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The Week in Pictures

August 20th, 2014 by becki









IMG_20140813_110051-blog IMG_20140813_110715-blog IMG_20140813_110717-blog IMG_20140813_110751-blog IMG_20140813_110818-blog IMG_20140813_110824-blog IMG_20140813_112214-blog IMG_20140813_112236-blog IMG_20140813_112437-blog IMG_20140813_113802-blog IMG_20140813_114951-blog IMG_20140813_114953-blog IMG_20140813_114954-blog IMG_20140813_125032-blog IMG_20140813_125040-blog IMG_20140813_125041-blog IMG_20140813_130509-blog IMG_20140813_130511-blog IMG_20140813_130537-blog IMG_20140813_130539-blog IMG_20140814_142651-blog IMG_20140814_142656-blog IMG_20140814_151241-blog IMG_20140814_151242-blog IMG_20140814_151243-blog IMG_20140815_113741-blog IMG_20140815_113742-blog IMG_20140815_122156-blog IMG_20140815_122159-blog IMG_20140815_122208-blog IMG_20140815_122320-blog IMG_20140815_122712-blog IMG_20140815_190640-blog IMG_20140816_113902-blog IMG_20140816_113904-blog IMG_20140816_114039-blog IMG_20140816_114042-blog IMG_20140816_114213-blog IMG_20140816_114215-blog IMG_20140816_114217-blog  IMG_20140817_104326-blog IMG_20140817_104345-blog IMG_20140818_130627-blog IMG_20140818_130628-blog IMG_20140818_130641-blog IMG_20140818_130643-blog IMG_20140818_211434-blog IMG_20140819_131241-blog IMG_20140820_135348-blog IMG_20140820_135352-blog IMG_20140820_144733-blog IMG_20140820_150842-blog IMG_20140820_151050-blog IMG_20140820_151052-blog IMG_20140820_151235-blog IMG_20140820_151237-blog IMG_20140820_153434-blog IMG_20140820_153439-blog IMG_20140820_154625-blog IMG_20140820_154630-blog IMG_20140820_154632-blog IMG_20140820_154651-blog IMG_20140820_154834-blog IMG_20140820_154837-blog

A fantastic day at Wolseley Nature Centre with Jenni, Eve, Faith, Idris and Rose, and Bex and Violet. Climbing trees, spotting herons and butterflies, swinging, playing games, climbing on sculptures and running through the woods.

A fun play date with Dylan, Aaron, Phoebe, Jacob and Jess.

Friday Club fun at the Arboretum – sewing scavenger bags on the sewing machines, completing scavenger hunts, and creating a giant collaborative picture of the park, before retiring to the playground for a well earned play (except Holly who carried on sewing ;p)

Monkeying around at Shire Oak Park.

Phoebe’s 3rd birthday party – bouncy castle and party game fun with lots of friends :-)

Fun at Baggeridge Park with the Webbs and Kellys – looking for geocaches, spotting baby coots on the pond, building sand castles with jelly pots and swinging with friends.

Fun with Nanny and Grandad whilst the car was being fixed.

Fantastic day at Attingham Park with Elaine, Jacob and Jess. Egg and spoon and sack races, walking on logs high over streams, getting up close to the deer, tree climbing and eating apples off the tree.

The most momentous moment of all – Amber is now in pants! At 3 years 9 months she declared herself ready :-) I would recommend waiting until they are ready. She has found it the easiest out of all three of them :-)

Also, I went to my first aquafit class for 12 weeks!!!!

August Antics

August 12th, 2014 by becki

Yesterday was my birthday :-) I received lots of lovely cards, gifts and messages :-) Big contributions to my Lush fund, wine, vouchers, a vegan baking book and lots more. We spent the day at Ryton Organic Gardens, which was deserted despite it being the summer holidays. The kids loved doing the spotting trails. We visited Fresh Rootz vegetarian and vegan cafe which was fab :-)

IMG_20140811_110426-blog IMG_20140811_110430-blog IMG_20140811_111148-blog IMG_20140811_112147-blog IMG_20140811_113106-blog IMG_20140811_133417-blog IMG_20140811_133433-blog

I was lucky to be taken out to the Broadway for dinner by the lovely Sally H for my birthday a few days previously too :-) It was lovely to catch up :-)

This week has also held a lovely lunch at Pizza Express with my old and lovely friend Jo. She lives a long way away, and I sadly had to miss her 40th birthday party due to ill health. It was great to treat her to lunch and catch up :-) The children spent a fun day with Nanny and Grandad whilst we met up.

