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May Meanderings :-)

May 31st, 2016 by becki


May has been a lovely month, full of sunshine and adventure :-)

Here are a few highlights of the fun and learning that we have experienced this month.

We have had lots of fun at Monday HE gymnastics class. Poppy spends so much of her free time practicing her gymnastics on the trampoline or anywhere she can. She really loves this class, especially headstands!

IMG_20160523_122549-blog IMG_20160523_122547-blog IMG_20160523_122537-blog IMG_20160516_123412-blog IMG_20160516_123406-blog IMG_20160516_123332-blog IMG_20160516_120507-blogIMG_20160509_124352-blog IMG_20160509_124127-blog IMG_20160509_124512-blog

We usually head to the park with friends afterwards.

IMG_20160523_145714-blog IMG_20160523_151629-blog IMG_20160523_151636-blog IMG_20160523_151635-blog IMG_20160509_155824-blog IMG_20160509_155434-blog IMG_20160509_155431-blog IMG_20160509_155358-blog IMG_20160509_155357-blog IMG_20160509_152636-blog IMG_20160509_152627-blog


All three children completed their term at their Active Gym class on a Tuesday evening. Alfie and Poppy gained their Level 2 British Gymnastics Award, and Amber her Level 5 :-)

We have been to the Chase HE group every fortnight, having lots of fun making musical instruments, painting terracotta pots, planting seeds, and playing with friends.

IMG_20160510_113310-blog IMG_20160510_112911-blog IMG_20160524_115602-blog IMG_20160524_115553-blog

We have spent lots of time with Nanny and Grandad, including looking after Nanny so that Grandad can attend appointments.  Precious times spent with Nanny and her constant companion, Sapphire. The ancient Lego from my childhood is always popular too ;-)









IMG_20160501_102416-blog IMG_20160501_114453-blog IMG_20160531_113838-blog


We have been swimming with friends, practicing our underwater swimming and having fun playing games.

We have met friends at Beacon park for fun in the sun.

IMG_20160505_125513-blog IMG_20160505_125517-blog IMG_20160505_120102-blog


At Victoria Park for a splashy triple birthday celebration.

IMG_20160519_123439-blog IMG_20160519_123436-blog IMG_20160519_123441-blog IMG_20160519_124935-blog IMG_20160519_124939-blog IMG_20160519_123447-blog IMG_20160519_134025-blog IMG_20160519_134031-blog IMG_20160519_141148-blog IMG_20160519_141150-blog

We had great fun pond dipping at Wolseley Nature Reserve, identifying lots of amazing creatures in both the lake and stream. We saw a swan on her nest, turning the eggs, goslings with their proud parents, and the resident turtle climbing out of the lake.

IMG_20160506_151555-blog IMG_20160506_151554-blog IMG_20160506_142436-blog IMG_20160506_142434-blog IMG_20160506_141945-blog IMG_20160506_133421-blog IMG_20160506_133420-blog IMG_20160506_132728-blog IMG_20160506_132727-blog IMG_20160506_131552-blog IMG_20160506_130727-blog IMG_20160506_130724-blog IMG_20160506_130720-blog IMG_20160506_130657-blog IMG_20160506_130655-blog IMG_20160506_123708-blog IMG_20160506_122418-blog IMG_20160506_122359-blog IMG_20160506_121943-blog IMG_20160506_121941-blog IMG_20160506_121939-blog IMG_20160506_114343-blog IMG_20160506_114342-blog IMG_20160506_113933-blog IMG_20160506_113931-blog


We got a clean bill of health from the dentist, then had a lovely time ten pin bowling with friends.

IMG_20160512_123241-blog IMG_20160512_124451-blog IMG_20160512_124453-blog IMG_20160512_124605-blog IMG_20160512_133033-blog IMG_20160512_140546-blog

We had a lovely day with friends at Wightwick Manor NT. We completed the spotting trail, and explored the grounds.

IMG_20160513_114722-blog IMG_20160513_114724-blog

We went to the wheelie workshop to ride bikes and learn how to maintain them.

IMG_20160518_121402-blog IMG_20160518_121404-blog IMG_20160518_121612-blog IMG_20160518_121614-blog IMG_20160518_121731-blog IMG_20160518_121736-blog IMG_20160518_121737-blog IMG_20160518_123644-blog IMG_20160518_123649-blog IMG_20160518_125801-blog IMG_20160518_125804-blog

We went to see the Angry Birds movie at the cinema with friends.

We met lovely friends and their dog for cycling and fun at Elvaston Castle.

IMG_20160522_113315-blog IMG_20160522_125218-blog IMG_20160522_125221-blog IMG_20160522_133355-blog

We met up with Uncle Steve and cousin Toby at Canons Ashby NT, where Alfie had great fun flying his remote control bird, Amber furnished a fairy house, and everyone enjoyed playing hide and seek and completing their spotting trail.

IMG_20160528_124134-blog IMG_20160528_124146-blog IMG_20160528_124621-blog IMG_20160528_124623-blog IMG_20160528_124652-blog IMG_20160528_124739-blog IMG_20160528_124741-blog IMG_20160528_130654-blog IMG_20160528_130652-blog IMG_20160528_130431-blog IMG_20160528_130430-blog IMG_20160528_130724-blog IMG_20160528_131031-blog IMG_20160528_135920-blog IMG_20160528_135926-blog IMG_20160528_135925-blog IMG_20160528_140003-blog IMG_20160528_140005-blog IMG_20160528_140019-blog IMG_20160528_151856-blog IMG_20160528_151858-blog


We had a lovely day with friends at Blists Hill Victorian town. We learned how candles were made, visited the Victorian sweet shop and watched the steam engine in action.

IMG_20160527_140938-blog IMG_20160527_133515-blog IMG_20160527_133447-blog IMG_20160527_133446-blog IMG_20160527_131045-blog IMG_20160527_131042-blog IMG_20160527_115246-blog

We had a lovely visit to Peak Wildlife Park, where we sat in the bird hide spotting wild water birds, peeked at the new maneless zebras, and stroked the wallabies and goats.

IMG_20160526_122415-blog IMG_20160526_132620-blog IMG_20160526_125119-blog IMG_20160526_124538-blog IMG_20160526_124524-blog IMG_20160526_124449-blog IMG_20160526_124135-blog IMG_20160526_123542-blog IMG_20160526_123339-blog IMG_20160526_123336-blog IMG_20160526_122436-blog


We have spent lots of time gardening, louse powdering the chickens, caring for Sonic the hen when she was poorly and having fun BBQing and playing outside :-)

IMG_20160516_190931-blog IMG_20160501_153658-blog IMG_20160529_162510-blog IMG_20160529_181141-blog IMG_20160529_175129-blog

We had fun with lots of HE friends at the Bloxwich Library meet – and got lots of new books out to read too!

We have done lots of cleaning jobs, lots of crafts and loads of cooking and baking. We have built marble runs, played board games galore, set up pretend cafes, read copious amounts of books and fitted together more of Billie Bones’s skeleton and organs.

IMG_20160531_161138-blog IMG_20160531_154614-blog IMG_20160531_154617-blog IMG_20160531_154623-blog IMG_20160530_174121-blog IMG_20160530_143548-blog IMG_20160530_142147-blog IMG_20160530_142140-blog IMG_20160525_150435-blog IMG_20160525_150426-blog IMG_20160518_161124-blog IMG_20160512_205714-blog IMG_20160510_142755-blog IMG_20160510_142753-blog IMG_20160503_174050-blog IMG_20160503_174055-blogIMG_20160429_153357-blog IMG_20160520_124205-blogIMG_20160429_153355-blogIMG_20160511_154220-blog IMG_20160511_154219-blog


A lovely lunch date with my biggest girl too :-)


What an amazing month of learning and fun :-)


Awesome April

April 30th, 2016 by becki


April always starts with a very special day – Alfie’s birthday. This year he reached double figures. Ten!!! Ten years since 7lb 14oz Alfie arrived a week early after a long and hard back to back labour.

Alfie chose to celebrate with lunch at his favourite vegan restaurant, The Warehouse Cafe, and a browse in his favourite Waterstones bookshop, where he happily spent some birthday money and vouchers. He had been saving for months to buy Lego Dimensions for his Wii U, so was pleased to finally be able to buy it on his birthday, along with Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker. He spent a happy evening playing Lego Dimensions with Daddy on two player mode, whilst his sisters watched happily.

IMG_20160401_164446-blog IMG_20160401_164500-blog IMG_20160401_164504-blog IMG_20160401_164519-blog


We enjoyed a bank holiday walk at the nature reserve, finding all the items on our Woodland Trust spring scavenger hunt, and finding the pond full of frog spawn! We also did lots of gardening and seed planting.


IMG_20160403_115752-blog IMG_20160403_115804-blog IMG_20160403_115806-blog IMG_20160403_124452-blog IMG_20160403_124453-blog IMG_20160403_132625-blog IMG_20160403_132638-blog


We had fun cycling and playing hide and seek with Caroline, Lauren, Tom and Martha at Cannon Hill Park.


We made pomanders and learned lots about the Great Fire of London, and Tudor life at the Ancient High House where we did an amazing workshop with other home educator friends.

IMG_20160407_124922-blog IMG_20160407_124926-blog IMG_20160407_124932-blog IMG_20160407_130604-blog IMG_20160407_131634-blog IMG_20160407_132048-blog IMG_20160407_132534-blog IMG_20160407_132709-blog IMG_20160407_134002-blog IMG_20160407_134021-blog IMG_20160407_141552-blog IMG_20160407_141618-blog IMG_20160407_141732-blog IMG_20160407_142150-blog IMG_20160407_145632-blog IMG_20160407_145636-blog IMG_20160407_150746-blog

We had a lovely day at Mimi’s birthday party, where we learnt circus skills from an ex-circus man :-)

IMG_20160408_133552-blog IMG_20160408_133555-blog IMG_20160408_133739-blog IMG_20160408_133741-blog IMG_20160408_133914-blog IMG_20160408_133918-blog IMG_20160408_133923-blog IMG_20160408_134019-blog IMG_20160408_134202-blog IMG_20160408_134207-blog IMG_20160408_134221-blog IMG_20160408_134315-blog IMG_20160408_134420-blog IMG_20160408_134427-blog IMG_20160408_134652-blog IMG_20160408_134656-blog IMG_20160408_135127-blog IMG_20160408_140215-blog IMG_20160408_140219-blog IMG_20160408_140427-blog IMG_20160408_140435-blog IMG_20160408_140438-blog

We spent a lovely day at the country park on our bikes with Uncle Steve, Aunty Andy and cousin Toby.

