Journey into Unschooling

Ups and Downs

June 27th, 2015 by becki

The past couple of weeks have been full of highs and lows. Nanny was admitted to hospital, and remains there nearly two weeks later, which was an obvious low point. The stress, worry and difficult decisions to be made, and the sheer exhaustion of daily hospital visits on top of the children’s busy lives. The children have been absolute stars though, coming with me on a rotational basis, one child each day. Alfie has been the delight of the ward, spending anything up to half an hour in a big embrace with Nanny, and taking the attentions of the other patients on the bay very well! Holly has made cushions for both Nanny and Grandad, with their initials sewn on. Even Amber has been a happy ray of sunshine on the elderly care ward :-)


We have tried to keep things as normal as possible for the children, amidst all the phone calls and visits. Lovely friends have been our saving grace, and we have managed to have lots of fun. We have kept up our usual weekly ice skating with friends, and gymnastics classes. We spent a lovely day at Avoncroft Museum of Buildings. The lady in the medieval house was amazed at the knowledge the children brought with them from previous visits to places like Moseley Old Hall and the Ancient High House, and they enjoyed learning more from her. They had a lot of fun re-enacting air raids (with more serious discussions on the realities of war too), and being shown how the windmill worked. The highlight was, of course, the working telephone boxes through the ages, where they could really call each other. The slooow dials amazed them (and me – how did we cope??)

IMG_20150617_114000-blog IMG_20150617_114800-blog IMG_20150617_115436-blog IMG_20150617_125833-blog IMG_20150617_135815-blog IMG_20150617_135828-blog

We had a lovely time with lots of friends at Tettenhall Pool.

IMG_20150618_115331-blog IMG_20150618_115332-blog IMG_20150618_115338-blog IMG_20150618_134146-blog IMG_20150618_134147-blog IMG_20150618_134151-blog

Fun with the Friday Club gang at the Arboretum splash pad and playground, followed by a visit to Grandad.

IMG_20150619_115532-blog IMG_20150619_115535-blog IMG_20150619_130843-blog IMG_20150619_145911-blog IMG_20150619_145914-blog

An all you can eat buffet breakfast, shopping and gardening. Making Father’s Day cards for Daddy.

A barbecue to celebrate the summer solstice. Painting a canvas of Jasmine using acrylic paints. Vegan chocolate brownies. Exploring nature’s pallette and entering a competition. Woodland spotting jigsaws. Father’s Day breakfast for Daddy :-)

IMG_20150615_150620-blog IMG_20150615_150621-blog IMG_20150615_150757-blog IMG_20150615_150806-blog IMG_20150615_114309-blog IMG_20150615_145542-blog

IMG_20150621_084313-blog IMG_20150621_084325-blog IMG_20150621_170624-blog IMG_20150621_170626-blog IMG_20150621_170631-blog IMG_20150619_182601-blog

Visiting the Herbert Art Gallery to explore the Children’s TV over the last 50 years exhibition. Making films, exploring rocks, minerals and shells. Trying on chain mail and helmets, sniffing medieval toilets, exploring the impact of WW2.  Sliding down bannisters in the gallery square. Being inspired by multi-storey car park spiral ramps to discuss castle spiral staircases and design Minecraft spiral staircase filled towers.

IMG_20150622_125610-blog IMG_20150622_125933-blog IMG_20150622_130028-blog IMG_20150622_130751-blog IMG_20150622_131157-blog IMG_20150622_131214-blog IMG_20150622_131548-blog IMG_20150622_132024-blog IMG_20150622_132847-blog IMG_20150622_135555-blog IMG_20150622_135654-blog IMG_20150622_135808-blog IMG_20150622_140015-blog IMG_20150622_140740-blog IMG_20150622_141830-blog

Swimming with friends, swimming further and further underwater.

A lovely, sunny day out with friends at Drayton Manor Theme Park and Zoo.

IMG_20150625_104440-blog IMG_20150625_105207-blog IMG_20150625_110443-blog IMG_20150625_110446-blog IMG_20150625_132804-blog IMG_20150625_154616-blog IMG_20150625_155931-blog IMG_20150625_160202-blog IMG_20150625_164329-blog

Fun with more friends at Monster Mayhem soft play.

FB_IMG_1435389738643-blog IMG_20150626_142307-blog IMG_20150626_114840-blog

Library for new books, yet another sunny barbecue :-)

We will stay positive through it all, because we have each other :-)


June Fun

June 14th, 2015 by becki

So far, June has been a lovely month, full of fun and adventure.