We also had a lovely, water balloon filled play date with Elaine, Jacob and Jess. The boys retired upstairs to play Lego whilst the three girls rampaged in the garden ;-)

We spent an awesome day at Weston Park with Sarah, Dylan, Aaron and Phoebe. Playing on the giant adventure playground, riding the train, collecting slugs and making habitats for them, rescuing a frog, exploring the formal gardens (which even has a cave!) and getting lost in the maze :-) A fantastic day indeed :-)

IMG_20140807_133733-blog IMG_20140807_133731-blog IMG_20140807_115340-blog IMG_20140807_114607-blog IMG_20140807_114603-blog IMG_20140807_114436-blogIMG_20140807_142744-blog

We went to a lovely Friday Club at the Arboretum, all about butterflies. We spotted butterflies in the rose garden, made our own butterflies from scavenged treasures, made butterfly feeders, then played in the park.

IMG_20140808_120602-blog IMG_20140808_120609-blog IMG_20140808_120626-blog IMG_20140808_122159-blog IMG_20140808_122233-blog IMG_20140808_123530-blog IMG_20140808_123705-blog IMG_20140808_130600-blog IMG_20140808_130644-blog IMG_20140808_131116-blog IMG_20140808_131119-blog

We went for lunch at Pickle Jack’s with Nanny, Grandad, Matt and Mei Mei.

We went into Brownhills to buy some vinyl for the pantry, which Rich then fitted. We had a big, big tidy out and rearrange in there too.

We spent time in the garden painting, gardening and with the chickens :-)



IMG_20140808_071415-blog IMG_20140808_071413-blog

We had puppet shows, crafts, cooking, playing, cleaning and jigsaws :-) We received a fab “sorry” parcel from Dobbies after their Lego trail wasn’t set up when we arrived to do it the other week :-)

IMG_20140805_141447-blog IMG_20140805_141449-blog IMG_20140805_143147-blog IMG_20140805_143150-blog IMG_20140805_143152-blog IMG_20140805_143425-blog IMG_20140805_143430-blog IMG_20140812_113623-blog IMG_20140812_105644-blog IMG_20140812_133806-blog IMG_20140812_115733-blog

Sunny Fun

August 2nd, 2014 by becki

What a lovely week :-)

Water bombs in the garden – leading to lots of experiments filling balloons with different proportions of air and water. Making summer pudding with blackberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, blueberries and raspberries from our own garden.

Meeting up with Caroline, Lauren, Tom and Martha in Dartmouth Park. The playground was packed, so the kids played together making their own entertainment. There was den building using pushchairs and picnic blankets, gymnastics, tree climbing and Minecraft ;-)

A fantastic day at Rosliston forestry centre with Sarah, Dylan, Aaron, Phoebe and Elaine, Jacob and Jess. There was den building, playground fun, crossing a stream on a log bridge, discovering fairy doors in the forest, woodland adventures and lots of walking and climbing.

Cycling and puppet shows at Chasewater with Sally, Evie and Finn. The girls spent ages decorating branches with flowers and leaves. There was lots of cycling, climbing, duck feeding and even a Punch and Judy show ;-)

Friday Club was all about trees at the Arboretum. The children had great fun discovering some of the trees that grow there, then using real artists’ canvases to paint their own tree pictures. The different styles and interpretations were amazing. All three children concentrated amazingly well and are so proud of their pictures – now mounted on the wall at home in pride of place.  There was also some tree shaking to discover what bugs lived in different trees. Afterwards time spent playing with friends in the splash pad and play area – as well as some Minecrafting of course!

Today, our lake visiting plans were spoilt by the rain, so instead we went for lunch with Granny and Grandpa. Hopefully there will be more sunny days to come soon!

Heatwave Fun.

July 27th, 2014 by becki

The last week has been an absolute scorcher! It has also been the start of the school summer holidays so the avoiding crowds has begun :-/ Despite having two arrangements postponed due to illness (Caroline’s Tom, and Bex and Violet) it has been a fun week :-)

We had a lovely day out in Stafford. Alfie has now chosen to become vegan so we were excited to try the vegan options at Pizza Express. The vegan pizza is a winner! Holly designed a great sea monster whilst waiting for her pasta  ;-)


We had a lovely time playing in Victoria Park, visiting the aviary, glasshouses and old mill.