IMG_20160409_122335-blog IMG_20160409_122337-blog IMG_20160409_122338-blog IMG_20160409_133053-blog IMG_20160409_143720-blog IMG_20160409_143730-blog IMG_20160409_143734-blog

We enjoyed gymnastics and the park with friends afterwards.

IMG_20160411_121310-blog IMG_20160411_122613-blog IMG_20160411_122643-blog IMG_20160411_122644-blog IMG_20160411_122648-blog IMG_20160411_122734-blog IMG_20160411_123958-blog IMG_20160411_123957-blog IMG_20160411_130510-blog IMG_20160411_134013-blog IMG_20160411_135059-blog IMG_20160411_135102-blog IMG_20160411_135119-blog IMG_20160411_144538-blog IMG_20160411_150408-blog IMG_20160411_152235-blog IMG_20160411_152238-blog IMG_20160411_152239-blog

We had a great time at Chase Group making marble runs and amazing inventions out of junk, followed by gymnastics class.

IMG_20160412_111933-blog IMG_20160412_132608-blog IMG_20160412_132614-blog IMG_20160412_132618-blog

The next day we enjoyed swimming with friends, then cake baking for Alfie’s birthday meet up.

IMG_20160413_150230-blog IMG_20160413_150239-blog IMG_20160413_150244-blog



He had a great day with lots of friends at Wibbly Wobbly World of Play :-)

IMG_20160414_142719-blog IMG_20160414_142631-blog IMG_20160414_142521-blog


After a busy week, we enjoyed a quiet day of cooking and crafts.

IMG_20160415_154942-blog IMG_20160415_154947-blog IMG_20160415_155735-blog IMG_20160415_155736-blog IMG_20160415_163812-blog


We enjoyed a great day at Sarehole Mill, sampling the Vegan Grindhouse burgers at the folk festival and exploring the mill.


IMG_20160417_134231-blog IMG_20160417_134305-blog IMG_20160417_134852-blog IMG_20160417_140921-blog IMG_20160417_140923-blog


Back to gymnastics and the park the next day :-)

IMG_20160418_122009-blog IMG_20160418_122316-blog IMG_20160418_122318-blog IMG_20160418_122911-blog IMG_20160418_124850-blog IMG_20160418_124852-blog IMG_20160418_150032-blog

Followed by more gymnastics the next day, then a play date with Jacob and Jess.

A fantastic home ed meet at Flip Out trampoline park, and a sunny picnic at Aston Marina.

IMG_20160421_131118-blog IMG_20160421_131237-blog IMG_20160421_131241-blog IMG_20160421_131242-blog IMG_20160421_131248-blog IMG_20160421_131257-blog IMG_20160421_131258-blog IMG_20160421_131259-blog IMG_20160421_135708-blog IMG_20160421_143545-blog

Barefoot walk construction at Wolseley HE Explorers

IMG_20160422_125542-blog IMG_20160422_130154-blog IMG_20160422_130202-blog IMG_20160422_133438-blog IMG_20160422_133449-blog IMG_20160422_133538-blog IMG_20160422_133919-blog IMG_20160422_133920-blog IMG_20160422_133941-blog IMG_20160422_134550-blog IMG_20160422_141018-blog IMG_20160422_141021-blog IMG_20160422_141126-blog

Fun at the library and art gallery, and lunch in Bella Italia.


Yet more gymnastics!

IMG_20160425_115256-blog IMG_20160425_115739-blog IMG_20160425_115742-blog IMG_20160425_121421-blog IMG_20160425_124707-blog IMG_20160425_124710-blog IMG_20160425_124738-blog IMG_20160425_124742-blog

Making vegan Jaffa cakes


Using clay to create at Chase Group

IMG_20160426_111937-blog IMG_20160426_111940-blog IMG_20160426_111943-blog IMG_20160426_113336-blog IMG_20160426_114943-blog IMG_20160426_115834-blog

A lovely day meeting the animals at Peak Wildlife Park.

IMG_20160427_121005-blog IMG_20160427_121218-blog IMG_20160427_130148-blog IMG_20160427_134409-blog IMG_20160427_134937-blog IMG_20160427_134942-blog IMG_20160427_135049-blog IMG_20160427_135051-blog IMG_20160427_135101-blog IMG_20160427_135351-blog IMG_20160427_135409-blog IMG_20160427_135411-blog IMG_20160427_135415-blog

Exploding volcanoes

IMG_20160428_124348-blog IMG_20160428_124433-blog IMG_20160428_124727-blog IMG_20160428_124859-blog IMG_20160428_124057-blog

Playing lots of board games


An amazing day at Gentleshaw Wildlife Sanctuary

IMG_20160429_110131-blog IMG_20160429_110135-blog IMG_20160429_110134-blog IMG_20160429_113907-blog IMG_20160429_114018-blog IMG_20160429_114734-blog IMG_20160429_115452-blog IMG_20160429_115459-blog IMG_20160429_122604-blog IMG_20160429_122606-blog IMG_20160429_131814-blog IMG_20160429_131817-blog IMG_20160429_131913-blog IMG_20160429_131908-blog IMG_20160429_131956-blog IMG_20160429_132005-blog IMG_20160429_133417-blog IMG_20160429_133448-blog IMG_20160429_133450-blog IMG_20160429_133451-blog IMG_20160429_133645-blog IMG_20160429_133646-blog IMG_20160429_133647-blog

Building Billie Bones


Fun at Viva vegan fayre, and lots more, such as visiting Nanny and Grandad, crafting, reading, drawing, creating mandalas and generally having fun :-)

March 31st, 2016 by becki


March has been an amazing fun filled month, with two holidays!

We actually start on our bonus day of February 29th.

Gymnastic class fun, baking for our Dementia UK coffee afternoon and preparing the tombola :-)



IMG_20160229_115351-blog IMG_20160229_115355-blog IMG_20160229_115606-blog IMG_20160229_121701-blog IMG_20160229_123149-blog IMG_20160229_123230-blog IMG_20160229_123542-blog IMG_20160229_123552-blog IMG_20160229_123545-blog IMG_20160229_123825-blog IMG_20160229_123844-blog IMG_20160229_124038-blog IMG_20160229_124040-blog IMG_20160229_141006-blog IMG_20160229_141733-blog IMG_20160229_141736-blog IMG_20160229_145710-blog


The next day was Chase HE group, with Mother’s Day crafts, then yet more baking. Plus moon dough fun.

IMG_20160301_114949-blog IMG_20160301_114953-blog IMG_20160301_115822-blog IMG_20160301_124300-blog IMG_20160301_124301-blog IMG_20160301_124528-blog IMG_20160301_125232-blog IMG_20160301_145816-blog IMG_20160301_145820-blog IMG_20160301_145825-blog


The next day was the Dementia UK coffee afternoon that we organised at MPV in Walsall. It was a great success, with £70 raised for charity and lots of fun with the wonderful HE friends that came to support us :-) The Flaky Tarts played a wonderful acoustic set too.

IMG_20160302_100832-blog IMG_20160302_100837-blog IMG_20160302_120126-blog IMG_20160302_120244-blog IMG_20160302_120242-blog IMG_20160302_121031-blog IMG_20160302_121143-blog IMG_20160302_121145-blog

The next day was Monster Mayhem fun for a friend’s birthday.


A cold, blustery meet at Wolseley nature reserve on the Friday, with a welcome warm up with lovely friends in the cafe.

IMG_20160304_132631-blog IMG_20160304_133107-blog IMG_20160304_133108-blog

Amber and I spent the Saturday looking after Mom, then the Sunday was spent packing and dropping our chickens off at their holiday home. A cooked breakfast in Morrisons to celebrate Mother’s Day wasa  welcome interlude!

Off to Bluestone National Park Resort for our holiday on the Monday. We had the most luxurious lodge, with 4 bedrooms, two flat screen TVs and DVD players, loads of space and 3 bathrooms. We also got given £100 in vouchers due to construction work going on nearby, which got us two lunches out in the Wild Wood cafe, 2 DVDs from the shop and a bottle of wine :-)

To break up the journey, we stopped off at Caerphilly Castle to admire the giant dragon and explore the amazing ruins.

IMG_20160307_130312-blog IMG_20160307_140031-blog IMG_20160307_132031-blog IMG_20160307_131712-blog IMG_20160307_131643-blog

The next day we swam in the Blue Lagoon water park, and played crazy golf and climbed in the Adventure Centre.

IMG_20160308_132609-blog IMG_20160308_132656-blog IMG_20160308_132657-blog IMG_20160308_132739-blog IMG_20160308_132744-blog

A trip to Folly Farm the next day. It was amazing, especially getting so close to the giraffes!

IMG_20160309_111410-blog IMG_20160309_111407-blog IMG_20160309_111759-blog IMG_20160309_111743-blog IMG_20160309_111847-blog IMG_20160309_112309-blog IMG_20160309_112500-blog IMG_20160309_115018-blog IMG_20160309_125535-blog IMG_20160309_125824-blog IMG_20160309_131624-blog IMG_20160309_131613-blog IMG_20160309_141517-blog IMG_20160309_141712-blog IMG_20160309_144312-blog IMG_20160309_144506-blog

The next day involved more Blue Lagoon swimming, plus walking around the lake and enjoying the sunshine.

On the way home, we stopped off at Tredegar NT.

IMG_20160311_120812-blog IMG_20160311_120934-blog IMG_20160311_120935-blog IMG_20160311_121433-blog IMG_20160311_123525-blog IMG_20160311_123527-blog IMG_20160311_123715-blog IMG_20160311_123736-blog IMG_20160311_123752-blog IMG_20160311_133728-blog IMG_20160311_133733-blog IMG_20160311_133735-blog

A brief return home, then off again to YHA Streatley, with a stop off at The Living Rainforest enroute. We even spotted the free range sloth this time!

IMG_20160313_143102-blog IMG_20160313_143105-blog IMG_20160313_144736-blog IMG_20160313_144750-blog IMG_20160313_145713-blog IMG_20160313_145728-blog IMG_20160313_150137-blog


The youth hostel was a lovely old manor house, with a really friendly warden.

Then onto Legoland to meet our friends for a day at the theme park, and a night in the Legoland Hotel for Alfie’s birthday treat. We had great fun. The next day we went into the pool and splash play zone.