A trip to Ikea for breakfast and a visit to Nanny and Grandad.

Swimming with friends, followed by gymnastics class. Both girls have started gymnastics, as well as Alfie, so it is truly a family affair :-)

An amazing day in the sunshine at Gulliver’s Kingdom in Matlock Bath with friends. This has been my favourite theme park out of all the ones that we have visited. Fantastic rides, really friendly staff and great facilities. Plus, as it is aimed at children, no gangs of men and youths!

IMG_20150603_153341-blog IMG_20150603_153416-blog IMG_20150603_121754-blog IMG_20150603_121753-blog IMG_20150603_154132-blog IMG_20150603_110651-blog IMG_20150603_110643-blog IMG_20150603_105647-blog IMG_20150603_110647-blog

A fantastic trip to Wolseley Centre, completing a picture scavenger hunt challenge, climbing trees and paddling in the river :-)

IMG_20150604_112601-blog IMG_20150604_112600-blog IMG_20150604_113004-blog IMG_20150604_113006-blog IMG_20150604_120120-blog IMG_20150604_120615-blog IMG_20150604_120842-blog IMG_20150604_134020-blog IMG_20150604_123930-blog IMG_20150604_124349-blog IMG_20150604_125617-blog

Friday Club fun in the Arboretum water jets with lots of lovely friends.

Cooking cakes and soup.

IMG_20150602_143401-blog IMG_20150607_164002-blog

A visit from Nanny and Grandad, plus lots of gardening and playing in the sunshine.

A lovely home ed meet up at Lower Drayton Farm. Making lovely new friends, scavenger hunts, matchbox challenge, nature walk and trampolining fun :-)

IMG_20150608_115108-blog IMG_20150608_115110-blog IMG_20150608_115919-blog IMG_20150608_122903-blog IMG_20150608_122933-blog IMG_20150608_132657-blog IMG_20150608_132659-blog IMG_20150608_140621-blog

Ice skating with friends, Pizza Hut lunch, gymnastics and jigsaw fun ;-)


A night at the beautiful YHA Jordans, set in the woods. We now have YHA membership, ready for lots more fun and adventures :-)

IMG_20150609_210200-blog IMG_20150609_210213-blog

Two amazing days at Chessington World of Adventures, and a night in the themed Azteca Hotel,  with lovely friends. Ten children, rides galore, swimming and breakfast buffets :-)

IMG_20150610_103953-blog IMG_20150610_105455-blog IMG_20150610_110641-blog IMG_20150610_122431-blog IMG_20150610_122915-blog IMG_20150610_135153-blog IMG_20150610_185216-blog IMG_20150610_194403-blog IMG_20150611_104510-blog IMG_20150611_104702-blog IMG_20150611_135315-blog

Quiet times at home to recover from our adventures. Nature magazines, sticker books, solving code challenges, and lots more fun.


World buffet lunches and library for lots of new books and audio books.

What an amazing month June has been so far :-)


A Month of Contrasts

May 31st, 2015 by becki

The past couple of weeks have been in stark contrast to each other. A few weeks of manic busyness – every day filled with adventures, home just a place to sleep and grab a new picnic. Then, just as we were looking forward to slowing down a little for half term (avoiding the crowds!), a stomach bug strikes and we end up slowing down completely! As awful as illnesses are, in some ways it was a welcome break from the mad rushing about. A chance to craft, build with Lego, watch documentaries that had stacked up on Iplayer for the kids, just chill out and be together at home. Not to mention spring cleaning, and sorting out the playroom. Three big bags of toys given to a toddler friend, new bedroom furniture for the girls and lots of housework and gardening done. Now we are ready for the adventures of summer :-)

Here are some of the highlights of the end of spring.

A lovely play date with Caleb, Flynn and Niamh. Trampolines, Terraria, Peppa Pig and lots of fun :-)


Ice skating fun with the Jones-Thomas clan – and Daady’s first go at ice skating! He was an expert by the end!

IMG_20150519_122040-blog IMG_20150519_122041-blog

Alphabet dragons, back home in the warm. Gymnastics for Alfie, with level 5 badge and certificate to take home :-)


An amazing day at Moseley Old Hall with the Kentish, Kelly, Hewitt-Hardacre and Williams crews. The treehouse in the woods is amazing! Alfie enjoyed the guided tour around the house, tying in its history with our recently visited  Boscobel House, another stopping point for King Charles II fleeing his captors.