IMG_20140720_150657-blog IMG_20140720_150654-blog IMG_20140720_145556-blog IMG_20140720_145443-blog IMG_20140720_145426-blog IMG_20140720_145402-blog IMG_20140720_145400-blog IMG_20140720_141615-blog

A trip to Dobbies to follow the Lego trail (which the hadn’t set up yet lol!) We had a nice time rescuing a sad, reduced tomato plant, looking at the fish, trying out their cafe’s vegan wares, and buying a 250 piece Where’s Wally jigsaw which Alfie has now completed :-)

A visit to the library in Mere Green and playground.  We attempted the mythical mazes treasure hunt around the library before leaving with armfuls of books and audio CDs.  All the water bombs bought from Stafford yesterday were used up, so we popped to the shop to get more  ;-)


Followed by making a card for Nanny’s birthday.

IMG_20140722_151137-blog IMG_20140722_151139-blog

We had a lovely day at Blists Hill Victorian Town with Nanny and Grandad. The summer holidays brought crowds, but also some positives – the steam carousel was working, there was a steam road roller driving around the town, along with a horse and cart.

IMG_20140723_125224-blog IMG_20140723_125233-blog IMG_20140723_131543-blog

We spent a fantastic day stream paddling, mud wallowing, bridge building and tree climbing with lovely friends, followed by red mountain and an ice lolly in the park :-)

IMG_20140724_133355-blog IMG_20140724_133142-blog IMG_20140724_133356-blog IMG_20140724_133140-blog IMG_20140724_133123-blog IMG_20140724_133101-blog IMG_20140724_133024-blog IMG_20140724_132927-blog IMG_20140724_130329-blog IMG_20140724_115427-blog IMG_20140724_113918-blog IMG_20140724_113003-blog IMG_20140724_112953-blog IMG_20140724_112947-blog

Cooking summer pudding, vegan stew and French bread.


A lovely, sunny day cycling, tree climbing and roaming the gardens at Elvaston Castle with Charlotte and Bella :-)

IMG_20140726_123417-blog IMG_20140726_130649-blog IMG_20140726_130714-blog IMG_20140726_134040-blog IMG_20140726_134214-blog IMG_20140726_134054-blog IMG_20140726_134228-blog IMG_20140726_134216-blog

A meal out at Pickle Jack’s for Nanny’s birthday followed by Walsall library. Lots more books and CDs as well as completing the mythical mazes treasure hunt there.

IMG_20140727_105436-blog IMG_20140727_105442-blog IMG_20140727_105444-blog IMG_20140727_105537-blog

Trying out my old drawing machine and rollerskates in the garden.

IMG_20140727_161505-blog IMG_20140727_163411-blog IMG_20140727_163412-blog IMG_20140727_163910-blog

Busy Summer Days :-)

July 19th, 2014 by becki

We have been having some lovely sunny weather – with a few thunder storms thrown in for good measure! It has been ideal weather for enjoying our last few days of freedom before the dreaded school summer holidays ;-)

There has been lots of fun out and about.

A last gym class (until September) where the children were presented with their certificates.

Lunch in Sainsburys cafe.


Fun and frolics with Rachel and her five lovely littlies :-)

IMG_20140709_153454-blog IMG_20140709_153714-blog

A fantastic Friday Club at Dartmouth Park with cycling, swinging, secret den finding and Minecrafting :-)

Scooting and sliding at Beacon park.

IMG_20140712_112454-blog IMG_20140712_112455-blog

A fun day at Boscobel House and the Royal Oak. The very loud cockerel was a real hit! We walked across the sheep field to the Royal Oak where Charles II hid from the soldiers. You can see Amber and Alfie in the family room looking at pictures of panels and paintings in the house which depict a minute king hiding in the tree. It was a real challenge to find him in the pictures, even with a magnifying glass. Back in those days the oak was in a thick wood, not a sheep field! There were also all sorts of objects that you could touch and try to guess what they were – including a cannon ball and a pottery grenade! There was lots of armour to try on and activities to complete. In the old hunting lodge the steward let Alfie go down the priest hole and see what it would have been like to hide in there.

