IMG_20141005_122015-blog IMG_20141005_122019-blog IMG_20141005_123122-blog

There is always time for geo caching and tree climbing too ;-)

IMG_20141005_165348-blog IMG_20141005_170656-blog IMG_20141005_171114-blog

We went swimming twice in the past fortnight too. Amber’s swimming is coming on well, and Alfie has finally mastered putting his head underwater :-)

We had a fun day with friends at Funaticz soft play.

We went to Forest Arts Centre for a screening of BBC Ten Pieces – featuring ten pieces of classical music set to live action or animation. Alfie loved it, and Amber has been attempting to play the pieces ever since :-)


We spent time at Nanny and Grandad’s house. sorting through treasures from the past that Grandad had unearthed.

Alfie and Holly went to two gym classes.

We had fun at a play date at a friend’s house.

IMG_20141009_153233-blog IMG_20141009_142343-blog IMG_20141009_142340-blog

We had great fun at Friday Club making instruments, playing with our friends, painting and (in Holly’s case), making a giant flower sculpture.

IMG_20141010_134127-blog IMG_20141010_134124-blog IMG_20141010_134116-blog IMG_20141010_125655-blog IMG_20141010_124021-blog IMG_20141010_123456-blog IMG_20141010_112957-blog IMG_20141010_112923-blog IMG_20141010_112921-blog

We collected three new rescue chickens – Buckbeak, Snowdrop and Matilda :-)

IMG_20141011_153650-blog IMG_20141011_153645-blog IMG_20141011_153643-blog IMG_20141011_151937-blog IMG_20141011_151922-blog

We went for lunch with the lovely Charlotte and her baby bump.

We had a lovely day at the safari park with friends. Holly spent the day at Nanny and Grandad’s house making different designs of paper aeroplanes and loom bands.

IMG_20141013_153040-blog IMG_20141013_121954-blog IMG_20141013_115700-blog

We spent a day playing with lots of HE friends at Just Play.

IMG_20141014_122545-blog IMG_20141014_122554-blog IMG_20141014_130419-blog

We went on an amazing road trip to Blackpool with friends. Eleven children all sharing four apartments in the same house. fantastic fun :-) Madame Tussauds, Blackpool Tower Eye, circus, soft play, Sea Life Centre, beach, geo caching under the pier, ferris wheel, Terraria fests, shared meals, illuminations fun, tram rides and chips. What more can you ask for? The weather was largely gorgeous too :-)

IMG_31035593920260.jpeg-blog IMG_31050246016817.jpeg-blog IMG_31025608305628.jpeg-blog IMG_20141017_101533-blog IMG_20141017_100505-blog IMG_20141017_100459-blog IMG_20141017_133914-blog IMG_20141017_125813-blog IMG_20141017_142659-blog IMG_20141017_142726-blog IMG_20141017_151410-blog IMG_20141017_152448-blog IMG_20141017_155522-blog IMG_20141017_160220-blog

We went to the Rainforest Symphony play at Birmingham repertory Theatre, followed by lunch at Jimmy Spices for Daddy’s birthday, and a trip to Lush.

There was also lots of cooking, crafts, playing and fun :-) The children decided to draw, cut out and stick in the correct places all the organs of the body. Amber was the body model ;-) There has been card making, modelling clay crafting, painting, drawing, Nanoblock world famous monument building and much more :-)

Planting the seeds she got at the theatre

Planting the seeds she got at the theatre

IMG_20141019_105518-blog IMG_20141015_163749-blog IMG_20141015_154132-blog IMG_20141010_171410-blog IMG_20141009_111644-blog IMG_20141009_111021-blog IMG_20141009_111019-blog IMG_20141007_154338-blog IMG_20141007_154336-blog IMG_20141006_150507-blog IMG_20141006_142935-blog

Drawing round Amber so they can stick all the organs of the body on.

Drawing round Amber so they can stick all the organs of the body on.