IMG_20150520_112622-blog IMG_20150520_112623-blog IMG_20150520_112634-blog IMG_20150520_112635-blog IMG_20150520_114301-blog IMG_20150520_114815-blog IMG_20150520_114817-blog IMG_20150520_115249-blog IMG_20150520_115251-blog IMG_20150520_115747-blog IMG_20150520_121831-blog IMG_20150520_121823-blog IMG_20150520_121833-blog IMG_20150520_141947-blog

Afterwards a trip to Ikea for tea in the restaurant, and choosing new furniture.

A lovely, sunny day at Rays Farm with Elaine, Jacob, Jess, Bex and Violet. Stroking the goats, marvelling at the owl with the owlet tucked under its wing, exploring the fairytale forest, and admiring the alpacas :-)

IMG_20150521_115931-blog IMG_20150521_120031-blog IMG_20150521_120033-blog IMG_20150521_120147-blog IMG_20150521_120226-blog IMG_20150521_120339-blog IMG_20150521_122252-blog IMG_20150521_141004-blog IMG_20150521_141520-blog IMG_20150521_141516-blog IMG_20150521_143931-blog IMG_20150521_144745-blog IMG_20150521_144836-blog IMG_20150521_145439-blog

Fun at home.

Hama bead creations



Making tomato soup and vegetable soup

IMG_20150522_161940-blog IMG_20150522_161943-blog

A rainbow scarf knitted by Holly for Alfie’s Fluffy.


Playing a game of Frustration with Grandad




Local library for more books and CDs, with a quick go on the playground at Holland Park.

IMG_20150523_121601-blog IMG_20150523_121606-blog IMG_20150523_122042-blog

Making salt dough


Modelling with and then painting salt dough

IMG_20150525_142305-blog IMG_20150525_142308-blog IMG_20150529_113813-blog  IMG_20150527_112151-blog

Potato and carrot “cheese” – amazing stuff!!!


A welcome breath of fresh air at Forge Mill Farm once everyone was on the mend.

IMG_20150528_140431-blog IMG_20150528_140436-blog IMG_20150528_145817-blog IMG_20150528_152223-blog

Cheeky Petal, who decided to launch a gang attack on poor Jasmine the cat ;-)

IMG_20150528_170546-blog IMG_20150528_170543-blog

Tilly, who suffered a prolapse this week and had to have a minor op at the vets.

IMG_20150528_170553-blog IMG_20150528_170550-blog IMG_20150528_170548-blog

Alfie made the third of his recycled robots – a Polybot, made from a polyhedrom with drinking straws to hold on its limbs and a brushbot motor. Boy is it fast!

IMG_20150529_153255-blog IMG_20150529_153300-blog IMG_20150529_153303-blog

Playdough fun


Vegan chocolate brownies

IMG_20150530_142429-blog IMG_20150530_141413-blog

Garden blooms

IMG_20150530_112100-blog IMG_20150530_112103-blog

A nature hunt in Shire Oak nature reserve




May Madness

May 16th, 2015 by becki

May has been a month of ups and downs. Sadly, just after the death of Buttercup, we also lost Rosie. She clung onto life for another week after her vet visit, but the antibiotics and TLC sadly were not enough and we lost her. She enjoyed a sun bathe on her last couple of days of life, after 19 months of freedom with us, enjoying her retirement.


We also had a scare with Pru, who we took to the vets with similar symptoms. It seems it may have just been a broken egg though, and she has perked up and rejoined her sisters after a week of TLC and Nutri-drops.


So far in May we have also had visits from Nanny and Grandad, two fun days ice skating with the lovely Jones-Thomas crew, two gymnastics classes and a couple of dentist trips.



We had a fun day at Space Hoppas soft play with the lovely Elaine, Jacob, Jess, Bex and Violet

IMG_20150506_124233-blog IMG_20150506_133620-blog

A fantastic day at Lower Drayton Farm with lots of other home educators. We got to tour the farm on a tractor ride, explore the rapeseed fields, feed the llamas, feed the lambs, stroke a rabbit, guinea pig and duckling, play with all our friends and generally have a fun day on the farm, despite the rain.