IMG_20160314_132326-blog IMG_20160314_150012-blog IMG_20160314_150017-blog IMG_20160314_165334-blog IMG_20160314_174615-blog IMG_20160314_174633-blog IMG_20160314_174638-blog IMG_20160314_174651-blog IMG_20160314_201110-blog IMG_20160314_201112-blog IMG_20160314_174702-blog


Back home, it was time for the Big Bang science fair. So much to see and do!

IMG_20160317_123623-blog IMG_20160317_123624-blog IMG_20160317_130101-blog IMG_20160317_140734-blog IMG_20160317_140736-blog IMG_20160317_140802-blog IMG_20160317_140825-blog IMG_20160317_140827-blog IMG_20160317_140834-blog IMG_20160317_141337-blog IMG_20160317_141343-blog IMG_20160317_141352-blog IMG_20160317_141409-blog IMG_20160317_141522-blog IMG_20160317_141535-blog IMG_20160317_141744-blog IMG_20160317_141746-blog IMG_20160317_145113-blog IMG_20160317_145152-blog IMG_20160317_145155-blog IMG_20160317_145439-blog IMG_20160317_145535-blog IMG_20160317_150611-blog IMG_20160317_150724-blog IMG_20160317_150729-blog IMG_20160317_150743-blog IMG_20160317_150745-blog IMG_20160317_150926-blog IMG_20160317_151514-blog IMG_20160317_151518-blog IMG_20160317_151519-blog IMG_20160317_151600-blog IMG_20160317_154200-blog IMG_20160317_154202-blog IMG_20160317_154206-blog

A day at the National Forest Adventure Farm with lovely friends next :-)

IMG_20160318_135154-blog IMG_20160318_135722-blog IMG_20160318_135724-blog IMG_20160318_140300-blog IMG_20160318_140623-blog IMG_20160318_140624-blog IMG_20160318_140625-blog IMG_20160318_144231-blog IMG_20160318_144230-blog IMG_20160318_152057-blog IMG_20160318_152059-blog IMG_20160318_152219-blog IMG_20160318_152221-blog IMG_20160318_153629-blog IMG_20160318_154543-blog IMG_20160318_154535-blog

The next day was Walsall Library and a visit to Nanny and Grandad.

Another busy week followed, starting with gymnastics and fun at Beacon Park with amazing friends.

IMG_20160321_122005-blog IMG_20160321_122006-blog IMG_20160321_122007-blog IMG_20160321_122416-blog IMG_20160321_122418-blog IMG_20160321_123112-blog IMG_20160321_125258-blog

Workshops and fun at Think Tank science museum.

IMG_20160322_122202-blog IMG_20160322_122210-blog IMG_20160322_122353-blog IMG_20160322_124515-blog IMG_20160322_124517-blog IMG_20160322_124520-blog IMG_20160322_125825-blog IMG_20160322_131518-blog IMG_20160322_131609-blog IMG_20160322_131610-blog IMG_20160322_133636-blog IMG_20160322_133638-blog

A double bill of Horrible Histories plays (Incredible Invaders and Groovy Greeks) for Alfie and friends, whilst the girls and I went swimming, made Amber’s wind chimes, constructed a marble run down the stairs and painted some more of Amber’s earth.

IMG_20160323_100650-blog IMG_20160323_100652-blog IMG_20160323_103606-blog IMG_20160323_144856-blog IMG_20160323_144855-blog IMG_20160323_111743-blog


Fun times with amazing friends at Boing Zone trampoline Park the next day. Afterwards, Poppy and Oscar were hanging upside down from the beams in the cafe – as you do ;-)

A visit to Nanny and Grandad, and gardening on Good Friday, with more gardening and a roast dinner on Easter Saturday. Amber made apple crumble.

IMG_20160326_160733-blog IMG_20160326_160734-blog


On Easter Sunday, we went to the new Light Cinema to see Kung Fu Panda 3, followed by lunch at Pizza Express and another visit to Nanny and Grandad.


Easter Monday was a quiet day of crafts, cleaning and playing.

Then it was back to Chase HE group for an amazing wool workshop, complete with laser mazes and pom poms. We then met lovely friends at Sutton Park for an egg hunt in the woods.

IMG_20160329_113459-blog IMG_20160329_113504-blog IMG_20160329_113527-blog IMG_20160329_114257-blog IMG_20160329_114308-blog IMG_20160329_143900-blog IMG_20160329_143941-blog IMG_20160329_144705-blog IMG_20160329_144706-blog IMG_20160329_150110-blog IMG_20160329_150116-blog IMG_20160329_150123-blog


Next, some time with Daddy whilst I visited an old friend,then a play date with the lovely Violet.

Today, a play date with Jacob and Jess :-)

So, a busy month full of trips away, unbelievable learning opportunities, fun with a wide variety of different friends, and even some sunshine! What more could we ask for?


February Frolics

February 28th, 2016 by becki

Another month nearly over, and spring is well on its way. February had its share of tough times. Alfie endured an hour of the dentist trying to extract one of his adult molars under nitrous oxide, but it just broke up and had to be abandoned. He was so brave. Instead, he had a general anaesthetic at Walsall Manor Hospital to have all four adult molars removed. These, along with his incisors, are the teeth affected by enamel hypoplasia. Hopefully, his other adult teeth will be unaffected.

Brave boy coping well with the 5 hour wait for his surgery slot. He even did his Spanish lesson with totally numb hands from the cream!



Stroking Molly the therapy dog just after waking up.


We had lots of fun times too.

Gymnastics and dance class every Monday.

IMG_20160208_123818-blog IMG_20160208_123814-blog IMG_20160208_122226-blog

IMG_20160222_124941-blog IMG_20160222_123538-blog IMG_20160222_123536-blog IMG_20160222_123434-blog IMG_20160222_123433-blog IMG_20160222_121840-blog IMG_20160222_121838-blog IMG_20160222_121234-blog IMG_20160222_121231-blog IMG_20160222_121738-blog IMG_20160222_122530-blog IMG_20160222_124857-blog



Always followed by a bit of willow swinging ;-)

IMG_20160208_130803-blog IMG_20160208_130751-blog IMG_20160222_131036-blog IMG_20160222_131059-blog

Gymnastics every Tuesday evening, where Alfie and Poppy gained their level 3 certificates, and Amber her level 7.

Fun times at Chase HE group, the first week painting our own canvases in the style of famous artists.

IMG_20160202_112007-blog IMG_20160202_112009-blog IMG_20160202_112011-blog


Next session, trying out ceramic tile, mug and plate painting.

IMG_20160216_111628-blog IMG_20160216_111633-blog IMG_20160216_111635-blog IMG_20160216_112338-blog IMG_20160216_112341-blog


We went swimming several times with lovely friends, both at our local Oak Park leisure centre, then for a fantastic day of flumes and waves at Water World.

We had fun at Wolseley HE Explorers making clay creations, climbing trees and swinging on ropes.

IMG_20160204_123442-blog IMG_20160204_131425-blog IMG_20160204_131433-blog

We had a fantastic day out at Warwick Castle with lots of HE friends – walking the ramparts, visiting the state rooms and Kingmaker exhibition, building dens, playing hide and seek, and creating in the Lego Club.

IMG_20160205_121609-blog IMG_20160205_121614-blog IMG_20160205_121633-blog IMG_20160205_125241-blog IMG_20160205_133828-blog IMG_20160205_133834-blog IMG_20160205_150500-blog IMG_20160205_150631-blog IMG_20160205_150634-blog IMG_20160205_150928-blog IMG_20160205_152421-blog IMG_20160205_152250-blog IMG_20160205_152257-blog


We had a vegan breakfast at the Shire Oak. Both girls went to the opticians and got a clean bill of health. We visited Nanny and Grandad lots of times, including a fun meet up with Uncle Matt and Aunty Mei Mei, over visiting from Singapore. Alfie demonstrated his Wii U to Grandad too ;-) We got a family pass at Think Tank, and went for a browse in the book shop afterwards, complete with vegan cake.

IMG_20160207_145533-blog IMG_20160207_152433-blog


We had a lovely big meet up with lots of HE friends at Come Into Play. It took Alfie’s mind off his op the next day, running round playing with his friends.

We had fun on the Hollybush miniature railway.

IMG_20160215_113825-blog IMG_20160215_113527-blog

We had a soggy meet up with lovely friends at Cannock Chase – mainly spent in the cafe eating chips, chatting and exploring the visitor centre :-)

IMG_20160217_112930-blog IMG_20160217_112921-blog

We went to the Boar’s Head for Grandpa’s birthday lunch.

We went to a fantastic HE group at Bloxwich Library.

IMG_20160219_163827-blog IMG_20160219_163831-blog IMG_20160219_170938-blog IMG_20160219_170939-blog IMG_20160219_170941-blog IMG_20160219_172153-blog IMG_20160219_172154-blog IMG_20160219_172413-blog IMG_20160219_172412-blog

We had great fun holding and learning about guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters at Pets at Home workshop.

IMG_20160221_143751-blog IMG_20160221_143754-blog IMG_20160221_144313-blog IMG_20160221_144420-blog IMG_20160221_144839-blog IMG_20160221_144424-blog IMG_20160221_145943-blog IMG_20160221_145942-blog IMG_20160221_145925-blog

We went ice skating with lovely friends.

We had great fun at Bounce trampolining centre, then Wibbly Wobbly World of Play, with friends.

IMG_20160224_113458-blog IMG_20160224_113456-blog IMG_20160224_114550-blog IMG_20160224_114549-blog IMG_20160224_114548-blog IMG_20160224_113644-blog IMG_20160224_113459-blog IMG_20160224_131301-blog IMG_20160224_131305-blog IMG_20160224_131727-blog IMG_20160224_131730-blog IMG_20160224_131659-blog IMG_20160224_141548-blog IMG_20160224_141551-blog IMG_20160224_143334-blog IMG_20160224_132355-blog IMG_20160224_145026-blog

We had fun with friends at Monster Mayhem.

IMG_20160226_125156-blog IMG_20160226_125157-blog IMG_20160226_125158-blog


Fun times at home too. Lots of Hama beading.Lots of fun playing in the village they created – with Alfie’s vegan cafe, Poppy’s craft shop, and Amber’s pet shop.

IMG_20160223_201642-blogIMG_20160219_132815-blog IMG_20160214_165911-blog IMG_20160214_165839-blog IMG_20160214_165901-blog IMG_20160213_134317-blog


Making epic train tracks, pretty fruit salads and fruit bowl arrangements, and Amber framed her own canvas in the frame she decorated herself.