IMG_20140713_134959-blog IMG_20140713_143307-blog IMG_20140713_143356-blog IMG_20140713_144238-blog IMG_20140713_144234-blog IMG_20140713_143703-blog IMG_20140713_144403-blog IMG_20140713_144413-blog IMG_20140713_144715-blog IMG_20140713_150519-blog

We had a lovely day at Think Tank with Elaine, Jacob and Jess.

IMG_20140714_114248-blog IMG_20140714_114328-blog IMG_20140714_114943-blog IMG_20140714_114944-blog IMG_20140714_131024-blog IMG_20140714_131037-blog IMG_20140714_131551-blog IMG_20140714_143332-blog

A lovely trip to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 at Empire Cinema with 14 home ed friends.

A beautiful day with scores of home ed family swimming and playing at Tettenhall Pool.

IMG_20140716_110846-blog IMG_20140716_110849-blog IMG_20140716_110856-blog

A water filled play date with the Webbs.

IMG_20140717_120253-blog IMG_20140717_120256-blog IMG_20140717_120432-blog

A fabulous Friday Club making lip balms, crafting and playing with friends.

IMG_20140718_125046-blog-blog IMG_20140718_125038

Followed by more paddling pool play.

IMG_20140718_164139-blog IMG_20140718_164143-blog

There has also been lots of fun at home.

Baking, sewing, crafting, chicken caring, jigsaws, games, books, magazines, outside play – and an experiment involving rehydrating dried apricots ;-)

IMG_20140710_094127-blog IMG_20140710_142614-blog IMG_20140710_142723-blog IMG_20140710_143443-blog IMG_20140714_165900-blog IMG_20140714_165910-blog IMG_20140717_155054-blog IMG_20140719_124102-blog IMG_20140719_124118-blog IMG_20140712_192945-blog

Sunshine and Fun!

July 8th, 2014 by becki

Here is just a snapshot of what we have been up to this week.

Lego zoos with train tracks connecting them.

IMG_20140629_141537-blog IMG_20140629_141555-blog IMG_20140629_141633-blog

A trip to two different libraries on two different days for new books and audio CDs, one followed by a pub lunch and the other by playground fun :-)

IMG_20140630_105328-blog IMG_20140630_105344-blog IMG_20140630_105355-blog IMG_20140630_110440-blog

Gym class fun. Alfie and Holly are really enjoying their classes and making great progress. They were tested for and passed their level 8 certification last week. Amber has enjoyed her classes too, but has decided not to carry on with them for now.

We spent time with Nanny and Grandad.

We went to Wolverhampton art gallery for the How to Train your Dragon exhibition. We are currently working our way through this series of books at bedtime, and are on book 6 of 11. There was also time for ice cream and playing cops and robbers in the beautiful church gardens.

IMG_20140702_114403-blog IMG_20140702_114407-blog IMG_20140702_114421-blog IMG_20140702_115622-blog IMG_20140702_115623-blog IMG_20140702_130648-blog

We had a lovely play date with the Webbs – Minecrafting, garden fun and cardboard cities!

IMG_20140703_153026-blog IMG_20140703_153029-blog IMG_20140703_153034-blog IMG_20140703_165215-blog IMG_20140703_165300-blog

There was lots of cooking as usual – fairy cakes, vegan banana oat muffins, risotto, curry, homemade pizza and dough balls….

IMG_20140703_165255-blog IMG_20140703_165244-blog IMG_20140703_165211-blog IMG_20140703_165207-blog

We spent a fun Friday Club at the Arboretum – crafting, cycling on the skate park, playing with all our friends on the playground and in the water jets.

IMG_20140704_104755-blog IMG_20140704_104757-blog

We spent time in the garden and with the chickens. Tulip decided to walk all over the workbooks and steal the limelight ;-)

IMG_20140705_160622-blog IMG_20140705_164118-blog IMG_20140705_164102-blog

We had fun on the Gruffalo trail at Birches Valley.

IMG_20140706_113843-blog IMG_20140706_113844-blog IMG_20140706_113927-blog IMG_20140706_114108-blog IMG_20140706_114111-blog IMG_20140706_114116-blog IMG_20140706_115710-blog IMG_20140706_115557-blog IMG_20140706_114645-blog IMG_20140706_115711-blog IMG_20140706_120453-blog IMG_20140706_120710-blog IMG_20140706_120901-blog IMG_20140706_121114-blog IMG_20140706_121115-blog IMG_20140706_121607-blog IMG_20140706_121738-blog IMG_20140706_121853-blog IMG_20140706_121857-blog

We had a great day stream dipping and climbing red mountain with friends.  The children caught lots of pond skaters, water beetle larvae and a newt tadpole.