IMG_20150507_114709-blog IMG_20150507_114805-blog IMG_20150507_122914-blog IMG_20150507_122916-blog IMG_20150507_131802-blog IMG_20150507_131804-blog IMG_20150507_133020-blog IMG_20150507_133022-blog IMG_20150507_135308-blog IMG_20150507_135500-blog IMG_20150507_135501-blog IMG_20150507_145845-blog IMG_20150507_145912-blog IMG_20150507_150043-blog IMG_20150507_150045-blog IMG_20150507_150105-blog IMG_20150507_150112-blog IMG_20150507_151245-blog IMG_20150507_151253-blog IMG_20150507_153854-blog IMG_20150507_153857-blog


We had fun at Friday Club, including a drumming workshop.



Amber and I went to Izzi’s prebaby afternoon tea party.

IMG_20150509_144624-blog IMG_20150509_150443-blog IMG_20150509_150653-blog IMG_20150509_162824-blog

We spent a fun day at Boscobel House and the Royal Oak.

IMG_20150510_125230-blog IMG_20150510_125300-blog IMG_20150510_125719-blog IMG_20150510_130034-blog IMG_20150510_130048-blog IMG_20150510_130511-blog IMG_20150510_130521-blog IMG_20150510_130552-blog IMG_20150510_130558-blog


We had a trip to Mere Green library for lots of new books, before meeting Granny and Grandpa for lunch at Taybarns.

We had fun swimming, with Alfie and Holly further perfecting their underwater swimming skills.

We had a lovely day at the Wolseley Centre for Flynn, Calen and Niamh’s birthday celebration.

IMG_20150514_114903-blog IMG_20150514_114907-blog IMG_20150514_120255-blog IMG_20150514_121709-blog IMG_20150514_121712-blog IMG_20150514_123528-blog IMG_20150514_123530-blog IMG_20150514_123531-blog IMG_20150514_123705-blog IMG_20150514_123714-blog IMG_20150514_124438-blog IMG_20150514_124440-blog IMG_20150514_125321-blog IMG_20150514_125327-blog IMG_20150514_131403-blog IMG_20150514_133928-blog IMG_20150514_133930-blog


We had a breakfast buffet at Taybarns with lovely friends, then a day exploring Coombe Abbey country park.

IMG_20150515_142804-blog IMG_20150515_142757-blog IMG_20150515_141646-blog IMG_20150515_132554-blog IMG_20150515_122130-blog IMG_20150515_115840-blog IMG_20150515_113906-blog IMG_20150515_113932-blog IMG_20150515_113933-blog IMG_20150515_115407-blog IMG_20150515_115432-blog IMG_20150515_115607-blog IMG_20150515_115623-blog IMG_20150515_115705-blog IMG_20150515_115714-blog IMG_20150515_113706-blog IMG_20150515_113732-blog IMG_20150515_113701-blog

We met Charlotte and baby Katie Rose for lunch.



We built working recycled robots

IMG_20150513_103309-blog IMG_20150513_103311-blog

Made a moon dough zoo

IMG_20150513_150752-blog IMG_20150513_150753-blog

Read lots of books



Did lots of cooking


Hatched a dinosaur



Built the Sagrada Familia in Nanoblocks




And generally had lots and lots of fun :-)



End of April Fun :-)

May 3rd, 2015 by becki

A lovely day out at Conkers with friends – riding on the train, burying each other in wood chip, monkeying around on the playground, den building and enchanted forest exploring.

IMG_20150427_111527-blog IMG_20150427_125243-blog IMG_20150427_125800-blog IMG_20150427_125802-blog IMG_20150427_131530-blog IMG_20150427_133455-blogIMG_20150427_110513-blog

Ice skating with lovely friends

IMG_20150428_124548-blog IMG_20150428_124557-blog

A wonderful afternoon at the owl sanctuary with lots of HE friends, where we learnt so much about owls.

IMG_20150429_125520-blog IMG_20150429_125522-blog IMG_20150429_125530-blog IMG_20150429_125532-blog IMG_20150429_131438-blog IMG_20150429_131440-blog IMG_20150429_132407-blog IMG_20150429_135717-blog

A fun day at Drayton Manor theme park.