IMG_20160203_155740-blog IMG_20160203_141043-blog IMG_20160204_160957-blog IMG_20160204_162839-blog



Potato chitting

IMG_20160219_133543-blog IMG_20160219_133437-blog


Overall, a good end to winter, and all happy to have Alfie’s surgery behind us. Here is to spring!

January Journeys

January 31st, 2016 by becki

Welcome to 2016 :-) January is usually my least favourite month of the year. The bright lights and purpose of Christmas is over, the weather is awful, money is tight. It was made even worse for us by some unknown idiot smashing into the side of  the car in a car park and not leaving their details. However, life is what you make it, so we have tried our best to make January as much fun as possible. See whether you think that we succeeded :-)

There was lots of cosy, indoor crafting. Amber painted a horse and foal, Poppy painted lots of sunsets and water scenes.

IMG_20160104_145206-blog IMG_20160104_144644-blog


There was lots of play dough fun, drawing, writing, gift tag designing and colouring. We made papier mache models using balloons as a form to wrap the paper around. Poppy made a bowl for her brush and blow paint pens, Amber is painting hers to be a model of the earth, and Alfie is undecided as to what his will be :-) Poppy designed an amazing pug t-shirt and My Little Pony t-shirt with her fabric pens.

IMG_20160111_144639-blog IMG_20160111_144640-blogIMG_20160120_155922-blog IMG_20160120_155924-blog IMG_20160120_155928-blog IMG_20160107_134808-blog IMG_20160107_134816-blogIMG_20160123_145824-blog IMG_20160123_144531-blog IMG_20160123_144533-blog IMG_20160123_144532-blog IMG_20160123_150342-blog IMG_20160123_150326-blogIMG_20160127_153720-blogIMG_20160109_202332-blog


There was monster designing, board game playing, Minecraft cooperation, marble runs, movie nights, cooking and baking, willow weaving, Meccano building and Lego play :-)

IMG_20160121_155933-blog IMG_20160121_155935-blog IMG_20160122_174102-blog IMG_20160125_155912-blog IMG_20160126_143616-blog IMG_20160126_144821-blog IMG_20160118_151331-blog IMG_20160118_151329-blog IMG_20160112_150938-blog IMG_20160112_162852-blog IMG_20160115_154304-blog IMG_20160124_164001-blog IMG_20160124_164006-blog IMG_20160127_170935-blogIMG_20160112_151144-blog IMG_20160112_150739-blog IMG_20160111_165029-blog


We used cocktail sticks and jelly sweets to explore geometry.

IMG_20160107_131152-blog IMG_20160107_130750-blog IMG_20160107_130746-blog IMG_20160107_130334-blog IMG_20160107_130022-blog IMG_20160107_125720-blog IMG_20160107_125337-blog IMG_20160107_125330-blog

We started to put together our Billie Bones lifesize skeleton model.

IMG_20160107_114831-blog IMG_20160107_114829-blog


We played in the snow and built a snowman.

IMG_20160115_103730-blog IMG_20160115_103729-blog IMG_20160115_103726-blog


We went to HE dance and gymnastics every Monday, and gymnastics class every Tuesday.

IMG_20160111_125245-blog IMG_20160111_125250-blog IMG_20160111_120826-blog IMG_20160111_120825-blog IMG_20160111_120449-blog IMG_20160111_125256-blog IMG_20160111_125254-blog IMG_20160125_124701-blog IMG_20160125_121800-blog IMG_20160125_121757-blog IMG_20160118_120741-blog IMG_20160118_123214-blog


We went swimming three times, with lovely friends. All three children are making great progress with their swimming and underwater confidence.

We had a lovely day at Enginuity science museum with lots of lovely home educator friends

IMG_20160108_114743-blog IMG_20160108_115420-blog IMG_20160108_115421-blog IMG_20160108_120109-blog IMG_20160108_121107-blog IMG_20160108_121120-blog IMG_20160108_123151-blog IMG_20160108_123202-blog IMG_20160108_124142-blog IMG_20160108_124357-blog IMG_20160108_133346-blog IMG_20160108_133222-blog


Poppy and I spent a lovely day together browsing the craft, sewing, material and wool stalls of Cannock market. She used her Christmas money to buy herself lots more crafting supplies.

There were visits to Nanny and Grandad too. Alfie took along his new Wii U to demonstrate for them.

We went ice skating twice with friends.

We met lots of lovely home educators for a day of play and fun at Come Into Play.

We met lots more lovely home educators for bouncy fun at Bounce trampoline centre, followed by more play with friends at Wibbly Wobbly World of Play.

IMG_20160114_112956-blog IMG_20160114_113000-blog IMG_20160114_110856-blog IMG_20160114_111530-blog IMG_20160114_111643-blog IMG_20160114_112823-blog IMG_20160114_134628-blog IMG_20160114_131440-blog IMG_20160114_131442-blog IMG_20160114_131612-blog IMG_20160114_142320-blog IMG_20160114_142319-blog

We went to two lovely sessions at the Chase HE group. One was junk modelling, the other was Lego themed. The creativity and imagination of the children was awe inspiring to watch.

IMG_20160105_112132-blog IMG_20160105_112133-blog IMG_20160105_112136-blog IMG_20160105_112547-blog IMG_20160105_112549-blog IMG_20160105_112833-blog IMG_20160105_113659-blog IMG_20160105_113701-blog IMG_20160105_120158-blog IMG_20160105_120200-blog IMG_20160119_111607-blog IMG_20160119_111610-blog IMG_20160119_111615-blog IMG_20160119_113305-blog IMG_20160119_114209-blog IMG_20160119_113330-blog IMG_20160119_124301-blog IMG_20160119_124921-blog

We went to Flip Out trampolining centre with lots of friends for yet more bouncy fun and exercise.

IMG_20160121_115155-blog IMG_20160121_115151-blog IMG_20160121_113614-blog IMG_20160121_113328-blog IMG_20160121_115157-blog IMG_20160121_112946-blog IMG_20160121_113000-blog

We had two lovely trips with fantastic friends to the National Forest Adventure Farm.

IMG_20160122_140133-blog IMG_20160122_140608-blog IMG_20160129_114958-blog IMG_20160129_115100-blog IMG_20160129_114753-blog IMG_20160129_114752-blog IMG_20160129_114715-blog

We went with friends to our local pub for breakfast, then had a fun play date.

We went shopping and for walks. We helped search for a local lost dog. We went out for lunch a couple of times. We enjoyed the novelty of a tiny Corsa as our courtesy car (and celebrated getting our big old bus back!) Overall, it has been a fantastic start to the new year :-)

Festive Fun

January 1st, 2016 by becki

Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to in December 2015 :-)

Stafford Ethical Fair – with yummy food from Mex It Up. Followed by the amazing Christmas tree festival, shopping and vegan hot chocolate.

IMG_20151206_122455-blog  IMG_20151206_135548-blog


A fantastic performance of Gangsta Granny at the New Alexandra Theatre with Alfie, Amber and HE friends. A cheeky vegan breakfast at Cherry Reds,and a trip to see Santa Claus owl first too ;-) Poppy went to her HE dance and gymnastics with Daddy :-)

Ice skating fun with friends, then the last gymnastics lesson of the year for all 3 kids – complete with bouncy castle :-)

An awesome HE big Xmas meet up at Come Into Play soft play centre.

A day spent looking after Nanny – complete with Christmas magazine, Lego fun, and, later, Screwball Scramble and yoyo challenges with Great Uncle Martin.

IMG_20151210_103155-blog IMG_20151210_114101-blog IMG_20151210_114112-blog


A fun play date with lovely friends. Lots of creativity!

IMG_20151211_130106-blog IMG_20151211_141507-blog IMG_20151211_142913-blog IMG_20151211_144149-blog


A yummy Christmas lunch buffet with Uncle Steve, Aunty Andy and cousin Toby at MK Village Buffet :-)

Play dough fun.


Amber and Poppy went to their last HE dance and gymnastics lesson of the year, whilst I took Alfie to his dental appointment. Afterwards, we went for an explore of the botanical gardens, lunch at Veg Out, and a mooch around the fab Purely Vegan store :-)

IMG_20151214_112534-blog IMG_20151214_114748-blog IMG_20151214_115658-blog

Christmas party and crafts at our Chase HE group

IMG_20151215_111431-blog IMG_20151215_111432-blog

A fantastic two day Santa Sleepover with friends at the Alton Towers Resort. Theme park fun,Sea Life Centre, Santa’s grotto, water park, magic show, dinner buffet and pantomime of Cinderella :-)

IMG_20151216_112724-blog IMG_20151216_123004-blog IMG_20151216_123453-blog IMG_20151216_123528-blog IMG_20151216_130005-blog IMG_20151216_131048-blog IMG_20151216_131052-blog IMG_20151216_141014-blog IMG_20151216_143157-blog IMG_20151216_143200-blog IMG_20151216_144821-blog IMG_20151216_151011-blog IMG_20151216_151128-blog IMG_20151216_153501-blog IMG_20151217_132105-blog IMG_20151217_132107-blog IMG_20151217_142739-blog IMG_20151217_142741-blog


Walsall HE group Christmas party. Great fun!

IMG_20151218_114007-blog IMG_20151218_134702-blog IMG_20151218_134705-blog IMG_20151218_135730-blog IMG_20151218_135732-blog

Baking an amazing Yule log for our Solstice celebrations.

IMG_20151220_122020-blog IMG_20151220_125232-blog IMG_20151220_125239-blog IMG_20151220_125246-blog


Christmas shopping and library in Sutton Coldfield.

A Pizza Hut lunch with Caroline, Lauren, Tom, Martha, and Julie, Will and Evie.

Then… illness struck. All of us were ill all over the festive period :-( Plans were cancelled, lots of films were watched, books read and games played.

Poppy made some mince pies, and a smiley wrap :-)

IMG_20151223_132847-blog IMG_20151223_132849-blog IMG_20151223_135233-blog IMG_20151223_135237-blog IMG_20151223_164258-blog

We managed to enjoy our Christmas Day at home, and a buffet tea with Nanny and Grandad, and Uncle Martin.

IMG_20151225_122441-blog IMG_20151225_103906-blog IMG_20151225_122453-blog IMG_20151225_122504-blog IMG_20151225_122507-blog

A Boxing Day walk at the local nature reserve, whilst the girls had a cycle.

IMG_20151226_123232-blog IMG_20151226_123203-blog

A visit to Peak Wildlife Park to see the tiny Joey wallaby. Look at the heron who flew down in search of fish after the penguins were fed!