IMG_20140707_124117-blog IMG_20140707_131435-blog IMG_20140707_134757-blog IMG_20140707_134802-blog IMG_20140707_134812-blog

Amber took a few snaps of her best friend Rabbitty!

IMG_20140707_185225-blog IMG_20140707_185245-blog

Our Week in Pictures

June 29th, 2014 by becki







IMG_20140622_113533-blog IMG_20140623_064232-blog IMG_20140623_070629-blog IMG_20140623_093740-blog IMG_20140623_093744-blog IMG_20140623_104439-blog IMG_20140623_104447_1-blog IMG_20140623_104447-blog IMG_20140624_064510-blog IMG_20140624_075852-blog IMG_20140625_134520-blog IMG_20140625_134522-blog IMG_20140626_153948-blog IMG_20140626_153949-blog IMG_20140628_153415-blog IMG_20140628_153417-blog IMG_20140628_155113-blog

Potatoes harvested from our garden.

Garden fun.

Bike riding in Beacon Park before our solstice barbecue. Amber has progressed from trike to bike now!

Smoothie making and Peppa Pig fun.

Water jet fun at the Arboretum with lots of our friends.

Fantastic play date at the Webbs.

New chickens! Say hello to Pru, Tilly, Tulip and Enderdragon :-)

Hi! I am back!!!!

June 20th, 2014 by becki

I have been away sorting out this gallstones malarkey. After 6 months of  dietary changes, taking Rowachol and gold coin grass to dissolve them, doing a flush, and lots of other natural options, I was just getting more and more unwell. Pain and nausea were taking over my life – and as I have the best life ever, I do not want it ruined by illness! i had constant gallbladder inflammation, even needing antibiotics, plus constant pain and feeling sick. It really limits your life – and makes you grumpy. being pigheaded I never took painkillers and carried on doing things with the kids, but boy has it been an exhausting, painful, difficult 6 months :-( So, last Friday the 13th (!!!) I went for a laparascopic cholecystectomy at Sandwell Hospital. I have a terrible fear of general anaesthetics, being a control freak, but it was fine ;-) I was told that I had the quickest recovery from a general the theatre nurse had ever seen. Op shortly after 9, woke up 10.30 needing n0 oxygen or time in recovery, back on ward drinking tea and posting on Facebook by 11 and eating lunch at 12 LOL.  It is major surgery so i have been sore, but at the end of week one I am probably 65% better – although no lifting for another 4 or 5 weeks, which is the most frustrating bit! Goodbye gallstones! Well, actually, I have them in a jar so they are still here – but the pain they have caused is gone. Hurrah!

So, here is a brief round up of what has been happening in our unschooling lives during this past couple of unusual weeks.

The week leading up to surgery was painful and surreal, but we kept busy to keep all our spirits up.

Shopping and lunch at Morrisons.


Amber started her active toddlers gym class, whilst the big two started an evening gym class where they can work towards their badges. They already had several gym and trampolining badges from their old class in Sutton, and declared this class to be fantastic. I took them the first week, when it was a special fun week with bouncy castle and slide as well as gymnastics. last week was back to a proper gym class and they absolutely loved it. The instructors are a lot better than at their old class. Dad took Amber to her class whilst i was incapacitated last week and Rich took the big two :-)


A day cycling and playing in Dartmouth  park with Rach and her 5 littlies, plus Bex and baby Violet.

IMG_20140611_143245-blog IMG_20140611_141119-blog IMG_20140611_114306-blog IMG_20140611_113905-blog IMG_20140611_113859-blog IMG_20140611_113857-blog

The day before my op Alfie and Holly went to see Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain live at Birmingham town hall with Rich and lots of home ed friends. I took the opportunity to take Amber to ash End Farm, where we had a lovely day. The bigs are too old for farms now so poor Amber never gets to go usually! She got to feed the ducks, hold chicks and a duckling, stroke rabbits and guinea pigs, sit on a pony, go on a tractor and trailer ride, feed the animals…

IMG_20140612_134054-blog IMG_20140612_131010-blog IMG_20140612_131008-blog IMG_20140612_131006-blog IMG_20140612_124633-blog IMG_20140612_124631-blog IMG_20140612_124047-blog IMG_20140612_124035-blog IMG_20140612_113828-blog  IMG_20140612_113824-blog IMG_20140612_112712-blog IMG_20140612_110341-blog IMG_20140612_110311-blog

On the day of my op Rich took all the children to their Friday Club home ed group, and he has done so again today so that I can have a break :-) Alfie and Holly have been great at lifting things and helping me out, but with 3 children around rest is never possible lol.