IMG_20150430_104429-blog IMG_20150430_105045-blog IMG_20150430_110645-blog IMG_20150430_111343-blog IMG_20150430_132008-blog IMG_20150430_132712-blog IMG_20150430_163511-blog

Friday Club guerrilla gardening fun

IMG_20150501_131648-blog IMG_20150501_131656-blog IMG_20150501_131938-blog

Followed by red mountain exploring

IMG_20150501_142757-blog IMG_20150501_145056-blog

Art gallery exploring

IMG_20150503_143931-blog IMG_20150503_143929-blog IMG_20150503_143921-blog

Game playing


Cushion sewing


Cooking – butter bean burgers, and making scones and rocky road for Nanny and Grandad’s visit :-)

IMG_20150502_164916-blog IMG_20150502_164912-blog IMG_20150426_111605-blog IMG_20150426_110316-blog IMG_20150426_110314-blog




Sandy Glades

May 3rd, 2015 by becki

We had an amazing holiday at Sandy Glades holiday park in Berrow. The weather was gorgeous, our lodge – in a private gated park – was amazing, and we had lots of fun. Here are some highlights :-)

We stopped off enroute for a picnic and play at the beautiful lakeside park, on the seafront of Portishead.

IMG_20150420_122501-blog IMG_20150420_122503-blog IMG_20150420_123225-blog IMG_20150420_123508-blog

Our lodge was amazing. I especially liked having a totally separate utility room, so all the sand and dirt didn’t tread inside. We even fitted in a swim on the first afternoon, in the holiday park pool.

IMG_20150420_142617-blog IMG_20150420_142623-blog IMG_20150420_142633-blog

The next day, Alfie had a go at Water Walking in the holiday park pool. It was great fun, but very tricky :-)

IMG_20150421_100726-blog IMG_20150421_100731-blog IMG_20150421_100735-blog IMG_20150421_100757-blog

We also walked down to Berrow Beach, and explored the holiday park play areas. We even had a duck visitor to our lodge :-)

IMG_20150421_122036-blog IMG_20150421_122038-blog IMG_20150421_125438-blog IMG_20150421_125446-blog IMG_20150421_152731-blog IMG_20150421_153012-blog IMG_20150421_154803-blog

We had an amazing day at Puxton Park.

IMG_20150422_100552-blog IMG_20150422_100604-blog IMG_20150422_101255-blog IMG_20150422_102601-blog IMG_20150422_103429-blog IMG_20150422_104110-blog IMG_20150422_105655-blog IMG_20150422_110141-blog IMG_20150422_110342-blog IMG_20150422_124121-blog IMG_20150422_123744-blog IMG_20150422_124124-blog IMG_20150422_124145-blog IMG_20150422_124146-blog

A lovely day at Weston-Super_mare in the Seaquarium and on the beach. We even got to feed the fish – and had the whole Seaquarium to ourselves!

IMG_20150423_103130-blog IMG_20150423_103133-blog IMG_20150423_103930-blog IMG_20150423_105244-blog IMG_20150423_105246-blog IMG_20150423_131342-blog IMG_20150423_131503-blog

On the way home we stopped off at Tyntesfield NT. They had an amazing woodland playground trail for the kids. We also explored the orangery, kitchen gardens, and old saw mill.

IMG_20150424_121041-blog IMG_20150424_121043-blog IMG_20150424_123248-blog IMG_20150424_123252-blog IMG_20150424_123323-blog IMG_20150424_123848-blog IMG_20150424_131515-blog IMG_20150424_132945-blog IMG_20150424_131153-blog IMG_20150424_130734-blog IMG_20150424_124633-blog IMG_20150424_124050-blog

What a fantastic holiday :-)

Easter Antics

April 19th, 2015 by becki

April so far has been characterised by illness :-( We have all had a horrible bug that has given us swollen tonsils, sore ears, cold and flu symptoms and the worst lethargy ever. Alfie and Holly have also had bleeding noses, and Holly blistered, weeping ear lobe. Lovely! It also seems to take weeks to stop feeling tired and exhausted to the bone. All of us have been so flat, washed out and tired :-(   There have been events cancelled, early home time, having to sit and chill rather than having fun with friends, grumpiness and general lethargy. It is horrid to see your child desperate to play with their friends but too tired :-(

We also lost our beloved Columbian blacktail hen, Buttercup :-(


It has not all been doom and gloom though, so here are some pictures of what we have managed to salvage from April so far!

Aldridge Easter fun day, with carvery lunch in the Crown.

IMG_20150404_122632-blog IMG_20150404_122634-blog IMG_20150404_123818-blog IMG_20150404_123820-blog

IMG_20150404_125629-blog IMG_20150404_125631-blogIMG_20150404_140836-blog

Vegan Easter eggs on Easter Sunday

IMG_20150405_110719-blog IMG_20150405_110725-blog

Making vegan cupcakes for friends

IMG_20150406_141041-blog IMG_20150406_141044-blog

Kingsbury Water Park fun with Alice, Saule, Jacob, Jess, Caleb, Flynn and Niamh.