IMG_20151227_121040-blog IMG_20151227_121042-blog IMG_20151227_121615-blog IMG_20151227_121617-blog IMG_20151227_122858-blog IMG_20151227_122901-blog IMG_20151227_122905-blog IMG_20151227_122932-blog IMG_20151227_123430-blog IMG_20151227_123433-blog IMG_20151227_123435-blog IMG_20151227_123706-blog IMG_20151227_131432-blog


We also managed a lunch at Taybarns with Granny and Grandpa, and a lovely bike ride in Sutton Park with Clare, Kate, Jess, and all their wonderful children :-) Plus a new year visit to Nanny and Grandad :-)

Alfie reached his savings target for his Wii U, and has really enjoyed the fruits of his labours. Amber also saved enough for a new tablet after her old one ceased to work a while back. We played board games, experimented with new Christmas presents, watched films and generally made the most of it all, despite being unwell.

Happy and healthy new year!!!!

Advent Adventures :-)

December 5th, 2015 by becki







This next entry starts with a lovely day out with my just turned 8 year old daughter :-) It was Poppy’s birthday request to spend the day shopping and having lunch just the two of us. We had a lovely time. A walk around the shops of her choice, and a lovely grown up lunch together at Frankie and Benny’s. No squabbling, no interruptions. It was fantastic :-)

The next day we went to the Walsall Arboretum HE group where we were completing a science challenge – the egg drop challenge. We had done this before at home on one of our science days, but it was really interesting to do it in a group with other people, and see what ideas they came up with to protect their eggs. Amber got through several eggs before finding the right balance and method of protection, whilst the big two had success first time. Wea lso spent time talking to Cheila about jewellery making.

IMG_20151116_131438-blog IMG_20151116_131448-blog IMG_20151116_131511-blog IMG_20151116_131606-blog IMG_20151116_131608-blog IMG_20151116_133344-blog

The next day we went to the Chase HE group for a taster session of gymnastics and dance. All three children joined in and really enjoyed it.

IMG_20151117_121910-blog IMG_20151117_121904-blog IMG_20151117_121326-blog IMG_20151117_121320-blog IMG_20151117_120845-blog IMG_20151117_120843-blog IMG_20151117_120841-blog IMG_20151117_115722-blog

Later to our gymnastics class at Oak Park, where they were thrilled to get the badges and certificates that they had earned.

IMG_20151117_180140-blog IMG_20151117_195436-blog


A day of crafts, preparing for the Home Ed Winter Craft Fair followed. Painting egg boxes, designing and printing price labels, painting salt dough decorations. Alfie made vegan burgers for tea.

IMG_20151118_112659-blog IMG_20151118_131307-blog IMG_20151118_135516-blog IMG_20151118_161224-blog


The next day we went ice skating at Webbs of Wychbold Christmas rink with lovely HE friends. The children had great fun. Afterwards, there was a trip to Hobbycraft to spend more birthday money on craft supplies.

IMG_20151119_130621-blog IMG_20151119_130635-blog IMG_20151119_130854-blog IMG_20151119_131611-blog IMG_20151119_140839-blog

There was a fun day at Fourways soft play with lots of friends the next day. great to chat, and for the kids to have a run around and play.

On Saturday we met some other members of the Chase HE group to plant trees at Chasewater Country Park. Alfie and Amber were very proud to have planted a horse chestnut tree and an oak :-) Afterwards Amber and I went for lunch together and to spend her birthday vouchers.

IMG_20151121_112159-blog IMG_20151121_112202-blog IMG_20151121_112635-blog IMG_20151121_112636-blog IMG_20151121_112645-blog IMG_20151121_112704-blog

The next day, Poppy and I went to visit Nanny and Grandad.

On Monday, Alfie and I met friends at Jodrell Bank for the Home Educators Day there. We conducted lots of experiments looking at measuring force, measuring the strength of the sun’s rays and the impact of different size “rocks” falling from different heights to create craters. We identified a meteorite from other types of rock using a flow chart and tests. We went into the inflatable planetarium to learn more about the night sky. There was also lots of time to explore the interactive exhibits, marvel at the Lovell telescope, and stroll in the gardens.

IMG_20151123_103816-blog IMG_20151123_104040-blog IMG_20151123_104410-blog IMG_20151123_111913-blog IMG_20151123_114014-blog IMG_20151123_114015-blog IMG_20151123_115310-blog IMG_20151123_130556-blog IMG_20151123_130814-blog IMG_20151123_130816-blog IMG_20151123_132746-blog IMG_20151123_145221-blog

Meanwhile, the girls went to HE gymnastics on the bus with Daddy, and had a fantastic time.

The next day we went ice skating with friends, then to gymnastics again.

The following day we had lovely friends round for a play date, then met Daddy in Birmingham for tea at ASK Italian. Afterwards we went to the evening performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at Birmingham Rep. It was amazing! All the children really enjoyed it.

Amber made and painted her plaster of paris volcano in between all the gadding about ;-)

IMG_20151125_105902 IMG_20151125_105859 IMG_20151125_104922 IMG_20151124_111854 IMG_20151124_111851

A day at Dudley Zoo followed. It was the first time we had been without a pushchair, and the freedom to ascend the steps and navigate the big castle hill easily was blissful!

IMG_20151126_115141-blog IMG_20151126_115511-blog IMG_20151126_120144-blog IMG_20151126_120146-blog IMG_20151126_120939-blog IMG_20151126_151247-blog IMG_20151126_151010-blog IMG_20151126_150958-blog IMG_20151126_150943-blog IMG_20151126_145924-blog IMG_20151126_145921-blog IMG_20151126_145658-blog IMG_20151126_120942-blog IMG_20151126_133122-blog IMG_20151126_135005-blog IMG_20151126_135236-blog IMG_20151126_135321-blog IMG_20151126_135748-blog IMG_20151126_135755-blog IMG_20151126_135955-blog IMG_20151126_141320-blog

A lovely day with friends at the National Forest Adventure Farm followed. The children had great fun :-)

IMG_20151127_123528-blog IMG_20151127_123602-blog IMG_20151127_131514-blog IMG_20151127_131516-blog IMG_20151127_131749-blog IMG_20151127_132347-blog

A day of crafts and spending time with Daddy followed, whilst I met an old friend. Poppy’s best friend came over for a play date, and they had great fun doing HAMA beading, playing board games and generally hanging out together.



The following day, all three children joined me for lunch with Charlotte, where they proved invaluable at keeping the lovely Katie Rose entertained ;-)


Amber’s birthday treat at Thomasland with her two best friends followed. We have been to Thomasland Magical Christmas every year since the big two were very small. Despite the rain, we had a lovely day :-)

IMG_20151130_111636-blog IMG_20151130_113108-blog IMG_20151130_123303-blog IMG_20151130_135456-blog IMG_20151130_150055-blog IMG_20151130_154133-blog IMG_20151130_155910-blog

Poppy went to HE gymnastics with Daddy instead :-)

The next day was photo frame decorating at Chase HE group. All three children had amazing concentration as they picked out their jewels and decorated their frames. Afterwards, gymnastics.

IMG_20151201_112349-blog IMG_20151201_112353-blog IMG_20151201_114431-blog IMG_20151201_114434-blog IMG_20151201_114441-blog

The following day we went to the Elements exhibition at Compton Verney Art Gallery with friends.  It was inspired by the elements of the periodic table, and had opportunities for the kids to explore the elements themselves. The family room was also popular. After making dolls and reading books, I was treated to some lovely puppet shows by the girls :-)

IMG_20151202_121337-blog IMG_20151202_121338-blog IMG_20151202_123528-blog IMG_20151202_131321-blog IMG_20151202_132528-blog IMG_20151202_133932-blog IMG_20151202_140200-blog IMG_20151202_140204-blog IMG_20151202_143128-blog IMG_20151202_143130-blog IMG_20151202_144851-blog IMG_20151202_144853-blog

The next day we finished off our preparations for the craft fair. Alfie made vegan rocky road, Poppy made vegan cinnamon cookies and Amber made vegan cakes :-)

IMG_20151203_134844-blog IMG_20151203_111445-blog IMG_20151203_111438-blog

A lovely afternoon at Wolseley nature reserve with lots of amazing HE friends followed. We made fantastic festive wreaths, Poppy’s idea.

IMG_20151204_120539-blog IMG_20151204_124036-blog IMG_20151204_120540-blog IMG_20151204_133007-blog IMG_20151204_134538-blog IMG_20151204_134540-blog IMG_20151204_134542-blog IMG_20151204_141432-blog IMG_20151204_143910-blog IMG_20151204_151853-blog

Today, the long awaited HE Craft Fair. It went really well. There was an amazing atmosphere, lots of wonderful creations made by all the children and lots of lovely friends to see. The children were particularly happy with the profits they all made ;-)

IMG_20151205_113152-blog IMG_20151205_113207-blog




Birthdays Galore!

November 14th, 2015 by becki

IMG_20151026_115812-blog IMG_20151026_142627-blog IMG_20151026_143527-blog IMG_20151026_143533-blog IMG_20151026_143543-blog IMG_20151026_144411-blog IMG_20151026_145250-blog IMG_20151026_151410-blog IMG_20151026_152406-blog IMG_20151026_153143-blog IMG_20151027_140218-blog IMG_20151027_142655-blog IMG_20151027_145253-blog IMG_20151027_150419-blog e start our next update on a mixed note of happiness and sadness. Wednesday 21st October – Daddy’s birthday. The children had a lovely day making a chocolate fudge birthday cake, wrapping presents and making cards. Unfortunately, our beloved white hen Daisy, who had been with us for 2 years 4 months, became very unwell and had to be put to sleep. All hens are special, but Daisy had an extra special place in all of our hearts, and her passing was greatly mourned by us all. This picture of her was taken by Amber.



We managed to have a lovely birthday evening with Daddy, despite the sad events. Indian takeaway then birthday cake :-)

IMG_20151021_110130-blog IMG_20151021_140018-blog

The next day we headed for a day of fun, waves, slides and splashing at Water World with the Kelly and Hewitt crews. great fun :-)

Freedom Friday Fun at Beacon Park followed the next day with the Hupfield and Jones-Thomas crews. Friends, bikes and fun :-)

IMG_20151023_113300-blog IMG_20151023_113312-blog IMG_20151023_131348-blog IMG_20151023_131349-blog

The Wolverhampton Vegan Festival followed. A great day! The children got to make their own smoothies using pedal power, and Alfie stocked up on his vegan chocolate :-)

IMG_20151025_114201-blog IMG_20151025_114202-blog IMG_20151025_115723-blog IMG_20151025_115955-blog

Unfortunately, we were hit by a flu-like virus, so cancelled our next few day’s plans for quiet times at home. We still managed to have lots of fun though! Alfie made a whole Pac Man game out of Hama beads- Pac Man, all the ghosts and all the food! We made salt dough Christmas decorations. Alfie made a snowy owl picture. We made chocolate apples and toffee apples. We played lots of baord games, did lots of cooking and lots of crafts.