What an amazing fortnight :-) We love home educating so much :-)

Autumn Antics

October 4th, 2014 by becki

We have had so much fun since getting back from our holiday :-) Some sad times too. We lost both Tulip and Goldie Mario to egg yolk peritonitis within two days of each other :-( Goldie had been free for just over a year, Tulip only 3 months. Fly high little ones!

Back to the good times :-)

Alfie and Holly are enjoying their gym classes. Holly is really enjoying teaching herself to swim too. The girls and I went swimming with Bex and Violet earlier in the week. We have been to Walsall library, and to Sutton Library, to restock with new books and audio CDs. The Lego storyteller kit arrived, prompting lots of imaginative scenes and stories from the kids. There has been lots of cooking and crafting, and toasting marshmallows on the fire bowl.  There has been non-Newtonian fluids, play dough and paint.

Alfie and Holly had a fantastic time at their forensic science workshop at Think Tank science museum. Amber wandered around the exhibits with her friends whilst the big ones were in their workshop, and had great fun. After a play in the science garden, it was time for the cauldron chemistry show – with lots of bangs, flashes and cool experiments.

We had a lovely day at Birches Valley with lots of our HE friends, building a fantastic den complete with benches :-)

We had a lovely day at RAF Cosford’s HE day – learning all about flight through making and testing paper aeroplanes, building our own rockets (Alfie’s went the furthest out of everyone’s!) and exploring onboard the Hercules aircraft.

We celebrated Grandad’s 70th birthday with a day at Drayton Manor :-)

We went climbing and bouldering at Wolf Mountain with lots of HE friends. I am now belay trained ao the kids can climb whenever they like. It was the first time I had climbed for over two decades!!!

Friday Club at Kingsbury Water Park was great fun – full of Autumn crafts, Lego and playground fun with freinds, as well as finding another geocache :-)


Hafan Y Mor!

September 24th, 2014 by becki

We are just back from a wonderful holiday at Hafan Y Mor in North Wales. We stayed in a lovely luxury lodge in a private gated area of the park. The kids loved pressing the button on the key fob to open the electronic gates! The lodge was great, with TVs and DVD players in all three bedrooms as well as a big one in the lounge, ensuite, washing machine, big decked area with table and chairs, and lovely furniture. The park itself was lovely, with a fantastic swimming pool complex with waves, bounce pool, rapids, slides etc.  There were loads of play areas, three private beaches, adventure golf, pedalos on the lake, woodland walks – even a Starbucks and Burger king ;-) . It was lovely! The only downside was the dishwasher in our accommodation not working – but we were given a £40 voucher for dinner in the onsite pub which made up for it ;-)


IMG_20140916_222207-blog IMG_20140915_220216-blog

On the journey there, we stopped off at Chirk Castle. There was a fab natural play area to run off a bit of steam after sitting in the car. We explored the gardens, towers and dungeon.

IMG_20140915_121358-blog IMG_20140915_121328-blog IMG_20140915_121316-blog IMG_20140915_123336-blog IMG_20140915_123351-blog IMG_20140915_123418-blog IMG_20140915_123545-blog IMG_20140915_132458-blog IMG_20140915_140000-blog IMG_20140915_140657-blog

We spent a couple of days exploring the holiday park and rock pooling on the beach, catching a crab, sand goby, and lots of shrimp. We also found several dead jellyfish! We took to the lake on a pedalo and got right up close to the grey heron on his island. We completed the activity trail through the woods, visited the bat hotel (an original chalet from when it was a Butlins that the bats had colonised), went swimming three times (twice all of us, once just me and Holly) and tried out all the play areas and walks.

IMG_20140916_092614-blog IMG_20140916_120904-blog IMG_20140916_121707-blog IMG_20140916_121714-blog IMG_20140916_121809-blog IMG_20140918_095821-blog IMG_20140918_095830-blog IMG_20140918_113012-blog IMG_20140918_113016-blog IMG_20140919_131545-blog IMG_20140919_132416-blog IMG_20140919_132531-blog IMG_20140919_134901-blog IMG_20140919_134906-blog IMG_20140919_135001-blog IMG_20140919_135248-blog


We spent an amazing day at Greenwood Forest Park – sledging down the dry slope, riding the people powered rollercoaster and trying out all the other rides and activities. Holly had a go at archery too.