Rich  has been a star, mucking in with housework and childcare whenever required, whilst still trying to do some work. He took Alfie and Amber for a ramble around the nature reserve, where they spotted lots of wildlife and had great fun. He drove us to Morrisons so we could shop and have lunch. I just ordered everyone else around as I can’t lift anything lol. Mom and Dad came and helped out, including mountains of washing up as all 3 children obviously had to bake a totally different type of cake each ;-) My fabulous friend Elaine came over for a play date, which involved lots of her sweeping up and pushing children on the swing ;-) Elaine and the lovely Rach came to soft play with us at Crash Bang Wallop and did all the tray carrying, wet trouser changing and child lifting duties :-) I am so blessed!!! The wonderful messages, cards, flowers and even a gooseberry tree off lovely, lovely friends have kept my spirits up too :-) I love, love my wonderful friends and family so much.

A few more snapshots of the last week :-)

IMG_20140615_065411-blog IMG_20140615_102114-blog IMG_20140615_102138-blog IMG_20140616_083418-blog IMG_20140616_091758-blog IMG_20140617_171958-blog IMG_20140617_171956-blog IMG_20140617_180417-blog IMG_20140618_100843-blog IMG_20140618_185323-blog IMG_20140617_180419-blog IMG_20140616_091804-blog


Our Fortnight in Pictures

June 8th, 2014 by becki

I am so behind on my blog! This is largely because my surgery was supposed to be last Friday, but got postponed for another week due to an urgent case taking precedence :-( This has totally thrown me, and my gallbladder seems to agree as it has been getting progressively more painful as the days passed. I am half expecting the same to happen again this week but am desperately hoping it doesn’t or I fear I will end up admitting myself anyway. Ho-hum. Staying positive!!! Here is a little of what you missed :-)

Whilst the car went for it’s MOT, Alfie and Grandad built the new swing. This has been so well used over the last couple of weeks! The kids have pined for a swing since we moved and left the old one behind in Sutton. Moving the chicken coop down near the house left just the perfect space for a double swing :-)

IMG_20140602_155407-blog IMG_20140602_155409-blog

Right next to the other garden favourite – the trampoline!


We went to Brownhills Library to get lots of new books and audio CDs.

We went to Crash Bang Wallop soft play to meet schooled friends – Sally, Evie and Finn, and Julie, Will and Evie.

We spent lots of time in the garden. Doing play dough, making cards, building sand castles, designing giant water slides, weeding, chicken keeping, playing golf and crochet, paddling, doing sticker maths books, swinging, bouncing, playing and working!

IMG_20140606_143002-blog IMG_20140606_142952-blog IMG_20140606_135857-blog IMG_20140606_135855-blog IMG_20140601_150330-blog IMG_20140601_150332-blog IMG_20140530_113944-blog IMG_20140530_113940-blog IMG_20140530_113835-blog IMG_20140530_110102-blog IMG_20140530_105738-blog IMG_20140530_105728-blog IMG_20140530_110113-blog IMG_20140530_105623-blog IMG_20140530_105554-blog IMG_20140530_105608-blog IMG_20140530_105611-blog IMG_20140530_105723-blog IMG_20140530_105652-blog IMG_20140530_105536-blog IMG_20140530_105534-blog IMG_20140530_105525-blog IMG_20140530_105511-blog IMG_20140530_105548-blog IMG_20140530_105508-blog IMG_20140530_105503-blog

We have been doing lots of fun things in the house too – cooking, crafts, Lego, jigsaws, board games, Minecraft, imaginary games, magazines….