IMG_20151027_150419-blog IMG_20151027_145253-blog IMG_20151027_142655-blog IMG_20151027_140218-blog IMG_20151026_153143-blog IMG_20151026_152406-blog IMG_20151026_151410-blog IMG_20151026_145250-blog IMG_20151026_144411-blog IMG_20151026_143543-blog IMG_20151026_143533-blog IMG_20151026_143527-blog IMG_20151026_142627-blog IMG_20151026_115812-blog IMG_20151026_115440-blog IMG_20151026_115437-blog IMG_20151027_152144-blog

We had a play date with the Kelly crew.

We went and picked our own pumpkins after a tractor and trailer ride into the field at Essington Fruit Farm.

IMG_20151029_110124-blog IMG_20151029_110126-blog IMG_20151029_115925-blog IMG_20151029_115927-blog

The only downside of the day was locking the keys in the car boot and being stranded there for 4 hours! The AA failed to break in (at least the car is secure!!), so Rich had to wait for a lift to come over with his spare keys. The kids were superstars, despite being bored and hungry. We celebrated freedom with a Pizza Hut feast :-)

Amber and I spent a day looking after Nanny whilst Grandad went to the opticians. We had fun playing Lego, fetching chips for us and Nanny and Amber did lots of magic painting in Nanny’s room.

Halloween!!!! A fun day of pumpkin carving, baking pumpkin orange cake, making pumpkin soup and toasting pumpkin seeds :-) Alfie had a creeper pumpkin, Amber a cute little one and Poppy an angry one!

IMG_20151031_113001-blog IMG_20151031_153534-blog IMG_20151031_153542-blog IMG_20151031_153550-blog IMG_20151031_164224-blog IMG_20151031_164239-blog IMG_20151031_164340-blog IMG_20151031_164350-blog


The next day we went to Stafford to get some fresh air after feeling very cabin feverish due to the lingering illness thwarting so many plans. We had a yummy Pizza Express lunch, a wander round the shops and a walk in the park :-) Poppy bought a witches costume – reduced from £12 to £4.50!



The next day we went with lots of HE friends to Boing Zone for trampolining fun. We literally bounced off the walls ;-)

Back to ice skating and then gymnastics the next day. Amber found her ice legs after months of using a penguin!

IMG_20151103_125213-blog IMG_20151103_125217-blog IMG_20151103_125231-blog IMG_20151103_125417-blog IMG_20151103_131257-blog

The next day was swimming, where we met lovely HE friends, plus crafts and board games.

IMG_20151104_143850-blog IMG_20151104_150912-blog

Dentist the following day, then a dog walk with the Kentish crew, plus Sherlock and Watson, then a visit to Nanny and Grandad.

IMG_20151105_103115-blog IMG_20151105_103811-blog IMG_20151105_104615-blog IMG_20151105_104617-blog IMG_20151105_104619-blog IMG_20151105_112750-blog

Cinema with HE friends to watch The Princess and the Frog, as part of the Into Film festival, was our Friday plan.

Sadly, I had to spend most of the weekend at the eye infirmary, meaning Amber missed a party she had been invited to. To make up for it, we had a special shop and coffee shop date. Lots of crafting, making cards and gifts for a friend’s birthday also took place.

IMG_20151107_132835-blog IMG_20151107_140035-blog IMG_20151108_105620-blog

A birthday celebration followed the next day, at Monster Mayhem soft play, with lots and lots of HE friends.

Ice skating again with friends the next day, and gymnastics of course. We had a Toby Carvery for tea afterwards – testing out the new vegan options!

Swimming with Honey, Kitty and Violet on Wednesday. Painting salt dough and making stew and cakes afterwards.

IMG_20151111_151331-blog IMG_20151111_113041-blog

Two very special birthdays on Thursday – Poppy turned 8 and Amber turned 5. They had fun opening their cards and presents, before an all-you-can-eat lunch at Cosmo, shoping with birthday money and a visit to Nanny and Grandad.

IMG_20151112_075610-blog IMG_20151112_172746-blog IMG_20151112_102832-blog IMG_20151112_102236-blog IMG_20151112_102232-blog IMG_20151112_093709-blog IMG_20151112_075614-blog

Celebrations with friends on Friday, at Amerton Farm. The girls were very spoilt – lots more amazing cards and presents. Twenty two children running riot and having fun :-)

IMG_20151113_111832-blog IMG_20151113_111833-blog IMG_20151113_112053-blog IMG_20151113_112520-blog IMG_20151113_112522-blog IMG_20151113_131801-blog IMG_20151113_131842-blog IMG_20151113_113928-blog IMG_20151113_131859-blog IMG_20151113_152448-blog IMG_20151113_131858-blog IMG_20151113_152450-blog

Today, library with Poppy, shops, painting the downstairs toilet, crafting and play dough fun :-)

IMG_20151114_144250-blog IMG_20151114_142152-blog


An amazing month :-) The children are all happy, active and learning lots. The eldest two are both fluent readers now – totally unschooled. Unschooling truly rocks :-)

Autumn Antics

October 20th, 2015 by becki

It has been a glorious Autumn so far. Mild and sunny, with the most glorious colours in the leaves. We have been making the most of the great weather with lots of outdoor adventures and fun, before the winter hibernation draws us inwards.

We followed our wonderful holiday to Dorset up with a spot of youth hostelling, just two days later. It was originally booked to coincide with a Not Back to School picnic at Carding Mill Valley. Unfortunately, a rare day of bad weather meant that this got cancelled. Instead, we headed to the Coalport YHA in Ironbridge, as the kids were so looking forward to the trip away.

We spent a lovely day in Enginuity with the Kelly and Hupfield crew, making and testing bunnycopters, solving puzzles and exploring the interactive science museum :-)

IMG_20150921_122401-blog IMG_20150921_122406-blog IMG_20150921_123612-blog IMG_20150921_124017-blog IMG_20150921_124100-blog IMG_20150921_124145-blog IMG_20150921_124227-blog IMG_20150921_124705-blog IMG_20150921_124709-blog IMG_20150921_130245-blog IMG_20150921_131358-blog IMG_20150921_132005-blog IMG_20150921_133011-blog IMG_20150921_134908-blog IMG_20150921_142057-blog IMG_20150921_150914-blog IMG_20150921_150918-blog

In the youth hostel, the games room proved a hit, especially giant Jenga ;-) The boys made it their mission to play every game there!

The following day we headed to the tar tunnel, then Coalport China Museum. The little ones did a spotting quiz, whilst the big three did a code cracking quiz, requiring them to find the answers to questions about chins production. The girls had fun painting plates, and everyone loved the children’s gallery.

IMG_20150922_103033-blog IMG_20150922_103133-blog IMG_20150922_103130-blog IMG_20150922_110713-blog IMG_20150922_115816-blog IMG_20150922_120246-blog IMG_20150922_120249-blog IMG_20150922_125921-blog

Afterwards, a drive home for gymnastics!

The following day we were all worn out, so just headed to Oak Park for swimming. We did some cooking, and lavished some attention on poor Enderdragon, who had been ill for a few weeks despite vet treatment and TLC.

IMG_20150923_155012-blog IMG_20150923_164524-blog

A meet up with lots of lovely friends at Come Into Play soft play followed.

IMG_20150924_133901-blog IMG_20150924_133902-blog IMG_20150924_134024-blog IMG_20150924_134026-blog

Finally, that busy, busy week, a crazy day of paddling, playing, sand castles, crazy golf and ice lollies followed at Bosworth Water with the Kelly and Hupfield gangs :-)

IMG_20150925_112543-blog IMG_20150925_112546-blog IMG_20150925_115518-blog IMG_20150925_115519-blog IMG_20150925_115435-blog IMG_20150925_115803-blog IMG_20150925_125310-blog IMG_20150925_125306-blog IMG_20150925_130332-blog IMG_20150925_130549-blog IMG_20150925_130918-blog IMG_20150925_131427-blog IMG_20150925_131021-blog IMG_20150925_131428-blog


The weekend was bitter sweet. We rescued two lovely white ladies, Primrose and Sophie, who would otherwise have been slaughtered. As we returned home with them, we sadly found Enderdragon had passed away.

IMG_20150927_164925-blog IMG_20150927_164933-blog

We had a lovely trip to the cinema to see Inside Out, which we all really enjoyed.

We spent a fun day in Shrewsbury with the lovely Hupfields the following day too. We got the park and ride bus into the city centre, and visited the Lego exhibition. We admired the Lego models of famous buildings, and enjoyed playing with the Lego in the gallery, and designing and testing our own cars. We also enjoyed the rest of the museum, where Amber, Alfie and Caleb completed the Lego minifigure quiz sheet, and we explored the dinosaur bones, medieval artefacts and other treasures. We also walked across town and explored the castle.

IMG_20150928_115920-blog IMG_20150928_115922-blog IMG_20150928_120001-blog IMG_20150928_120203-blog IMG_20150928_120153-blog IMG_20150928_120333-blog IMG_20150928_120342-blog IMG_20150928_120521-blog IMG_20150928_120621-blog IMG_20150928_121249-blog IMG_20150928_122328-blog IMG_20150928_122336-blog IMG_20150928_122922-blog IMG_20150928_122956-blog IMG_20150928_123024-blog IMG_20150928_134212-blog IMG_20150928_135432-blog IMG_20150928_140107-blog IMG_20150928_145110-blog IMG_20150928_150350-blog IMG_20150928_151914-blog IMG_20150928_151913-blog


We had lots of fun baking and crafting the next day, before gymnastics, including making Grandad a birthday card.

IMG_20150929_111619-blog IMG_20150929_124805-blog IMG_20150929_131829-blog IMG_20150929_133425-blog IMG_20150929_133428-blog IMG_20150929_133719-blog IMG_20150929_140855-blog


The next day, in brilliant sunshine, we spent the day on a HE trip to West Midlands safari park. We had an amazing time with the animals, and on the rides and exploring the animatronic dinosaurs.