IMG_20150407_124415-blog IMG_20150407_124418-blog IMG_20150407_124423-blog IMG_20150407_125054-blog IMG_20150407_125646-blog IMG_20150407_135152-blog

Birthday lunch with Nanny and Grandad at Buffet Island.

Alfie trying out the Big Shot die cutting machine he bought with his birthday money.

IMG_20150409_121242-blog IMG_20150409_121247-blog

Painting cardboard dens in the garden.

IMG_20150409_135226-blog IMG_20150409_135228-blog

Marbling fun before an afternoon in Beacon Park with Dylan, Aaron, Phoebe, Caleb, Flynn and Niamh. Holly started to feel ill with sore tonsils, so Alfie stayed on with his friends and got a lift home with Sarah.

IMG_20150410_104617-blog IMG_20150410_104824-blog IMG_20150410_105537-blog IMG_20150410_105540-blog IMG_20150410_105545-blog IMG_20150410_181552-blog

Library and playground fun.

IMG_20150411_111031-blog IMG_20150411_111033-blog IMG_20150411_112024-blog

Making birthday cards for Aaron.

IMG_20150411_143536-blog IMG_20150411_143732-blog IMG_20150411_162907-blog IMG_20150411_163114-blog

Fun times at Aarom’s 7th birthday party.

IMG_20150412_144232-blog IMG_20150412_144927-blog IMG_20150412_145004-blog IMG_20150412_145623-blog IMG_20150412_145626-blog IMG_20150412_152823-blog IMG_20150412_152919-blog IMG_20150412_161640-blog IMG_20150412_163048-blog IMG_20150412_163402-blog

A lovely playdate with friends


Homemade moon sand fun

IMG_20150414_110131-blog IMG_20150414_110259-blog IMG_20150414_113032-blog

Chilling out after swimming


Making tarka dhal to eat after gymnastics, where Alfie had a great time trying out the new bars.


Trying out new ice skates at Telford ice rink HE ice skating session. Holly loved hers straight away, and Alfie soon got used to his and loved them too :-) We braved the park with friends afterwards but it was packed!

A fun day out with Cruz, Brooklyn, Aaron, Dylan, Phoebe, Jacob, Jess, Flynn, Caleb and Naimh at Amerton Farm.

IMG_20150416_125801-blog IMG_20150416_125823-blog IMG_20150416_131654-blog IMG_20150416_131657-blog IMG_20150416_131701-blog IMG_20150416_141344-blog IMG_20150416_141704-blog

Friday Club fun, making Hama bead creations, followed by play in the Arboretum.

IMG_20150417_115541-blog IMG_20150417_115557-blog IMG_20150417_115601-blog IMG_20150417_120840-blog IMG_20150417_131117-blog IMG_20150417_143605-blog IMG_20150417_151823-blog IMG_20150417_151826-blog IMG_20150417_151825-blog

Alfie is 9 and Spring has Sprung!

April 3rd, 2015 by becki

So, my little baby boy is now 9. NINE! How did that even happen??? Surely he was snuggled up to me in the sling only last week??? Unfortunately, his birthday plans with both family and friends have had to be deferred to next week after I succumbed to the first bout of tonsilitis since I was 17! Hideous :-/ Thankfully I am starting to recover now. Alfie, being the amazing child that he is, claimed that he still had the best birthday ever, and actually got a bonus, as he had a takeaway on his birthday yet still gets all his birthday plans next week. I have never met a more kind, thoughtful, grateful child than that boy.

So, what has been going on these past couple of weeks? here are some of the highlights :-)

Alfie wrote his own white board entry :-)


Home ed ice skating at Telford ice rink.  Afterwards, we went into the park to play with friends in the sun, and celebrate the birthday of a HE friend.

IMG_20150318_124127-blog IMG_20150318_124129-blog

A fun day at the Big Play Barn with lots of our HE friends. As ever, the jumping pillow was the most popular feature ;-)

1941351_10152708650901190_7551899294728658002_o 11009905_10152708650156190_855299530163391490_o

Eclipse watching. Alfie and Daddy walked up to the top of the hill in Shire Oak nature reserve for a birds eye view, whilst Amber and I watched from the garden. We were disappointed that it didn’t go very dark, and the chickens didn’t even seem to notice, but it was an amazing sight, viewed through our homemade pinhole cameras.