IMG_20140917_104336-blog IMG_20140917_113843-blog IMG_20140917_113845-blog IMG_20140917_113848-blog IMG_20140917_113850-blog IMG_20140917_114542-blog IMG_20140917_130651-blog IMG_20140917_121636-blog IMG_20140917_121633-blog IMG_20140917_131901-blog IMG_20140917_142955-blog

We climbed up to and explored Criccieth Castle, before heading to the beach. We also found a couple of geocaches ;-)

IMG_20140920_103906-blog IMG_20140920_121019-blog

Cadwalader’s vegan sorbet ;-)


We spent a lovely day at the beach in Pwllheli.

IMG_20140921_113713-blog IMG_20140921_115730-blog IMG_20140921_115754-blog IMG_20140921_115854-blog IMG_20140921_122119-blog IMG_20140921_123149-blog IMG_20140921_123158-blog

And a wonderful day at the Centre for Alternative Technology. The vegan food in the restaurant and all the environmentally friendly ideas and technology were right up our lots’ street ;-) They particularly enjoyed the wind seat, powered by a wind turbine, and the earthworm composter slide ;-) An amazing place, and really interesting. A water butt and solar panels are next on Alfie’s list for home :-)

IMG_20140922_135449-blog IMG_20140922_133627-blog IMG_20140922_133554-blog IMG_20140922_133430-blog IMG_20140922_133410-blog IMG_20140922_133322-blog IMG_20140922_132942-blog IMG_20140922_122716-blog IMG_20140922_122340-blog IMG_20140922_122338-blog IMG_20140922_122254-blog

An amazing week – 100/10 according to Alfie ;-) By the end though, they were missing Jasmine and the chickens, and looking forward to getting home, so all was good :-) After “the great holiday disasters of 2012″ (two holidays in the same year ruined by sick bugs), I am always apprehensive about holidays, but this one was an amazing success :-) :-)

September Shenanigans :-)

September 13th, 2014 by becki

September has been a lovely month so far :-)

It started with a visit from Nanny and Grandad, followed by the first meet up of the new Cannock home educators group at Go Bananas soft play. It was a lovely day, with about 30 children attending :-) Later, back to gym classes for Alfie and Holly.

IMG_20140902_114110-blog IMG_20140902_114109-blog IMG_20140902_120558-blog IMG_20140902_135801-blog

We had a lovely, sunny day out at Tamworth Castle with the Kellys. Playground fun, cycling and finding a tiny, tiny geocache :-)

IMG_20140903_123945-blog IMG_20140903_123959-blog IMG_20140903_124114-blog IMG_20140903_141941-blog IMG_20140903_142008-blog


A lovely day at Bosworth Water with lots of other home educating families. Swimming in the lake, sand sculptures, playground fun and games, crazy gold and stick whittling.

IMG_20140904_122013-blog IMG_20140904_122018-blog IMG_20140904_122022-blog IMG_20140904_131746-blog IMG_20140904_131750-blog IMG_20140904_131801-blog IMG_20140904_131813-blog IMG_20140904_144522-blog

There was a lovely Not Back to School picnic at dartmouth Park, with a phenomenal turn out of home educating families.

IMG_20140905_125544-blog IMG_20140905_130601-blog IMG_20140905_134517-blog

Lunch out at Pizza Express for our 11th wedding anniversary – followed by more geocaching.


Yet more geocaching at the Swag and Swan Pool, coal mines that collapsed and are now beautiful lakes teeming with wildlife.

IMG_20140907_112722-blog IMG_20140907_121403-blog

Fun and games at home, including shelling borlotti benas, making pizza, board games and crafting.



Guess Who

Guess Who

IMG_20140901_145206-blog IMG_20140901_162939-blog IMG_20140909_125243-blog IMG_20140909_125248-blog IMG_20140908_163521-blog IMG_20140908_151251-blog

Meeting friends for geocaching at Chasewater – and a dip in the lake. Followed by gym class.