IMG_20150930_111251-blog IMG_20150930_111253-blog IMG_20150930_113816-blog IMG_20150930_113822-blog IMG_20150930_114046-blog IMG_20150930_120330-blog IMG_20150930_120808-blog IMG_20150930_121656-blog IMG_20150930_121746-blog IMG_20150930_121727-blog IMG_20150930_121659-blog IMG_20150930_121912-blog IMG_20150930_122016-blog IMG_20150930_123004-blog IMG_20150930_123013-blog IMG_20150930_140708-blog IMG_20150930_140706-blog IMG_20150930_143220-blog IMG_20150930_140709-blog IMG_20150930_144259-blog IMG_20150930_145130-blog IMG_20150930_145135-blog IMG_20150930_145500-blog IMG_20150930_145507-blog IMG_20150930_145508-blog IMG_20150930_145932-blog IMG_20150930_160723-blog

We spent the next day with Nanny and Grandad, celebrating his birthday, complete with three birthday cakes (one made by each child!) and chip shop chips for lunch ;-)

The following day was Wolseley HE Explorers, with lots of wonderful friends, making an amazing barefoot walk (all designed and made by the kids) and fab leaf pictures. The imagination and creativity of these kids never ceases to amaze me!

IMG_20151002_114810-blog IMG_20151002_120254-blog IMG_20151002_123140-blog IMG_20151002_124404-blog IMG_20151002_124407-blog IMG_20151002_133848-blog IMG_20151002_134743-blog IMG_20151002_134745-blog IMG_20151002_134910-blog IMG_20151003_065644-blog IMG_20151003_065648-blog IMG_20151003_065714-blog IMG_20151003_065725-blog


The next day we met Uncle Steve, Aunty Andy and cousin Toby for a fun play and cycle ride around the very large lake at Emberton Country Park.

IMG_20151003_140237-blog IMG_20151003_140330-blog IMG_20151003_140723-blog IMG_20151003_140725-blog IMG_20151003_150125-blog IMG_20151003_150127-blog


The next day, Sunday, was another cinema trip, this time to watch Hotel Transylvania 2.

We attended the Walsall HE group on the Monday, where we learnt about different types of gemstones, and made our own bracelets out of real quartz. The children were very proud! We had a coffee with Nanny and Grandad before too :-)

IMG_20151005_130901-blog IMG_20151005_130908-blog IMG_20151005_134123-blog IMG_20151005_134122-blog IMG_20151005_133241-blog IMG_20151005_133239-blog IMG_20151005_133238-blog

The next day, we met the Jones-Thomas crew for ice skating, then spent time with play dough before gymnastics.

IMG_20151006_163310-blog IMG_20151006_155757-blog


The following day was a Halloween crafts day. Alfie made a crdboard Minecraft pumpkin, a paper plate pumpkin and Hama bead Minecraft pumpkin and Boo. Poppy made lots of ghost bats, and Hama bead spooky creations. Amber made a paper plate pumpkin, Hama bead pumpkin and painted some paper orange for another project.

IMG_20151007_111125-blog IMG_20151007_112116-blog IMG_20151007_112851-blog IMG_20151007_112856-blog IMG_20151007_150147-blog IMG_20151007_151831-blog IMG_20151007_151842-blog IMG_20151007_151849-blog IMG_20151007_155732-blog IMG_20151007_155735-blog IMG_20151007_155743-blog IMG_20151007_160118-blog IMG_20151007_160124-blog IMG_20151007_162813-blog IMG_20151007_162821-blog IMG_20151007_165003-blog


We also met the lovely Bex and Violet for swimming at Oak Park.

The next day, we had fun at Forge Mill farm with the Kelly clan :-)

IMG_20151008_115332-blog IMG_20151008_115954-blog IMG_20151008_120226-blog IMG_20151008_120223-blog IMG_20151008_120641-blog IMG_20151008_122328-blog IMG_20151008_122337-blog IMG_20151008_122338-blog IMG_20151008_125155-blog IMG_20151008_125156-blog IMG_20151008_134625-blog IMG_20151008_134630-blog IMG_20151008_135332-blog IMG_20151008_135334-blog IMG_20151008_135701-blog IMG_20151008_144640-blog


We had an amazing Unschooling meet the following day The kids had an amazing time with the Hupfield and Jones-Thomas crews running wild and collecting hundreds of conkers at Attingham Park National Trust.


IMG_20151009_130437-blog IMG_20151009_134128-blog IMG_20151009_134130-blog IMG_20151009_134131-blog IMG_20151009_150913-blog IMG_20151009_150923-blog

The next day, Amber and I went to the Big Hoot farewell at Millennium Point, where we got a last look at the large owls before they were auctioned off for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We also had a yummy vegan lunch at the Warehouse Cafe. Poppy had fun playing at home with her best friend Cadi.

IMG_20151010_123338-blog IMG_20151010_123343-blog IMG_20151010_133652-blog IMG_20151010_133656-blog IMG_20151010_134609-blog


The next day, we met Charlotte, Mark, Katie Rose and Bella the dog at Rosliston Forestry Centre for a day of walking, playing, tree climbing, herb smelling and adventures :-)

IMG_20151011_112742-blog IMG_20151011_120930-blog IMG_20151011_123506-blog IMG_20151011_132928-blog IMG_20151011_134443-blog IMG_20151011_135805-blog IMG_20151011_140341-blog IMG_20151011_140400-blog IMG_20151011_141138-blog IMG_20151011_141147-blog

We headed to Peak Wildlife park with the Kelly and Hupfield crews the next day, where we got to see the penguins being fed, stroke a wallaby, admire the baby goats and play on the bouncy castle.

IMG_20151012_120538-blog IMG_20151012_120533-blog IMG_20151012_125714-blog IMG_20151012_125726-blog IMG_20151012_130146-blog IMG_20151012_130436-blog IMG_20151012_130503-blog IMG_20151012_130608-blog IMG_20151012_130704-blog IMG_20151012_131219-blog IMG_20151012_131835-blog IMG_20151012_131836-blog IMG_20151012_131912-blog IMG_20151012_131913-blog IMG_20151012_132152-blog IMG_20151012_133616-blog IMG_20151012_133628-blog IMG_20151012_144811-blog]

The next day was a trip to the library, lunch with Granny and Grandpa at Taybarns, then gymnastics.

The following day, a meet up with HE friends in Victoria Park, Stafford.

IMG_20151014_123020-blog IMG_20151014_134613-blog IMG_20151014_143650-blog IMG_20151014_143645-blog IMG_20151014_143652-blog

Amber accompanied me to look after Nanny the next day, whilst Grandad popped to Matt’s flat in London. She enjoyed playing with my old Lego – and having chips for lunch! She also chatted to my friend Sally, who popped in for coffee, about Minecraft.



The next day was a fun unschooling meet of cycling, play and sand at Beacon Park with lovely HE friends :-)

IMG_20151016_132956-blog IMG_20151016_132958-blog IMG_20151016_133817-blog


Then, a trip to Dudley Museum to see the My Little Pony exhibition. The dinosaurs and fossils also went down well – as did the buffet lunch at the Venue ;-)

IMG_20151017_133439-blog IMG_20151017_133615-blog IMG_20151017_134018-blog IMG_20151017_135435-blog IMG_20151017_135441-blog IMG_20151017_135707-blog IMG_20151017_135807-blog IMG_20151017_135819-blog IMG_20151017_135827-blog IMG_20151017_135832-blog IMG_20151017_140328-blog IMG_20151017_140650-blog IMG_20151017_140703-blog IMG_20151017_142930-blog IMG_20151017_142932-blog


We had a lovely dog walk at Chasewater with the Kentish clan, plus Sherlock and Watson. The kids had great fun :-) Back home, gardening and a Sunday roast (vegan of course!)


IMG_20151018_105453-blog IMG_20151018_105455-blog IMG_20151018_105518-blog IMG_20151018_105607-blog IMG_20151018_105615-blog IMG_20151018_105637-blog IMG_20151018_105701-blog IMG_20151018_105705-blog IMG_20151018_110607-blog IMG_20151018_110606-blog IMG_20151018_111441-blog IMG_20151018_141154-blog

A lovely visit to the donkey sanctuary with HE friends yesterday. The children enjoyed grooming Alvis the donkey, but Molly and Bobby the dogs were the real hit! Afterwards, cycling and playing in Sutton Park :-)

IMG_20151019_110500-blog IMG_20151019_111055-blog IMG_20151019_112804-blog IMG_20151019_112808-blog IMG_20151019_113057-blog IMG_20151019_113059-blog IMG_20151019_113229-blog IMG_20151019_113231-blog IMG_20151019_113832-blog IMG_20151019_113833-blog IMG_20151019_115746-blog


Today, making pizza, ice skating with the Howells and Jones-Thomas crews (including making snowmen!), then gymnastics :-)

IMG_20151020_105940-blog IMG_20151020_105941-blog IMG_20151020_135237-blog IMG_20151020_135239-blog


Other activities have included, lots of drawing and knitting by Poppy, a Back to the Future obsession with Alfie, lots of craft, cooking, chicken care and reading. We love unschooling :-)



As Summer Turns to Autumn – and Rockley Park Holiday

September 20th, 2015 by becki

As summer has turned to a rather chilly autumn, our adventures have continued. Holidays, days out with friends, home ed groups…. So much fun :-)

There was fun with friends at the Chase HE group – weaving, playing and seeing how many kids of different sizes it takes to balance a seesaw :-)

IMG_20150825_112122-blog IMG_20150825_112125-blog IMG_20150825_122119-blog IMG_20150825_124837-blog IMG_20150825_124852-blog IMG_20150825_124921-blog IMG_20150825_125213-blog


Then baking biscuits, cakes, sweetcorn fritters and vegan burgers  when we returned home.

IMG_20150825_144211-blog IMG_20150825_144218-blog IMG_20150825_153352-blog IMG_20150825_153356-blog


A lovely day out at Ryton Pools with Sarah, Alice and Saule :-) Holding and learning about owls, picking blackberries, climbing trees and exploring the adventure playground :-)

IMG_20150826_120220-blog IMG_20150826_120227-blog IMG_20150826_121059-blog IMG_20150826_121056-blog IMG_20150826_121435-blog IMG_20150826_121437-blog IMG_20150826_121641-blog IMG_20150826_122209-blog IMG_20150826_125532-blog IMG_20150826_125653-blog IMG_20150826_130151-blog IMG_20150826_143629-blog IMG_20150826_143636-blog


A song performance from the girls upon our return home – a song written by Poppy herself :-)

IMG_20150826_165310-blog IMG_20150826_165312-blog

Plum picking with the lovely Sally, Evie and Finn at Essington Fruit Farm (plus tree climbing again of course!)