IMG_20150320_090617-blog IMG_20150320_090735-blog

Afterwards we all went for a family fry up at the Crown breakfast buffet, before friends came over for a lovely play date. Holly tested out her new roller boots, whilst unpacking the Approved Foods order, and making their initials out of almond milk and apple juice cartons ;-)

IMG_20150320_104537-blog IMG_20150320_104551-blog IMG_20150320_131132-blog IMG_20150320_131134-blog IMG_20150320_131316-blog

We had a lovely, if rather chilly, meet up with Uncle Steve, Aunty Andy and cousin Toby at Emberton Country Park.

IMG_20150321_132328-blog IMG_20150321_132442-blog IMG_20150321_132445-blog IMG_20150321_133956-blog IMG_20150321_134020-blog IMG_20150321_134936-blog IMG_20150321_140335-blog IMG_20150321_140338-blog

A day spent gardening in the sun.

Swimming at Oak Park, where lots of progress in swimming confidence was made. Now Alfie and Holly can both swim unaided.

Ice skating with friends at Cannock ice rink.

A lovely meet up in the spring sunshine with lots of Staffs home educators at Victoria Park. The children were having so much fun that it was difficult to drag them away when our parking time was up! Holly made a sand turtle and Gary the rock, the subject of much conflict, negotiation, support and friendship ;-)

IMG_20150325_132024-blog IMG_20150325_132100-blog IMG_20150325_132227-blog

IMG_20150325_141641-blog IMG_20150325_132239-blog IMG_20150325_141651-blogIMG_20150325_145925-blog

Cycling in Dartmouth Park with lovely friends.

IMG_20150326_120618-blog IMG_20150326_120620-blog IMG_20150326_120706-blog IMG_20150326_120703-blog

Friday Club fun making dens and candles at Clifton Road, before wild adventures at Red Mountain.

11102939_425357954300067_8056990062726094242_o-blog 10329317_974639629222356_6408902221299407888_n-blog

A last visit to Walsall Museum before it closed down. Also, to the library for new books and audio CDs, and for a Wetherspoon lunch.

IMG_20150328_141115-blog IMG_20150328_141342-blog IMG_20150328_141450-blog IMG_20150328_142033-blog IMG_20150328_142034-blog IMG_20150328_142235-blog IMG_20150328_142242-blog IMG_20150328_142452-blog IMG_20150328_142554-blog IMG_20150328_142553-blog IMG_20150328_142501-blog

A trip to Telford ice rink with Nanny and Grandad to buy Alfie’s birthday present of ice hockey skates. He is so pleased with them :-) We had lunch in the Wrekin Giant, then caused mayhem in the windy park ;-)

IMG_20150329_140451-blog IMG_20150329_142744-blog IMG_20150329_142746-blog IMG_20150329_144112-blog

A trip to Cannon Hill park with our bikes to meet Caroline, Lauren, Tom, and Martha. Lots of riding bikes through puddles, collecting pink daisies and climbing trees.

IMG_20150330_121542-blog IMG_20150330_121543-blog IMG_20150330_121553-blog

Pizza Hut lunch with Sally, Evie and Finn, followed by a spot of marbling.

IMG_20150331_145037-blog IMG_20150331_145041-blog IMG_20150331_145044-blog

Jigsaw fun

IMG_20150331_151735-blog IMG_20150331_161157-blog

Alfie turned 9. He loved his Lego City museum break in set and spent all day building all of the models. He chose Indian takeaway for his birthday tea. A wise choice! :-)

IMG_20150401_083541-blog IMG_20150401_083548-blog IMG_20150401_105421-blog IMG_20150401_105426-blog

Rich and Elaine took Alfie and Amber to their tour through time and coin minting at the 500 year old Ancient High House in Stafford. They had a fantastic day.

11071303_977725912247061_6573723484183453887_n 11082636_977725962247056_1198439530148615057_n 10403476_977726038913715_8853107037136124319_n 11009867_977727655580220_2708696287151129960_n 21160_977726065580379_1312199633062774545_n 11080968_977726092247043_7434512713002404281_n 11080971_977726112247041_1848701774911159111_n 10473574_977726148913704_2263247409951611974_n

Holly took the opportunity to make Alfie a delicious surprise vegan chocolate birthday cake :-)

IMG_20150402_113815-blog IMG_20150402_130112-blog IMG_20150402_131859-blog IMG_20150402_131907-blog

Today has been a day of games :-) Snakes and ladders, chess, 3D snakes and ladders, Guess Who, brainteasers, Herds of Words, alphabet dinosaurs, marble runs and Mario.