IMG_20140607_150717-blog IMG_20140607_150709-blog IMG_20140606_095259-blog IMG_20140604_141815-blog IMG_20140604_141813-blog IMG_20140604_141802-blog IMG_20140601_163103-blog IMG_20140601_163106-blog IMG_20140530_124728-blog IMG_20140528_131743-blog IMG_20140528_131736-blog IMG_20140528_131708-blog IMG_20140528_131717-blog IMG_20140528_131731-blog IMG_20140528_131741-blog

We cycled down to Oak Park and went to the Family Fit and Fun Day. The kids got to make smoothies using pedal power on the smoothie bike, try out the active gym classes, go on the bouncy castle, have balloon models made and get lots of freebies from the stalls. All three children have now joined the active gym class and will do their trial classes next week.  We had a picnic in the playground afterwards, before cycling back home.

IMG_20140531_141157-blog IMG_20140531_133555-blog IMG_20140531_133211-blog IMG_20140531_133109-blog IMG_20140531_113920-blog

We had a lovely day at Alton Towers with Elaine, Jacob and Jess. We managed to try out some of the new CBeebies Land rides, as well as our old favourites.

IMG_20140603_122030-blog IMG_20140603_130404-blog IMG_20140603_130406-blog IMG_20140603_143525-blog IMG_20140603_143532-blog IMG_20140603_160358-blog IMG_20140603_161601-blog

Alfie enjoyed his Morrisons meat free breakfast whilst helping me with the shopping :-)


We went to the library in Sutton Coldfield for yet more books and audio CDS, and got to watch the car tyre being fixed en route!


We spent a lovely day at the Arboretum with five other families (17 kids!) enjoying cycling, playing in the water jets on the splash pad and the playground. Amber had a ball pushing baby Violet on the swings :-)

IMG_20140605_144938-blog IMG_20140605_144725-blog IMG_20140605_144710-blog IMG_20140605_144709-blog IMG_20140605_144706-blog

We had a lovely bike ride and play at Cannock Chase.

IMG_20140608_115000-blog IMG_20140608_113923-blog IMG_20140608_113434-blog IMG_20140608_113432-blog

Always flowers to be found amongst the weeds :-)

Marvellous Machines and Rainy Fun

May 26th, 2014 by becki

This week has involved lots of fun :-)

We spent a lovely day cycling and playing in the sun at Beacon Park on Monday with Elaine, Jacob and Jess. The ladies at aqua fit commented on my sunburn – despite covering myself in sun cream!!!

IMG_20140519_121621-blog IMG_20140519_121623-blog

We went to the Roland Emmett exhibition, Marvellous Machines, at the Gas Hall. The kids absolutely loved the mad, fascinating contraptions – and Holly discovered the joys of spirographs!

IMG_20140520_130953-blog IMG_20140520_131000-blog IMG_20140520_134102-blog IMG_20140520_134106-blog

We had a fantastic day at Conkers with three other HE families – 13 children, a sunny day, train rides, adventure playground, water play, barefoot walk with copious amounts of mud, baby coots, ducklings and goslings and fun in the discovery centre followed by ice cream. the perfect day!

IMG_20140521_110338-blog IMG_20140521_110341-blog IMG_20140521_113338-blog-blog IMG_20140521_113340-blog IMG_20140521_113338-blog IMG_20140521_130344-blog IMG_20140521_115153-blog IMG_20140521_140353-blog

We had a great time at Friday Club in a special workshop making solar powered boats.

IMG_20140523_114234-blog IMG_20140523_114449-blog IMG_20140523_114312-blog IMG_20140523_114309-blog

There was also lots of fun playing Minecraft with friends, designing Lego contraptions and running a play dough cafe :-)

IMG_20140523_120112-blog-blog IMG_20140523_122219-blog

We had a lovely day at Birmingham Conservation park, admiring the monkeys, ocelots, lynx, red squirrels, otters and meerkats, amongst others.

IMG_20140525_123928-blog-blog IMG_20140525_142331-blog IMG_20140525_142336-blog IMG_20140525_143011-blog

There has also been lots of fun at home. Planting vegetables out into pots, weeding the vegetable patch, playing with the chickens.

Cooking – pizza, Malteser refrigerator cake, peppermint creams to name but a few.

IMG_20140524_150223-blog IMG_20140524_135411-blog IMG_20140522_113952-blog IMG_20140522_132702-blog IMG_20140522_134701-blog

Holly and Alfie discovered the video making facility on their 3DSs and have been making all manner of inspired and mad videos :-)

There has also been the usual jigsaws, Minecraft, reading, drawing, clothes designing with her Crayola kit (Holly), puzzles, trampoline bouncing, strategy board  games, pretend cafe running, spring cleaning, and lots more fun!


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