IMG_20140909_133454-blog IMG_20140909_133640-blog IMG_20140909_134709-blog IMG_20140909_140346-blog IMG_20140909_145535-blog IMG_20140909_145534-blog IMG_20140909_144712-blog

A lovely day at Wolseley Nature Reserve.

IMG_20140910_135112-blog IMG_20140910_123451-blog IMG_20140910_123448-blog IMG_20140910_135434-blog IMG_20140910_135725-blog

An awesome day at Alton Towers. Alfie went on the runaway mine train for the first time. Holly declared the rapids and mine train her favourite rides. Amber loved the Froghopper :-) Tea stop at McDonalds on the way home with our friends.

IMG_20140911_160841-blog IMG_20140911_160840-blog IMG_20140911_160822-blog IMG_20140911_121343-blog IMG_20140911_160036-blog IMG_20140911_160054-blog IMG_20140911_114511-blog IMG_20140911_113055-blog IMG_20140911_112236-blog IMG_20140911_111018-blog

Another visit from Nanny and Grandad, more geocaching in the local area, lots of time spent caring for the chickens. All in all, the first half of September has been fab :-)

Our Week :-)

August 31st, 2014 by becki

A lovely week :-)

Vegan brunch in Verdo Lounge, followed by fabric shop and the library. New sewing machine joy! We have had hand warmers and lavender pillows galore from Holly ;-)

Friday Club at the Arboretum. Making our own geocache, and finding an existing one. Bike riding and Lego. Rock bugs and making our own 3D version of the Arboretum. Great fun!

Lunch in Jimmy Spice and geocaching in Sutton Park. Identifying trees from our tree book, and water fowl from our bird book.

Bank Holiday baking and crafts.

Witley Court fun with the Tates and Kellys.  Den building, fountain admiring, hill rolling and tree climbing galore. A lovely day!

Fantastic day at Croome Park with Uncle Steve, Aunty Andy and cousin Toby. Completing the big spenders trail, exploring the grounds and playing :-) Followed by a Crown carvery :-)

Nanny and Grandad visits.

Curry with good friends.

Birches Valley with the Jones/Thomas and Kelly clan. Den building and inventing :-)

Geocaching in holland Park, library books and playground fun :-) Plus a visit to the Craft Patch.

Fabulous week :-)

The Week in Pictures

August 20th, 2014 by becki









IMG_20140813_110051-blog IMG_20140813_110715-blog IMG_20140813_110717-blog IMG_20140813_110751-blog IMG_20140813_110818-blog IMG_20140813_110824-blog IMG_20140813_112214-blog IMG_20140813_112236-blog IMG_20140813_112437-blog IMG_20140813_113802-blog IMG_20140813_114951-blog IMG_20140813_114953-blog IMG_20140813_114954-blog IMG_20140813_125032-blog IMG_20140813_125040-blog IMG_20140813_125041-blog IMG_20140813_130509-blog IMG_20140813_130511-blog IMG_20140813_130537-blog IMG_20140813_130539-blog IMG_20140814_142651-blog IMG_20140814_142656-blog IMG_20140814_151241-blog IMG_20140814_151242-blog IMG_20140814_151243-blog IMG_20140815_113741-blog IMG_20140815_113742-blog IMG_20140815_122156-blog IMG_20140815_122159-blog IMG_20140815_122208-blog IMG_20140815_122320-blog IMG_20140815_122712-blog IMG_20140815_190640-blog IMG_20140816_113902-blog IMG_20140816_113904-blog IMG_20140816_114039-blog IMG_20140816_114042-blog IMG_20140816_114213-blog IMG_20140816_114215-blog IMG_20140816_114217-blog  IMG_20140817_104326-blog IMG_20140817_104345-blog IMG_20140818_130627-blog IMG_20140818_130628-blog IMG_20140818_130641-blog IMG_20140818_130643-blog IMG_20140818_211434-blog IMG_20140819_131241-blog IMG_20140820_135348-blog IMG_20140820_135352-blog IMG_20140820_144733-blog IMG_20140820_150842-blog IMG_20140820_151050-blog IMG_20140820_151052-blog IMG_20140820_151235-blog IMG_20140820_151237-blog IMG_20140820_153434-blog IMG_20140820_153439-blog IMG_20140820_154625-blog IMG_20140820_154630-blog IMG_20140820_154632-blog IMG_20140820_154651-blog IMG_20140820_154834-blog IMG_20140820_154837-blog

A fantastic day at Wolseley Nature Centre with Jenni, Eve, Faith, Idris and Rose, and Bex and Violet. Climbing trees, spotting herons and butterflies, swinging, playing games, climbing on sculptures and running through the woods.