IMG_20150827_104528-blog IMG_20150827_105530-blog IMG_20150827_105535-blog IMG_20150827_105539-blog IMG_20150827_112200-blog IMG_20150827_112158-blog


Feral fun at Calke Abbey with the Hupfield and Kelly clans :-) Exploring the Garden of Imagination, admiring the flowers and vegetables, deer spotting, hula hooping, friendly wrestling matches and running wild in the great outdoors :-)

IMG_20150828_124154-blog IMG_20150828_124158-blog IMG_20150828_124200-blog IMG_20150828_124202-blog IMG_20150828_124222-blog IMG_20150828_124601-blog IMG_20150828_125501-blog IMG_20150828_125502-blog IMG_20150828_131309-blog IMG_20150828_131310-blog IMG_20150828_134947-blog IMG_20150828_134948-blog IMG_20150828_143658-blog IMG_20150828_143659-blog IMG_20150828_150552-blog IMG_20150828_150721-blog IMG_20150828_150724-blog IMG_20150828_151421-blog IMG_20150828_151422-blog


A visit to Nanny and Grandad, then more owl hunting at Soho House, Handsworth Park and Summerfield Park.

IMG_20150829_135414-blog IMG_20150829_135912-blog IMG_20150829_143848-blog IMG_20150829_150820-blog IMG_20150829_143828-blog IMG_20150828_185004-blog


A trip into Birmingham for yet more owl hunting, science garden fun, and lunch at the Boston Tea Party :-)

IMG_20150830_123207-blog IMG_20150830_130934-blog IMG_20150830_133023-blog IMG_20150830_150826-blog IMG_20150830_150837-blog IMG_20150830_150829-blog IMG_20150830_150838-blog


Baking galore!






Birches Valley fun with lots and lots of HE friends – playgrounds, den building, playing with the dog, Gruffalo finding and fairy house exploring!

IMG_20150901_113158-blog IMG_20150901_113203-blog IMG_20150901_113205-blog IMG_20150901_113208-blog IMG_20150901_114122-blog IMG_20150901_114329-blog IMG_20150901_114343-blog IMG_20150901_120702-blog IMG_20150901_120732-blog IMG_20150901_120909-blog IMG_20150901_121136-blog IMG_20150901_122522-blog IMG_20150901_131241-blog IMG_20150901_134802-blog IMG_20150901_134803-blog

Youth hostelling fun with friends. Poole’s Cavern – an amazing cave with stalactites galore! A youth hostel with goats and rabbits, and an amazing history.

IMG_20150902_123514-blog IMG_20150902_123516-blog IMG_20150902_131705-blog IMG_20150902_140250-blog IMG_20150902_174400-blog IMG_20150902_174402-blog IMG_20150903_094719-blog

More feral fun with the Hupfields and Kellys – stream paddling, mountain climbing, stepping stones and mud – an amazing day at Dovedale and Thorpe Cloud.

IMG_20150903_111123-blog IMG_20150903_111124-blog IMG_20150903_111108-blog IMG_20150903_111318-blog IMG_20150903_111319-blog IMG_20150903_113527-blog IMG_20150903_111324-blog IMG_20150903_115749-blog IMG_20150903_121900-blog IMG_20150903_122010-blog IMG_20150903_122013-blog IMG_20150903_122013_1-blog IMG_20150903_123507-blog


Owl hunting in Kings Heath, with a meet up with the lovely Bex and Violet in the park.

IMG_20150904_144440-blog IMG_20150904_144441-blog


Yet more owls, anniversary lunch at the Warehouse Veggie and Vegan Cafe, Sheldon Country Park :-)

IMG_20150905_124715-blog IMG_20150905_135757-blog IMG_20150905_135759-blog IMG_20150905_160941-blog IMG_20150905_160943-blog IMG_20150905_160952-blog IMG_20150905_162544-blog IMG_20150905_163245-blog IMG_20150905_163247-blog



A visit to Nanny and Grandad, then more owls and playground at Woodgate Valley Country Park :-)



Ice skating with the Jones-Thomas crew, then back to gymnastics class for all 3 children :-)

Home ed Not Back to School Picnic at Victoria Park, with amazing HE friends.

IMG_20150909_121804-blog IMG_20150909_121812-blog IMG_20150909_121814-blog IMG_20150909_123241-blog IMG_20150909_123244-blog IMG_20150909_124801-blog IMG_20150909_124804-blog IMG_20150909_124811-blog IMG_20150909_124812-blog


More Not Back to School fun at the Wolseley Centre with HE freinds :-)

IMG_20150910_133643-blog IMG_20150910_134044-blog IMG_20150910_134325-blog IMG_20150910_134543-blog IMG_20150910_134544-blog IMG_20150910_134645-blog IMG_20150910_134721-blog IMG_20150910_135433-blog IMG_20150910_135648-blog


Amazing day of fun with HE friends at Twycross Zoo.

IMG_20150911_110823-blog IMG_20150911_110824-blog IMG_20150911_113438-blog IMG_20150911_113440-blog IMG_20150911_113448-blog IMG_20150911_121723-blog IMG_20150911_121728-blog IMG_20150911_121800-blog IMG_20150911_121859-blog IMG_20150911_124020-blog IMG_20150911_125124-blog IMG_20150911_125640-blog IMG_20150911_125646-blog IMG_20150911_125818-blog IMG_20150911_130407-blog IMG_20150911_143836-blog IMG_20150911_143838-blog IMG_20150911_144344-blog


Next came an amazing week away at Rockley Park Haven site in Poole, Dorset. So much fun! We managed to fit in 3 swims in the lovely pool with slide and flume – two with all five of us, and one just me and Poppy. Our caravan, in Arne View, was lovely, and we had some splendid walks on the beach and nature reserve :-)

IMG_20150912_172136-blog IMG_20150912_172151-blog IMG_20150912_172156-blog IMG_20150913_115852-blog IMG_20150913_115854-blog IMG_20150913_115907-blog IMG_20150913_115909-blog IMG_20150913_120605-blog IMG_20150913_121643-blog IMG_20150913_123052-blog IMG_20150913_123055-blog IMG_20150913_123848-blog IMG_20150913_123849-blog IMG_20150913_124016-blog IMG_20150913_124020-blog IMG_20150913_131709-blog IMG_20150913_131955-blog IMG_20150913_132244-blog IMG_20150913_132536-blog IMG_20150913_132544-blog IMG_20150913_132321-blog IMG_20150913_132249-blog IMG_20150913_134123-blog IMG_20150913_134134-blog IMG_20150913_134136-blog


We had an amazing day out at Paultons Park :-) Alfie loved Critter Creek, especially the axolotls :-)

IMG_20150914_101654-blog IMG_20150914_102240-blog IMG_20150914_102252-blog IMG_20150914_102815-blog IMG_20150914_103409-blog IMG_20150914_103627-blog IMG_20150914_103800-blog IMG_20150914_103810-blog IMG_20150914_105521-blog IMG_20150914_105522-blog IMG_20150914_111246-blog IMG_20150914_111254-blog IMG_20150914_111238-blog IMG_20150914_111806-blog IMG_20150914_113459-blog IMG_20150914_121528-blog IMG_20150914_124405-blog IMG_20150914_131124-blog IMG_20150914_133108-blog IMG_20150914_133109-blog IMG_20150914_140018-blog IMG_20150914_143207-blog IMG_20150914_143604-blog IMG_20150914_143833-blog IMG_20150914_143836-blog


Dinner at Hungry Horse afterwards :-)

Brownsea Island was amazing, especially the red squirrels, free range chickens with chicks (no foxes on the island), and amazing natural play area.

IMG_20150915_112254-blog IMG_20150915_121031-blog IMG_20150915_121033-blog IMG_20150915_123434-blog IMG_20150915_125003-blog IMG_20150915_133017-blog IMG_20150915_133026-blog IMG_20150915_133419-blog IMG_20150915_133744-blog IMG_20150915_133745-blog IMG_20150915_133903-blog IMG_20150915_134139-blog IMG_20150915_134354-blog IMG_20150915_134141-blog IMG_20150915_143053-blog IMG_20150915_142938-blog IMG_20150915_143140-blog IMG_20150915_143144-blog IMG_20150915_143236-blog IMG_20150915_143330-blog IMG_20150915_143704-blog IMG_20150915_144740-blog IMG_20150915_145311-blog

An awesome day at Sea Life adventure park, then shell collecting on the beach at Weymouth as we walked to the Jurassic Skyline tower for an amazing view of the Jurassic coast in our rotating capsule, followed by Lodmoor Country Park.

IMG_20150917_110235-blog IMG_20150917_110319-blog IMG_20150917_112031-blog IMG_20150917_112033-blog IMG_20150917_112631-blog IMG_20150917_112654-blog IMG_20150917_124101-blog IMG_20150917_124102-blog IMG_20150917_124123-blog IMG_20150917_124621-blog IMG_20150917_124730-blog IMG_20150917_125351-blog IMG_20150917_125439-blog IMG_20150917_125449-blog IMG_20150917_125816-blog IMG_20150917_132545-blog IMG_20150917_132612-blog IMG_20150917_133105-blog IMG_20150917_133109-blog IMG_20150917_135811-blog IMG_20150917_135813-blog IMG_20150917_160023-blog IMG_20150917_160318-blog IMG_20150917_160502-blog IMG_20150917_160504-blog IMG_20150917_160742-blog IMG_20150917_160750-blog

Corfe Castle, where the kids did a fun shield quest quiz, and had fun exploring the ruins.

IMG_20150918_102312-blog IMG_20150918_102314-blog IMG_20150918_102341-blog IMG_20150918_102408-blog IMG_20150918_103108-blog


The Living Rainforest – an amazing place.

FB_IMG_1442774935354-blog FB_IMG_1442774927176-blog FB_IMG_1442774920028-blog FB_IMG_1442774910658-blog FB_IMG_1442774904532-blog FB_IMG_1442774891723-blog FB_IMG_1442774885212-blog FB_IMG_1442774876367-blog FB_IMG_1442774868751-blog FB_IMG_1442774858077-blog


Now, we have collected our chickens from their boarding house, and Completed both our Big Hoot and Little Hoot trails – owl number 211 found at Sarehole Mill. Nachos from the Vegan Grindhouse to celebrate :-) Amazing finding all 211 owls – such fabtastic designs.

FB_IMG_1442774843649-blog FB_IMG_1442774850974-blog

Next, more youth hostelling fun tomorrow :-) What an amazing summer it has been, and Autumn is looking good :-)



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