A fun play date with Dylan, Aaron, Phoebe, Jacob and Jess.

Friday Club fun at the Arboretum – sewing scavenger bags on the sewing machines, completing scavenger hunts, and creating a giant collaborative picture of the park, before retiring to the playground for a well earned play (except Holly who carried on sewing ;p)

Monkeying around at Shire Oak Park.

Phoebe’s 3rd birthday party – bouncy castle and party game fun with lots of friends :-)

Fun at Baggeridge Park with the Webbs and Kellys – looking for geocaches, spotting baby coots on the pond, building sand castles with jelly pots and swinging with friends.

Fun with Nanny and Grandad whilst the car was being fixed.

Fantastic day at Attingham Park with Elaine, Jacob and Jess. Egg and spoon and sack races, walking on logs high over streams, getting up close to the deer, tree climbing and eating apples off the tree.

The most momentous moment of all – Amber is now in pants! At 3 years 9 months she declared herself ready :-) I would recommend waiting until they are ready. She has found it the easiest out of all three of them :-)

Also, I went to my first aquafit class for 12 weeks!!!!

August Antics

August 12th, 2014 by becki

Yesterday was my birthday :-) I received lots of lovely cards, gifts and messages :-) Big contributions to my Lush fund, wine, vouchers, a vegan baking book and lots more. We spent the day at Ryton Organic Gardens, which was deserted despite it being the summer holidays. The kids loved doing the spotting trails. We visited Fresh Rootz vegetarian and vegan cafe which was fab :-)

IMG_20140811_110426-blog IMG_20140811_110430-blog IMG_20140811_111148-blog IMG_20140811_112147-blog IMG_20140811_113106-blog IMG_20140811_133417-blog IMG_20140811_133433-blog

I was lucky to be taken out to the Broadway for dinner by the lovely Sally H for my birthday a few days previously too :-) It was lovely to catch up :-)

This week has also held a lovely lunch at Pizza Express with my old and lovely friend Jo. She lives a long way away, and I sadly had to miss her 40th birthday party due to ill health. It was great to treat her to lunch and catch up :-) The children spent a fun day with Nanny and Grandad whilst we met up.

We also had a lovely, water balloon filled play date with Elaine, Jacob and Jess. The boys retired upstairs to play Lego whilst the three girls rampaged in the garden ;-)

We spent an awesome day at Weston Park with Sarah, Dylan, Aaron and Phoebe. Playing on the giant adventure playground, riding the train, collecting slugs and making habitats for them, rescuing a frog, exploring the formal gardens (which even has a cave!) and getting lost in the maze :-) A fantastic day indeed :-)

IMG_20140807_133733-blog IMG_20140807_133731-blog IMG_20140807_115340-blog IMG_20140807_114607-blog IMG_20140807_114603-blog IMG_20140807_114436-blogIMG_20140807_142744-blog

We went to a lovely Friday Club at the Arboretum, all about butterflies. We spotted butterflies in the rose garden, made our own butterflies from scavenged treasures, made butterfly feeders, then played in the park.

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We went for lunch at Pickle Jack’s with Nanny, Grandad, Matt and Mei Mei.

We went into Brownhills to buy some vinyl for the pantry, which Rich then fitted. We had a big, big tidy out and rearrange in there too.

We spent time in the garden painting, gardening and with the chickens :-)



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We had puppet shows, crafts, cooking, playing, cleaning and jigsaws :-) We received a fab “sorry” parcel from Dobbies after their Lego trail wasn’t set up when we arrived to do it the other week :-)

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