IMG_20150403_115758-blog IMG_20150403_134029-blog IMG_20150403_134035-blog IMG_20150403_142924-blog IMG_20150403_145435-blog IMG_20150403_145429-blog IMG_20150403_153553-blog IMG_20150403_155825-blog

Next week, postponed birthday fun. Lots more spring fun to come :-)

Spring Fun

March 17th, 2015 by becki

We have been having lots of fun during these early spring days. The children have been pursuing their interests more and more as they get older, and we now ice skate and swim every week. Both Alfie and Holly have now taught themselves to swim during our weekly swimming sessions. We go on our own, with friends, and even had Nanny and Grandad come to watch and see how well the children were progressing. All three love the water, and Alfie is currently into diving down to the bottom to retrieve rings. Ice skating with friends has also become a weekly adventure. We go to a session at a small local rink most weeks, but venture to a home educators’ meet monthly at a larger rink 25 miles away, with much smoother ice. All three children love ice skating, and only Amber needs a support now.


We have been having lots of fun with friends too. We went to a big HE meet up at Monster Mayhem soft play, which the children loved. We also went to a home educators’ day at All Things Wild wildlife and dinosaur park. The children had a fantastic time – completing the stamp trails, building dinsoaurs, playing games in an old RAF helicopter, following the time walk and climbing trees, as well as spotting the animals and birds.

IMG_20150305_113011-blog IMG_20150305_113119-blog IMG_20150305_113210-blog IMG_20150305_121259-blog IMG_20150305_121456-blog IMG_20150305_123026-blog IMG_20150305_123029-blog IMG_20150305_124116-blog IMG_20150305_124238-blog IMG_20150305_124242-blog IMG_20150305_125234-blog IMG_20150305_125238-blog IMG_20150305_130015-blog IMG_20150305_132325-blog IMG_20150305_140235-blog IMG_20150305_140707-blog IMG_20150305_142417-blog IMG_20150305_142419-blog

We spent a lot of time baking for the Time for a Cuppa sale we held at Friday Club, raising money for Dementia UK, a subject very close to mine and the children’s hearts at the moment. Amber made sugar cookies, Alfie made his famous vegan rocky road, and Holly made vegan cupcakes. They all enjoyed running the stall selling cakes, and with games to win prizes. We raised £70 for Dementia UK :-)

IMG_20150306_102309-blog IMG_20150306_102316-blog

The children all enjoyed den building and parachute games at Friday Club too :-)

IMG_20150306_113111-blog IMG_20150306_115653-blog IMG_20150306_113227-blog

We had a lovely day at the National Forest Adventure Farm with friends. Alfie overcame his fear of the red drop slide, Amber got to feed the lambs, and all had fun playing with friends.

IMG_20150309_114955-blog IMG_20150309_114951-blog IMG_20150309_114603-blog  IMG_20150309_131650-blog IMG_20150309_131603-blog IMG_20150309_140741-blog

We had more fun there a week later with Nanny and Grandad, including a tractor ride, feeding the alpacas, and Holly conquering the blue drop slide :-)

IMG_20150316_112142-blog IMG_20150316_112144-blog IMG_20150316_112147-blog IMG_20150316_140118-blog IMG_20150316_140119-blog

We had an amazing day at the Big Bang Fair at the NEC. The children got to crawl inside a giant nose, find out how the spine works, go inside an ambulance, design their own machines, make circuits, dig up dinosaurs, take fossil rubbings, operate a giant drawing machine and try to defeat a computer at strategy games, against many other things!

IMG_20150312_143352-blog IMG_20150312_143349-blog IMG_20150312_141458-blog IMG_20150312_135710-blog IMG_20150312_135127-blog IMG_20150312_134600-blog IMG_20150312_133945-blog IMG_20150312_133919-blog IMG_20150312_133852-blog IMG_20150312_131921-blog IMG_20150312_131905-blog IMG_20150312_131501-blog IMG_20150312_131048-blog IMG_20150312_125607-blog

We had a fantastic time at Friday Club building catapults, trying out archery, balloon sword jousting, computer gaming and parachute gaming.

IMG_20150313_112054-blog IMG_20150313_112056-blog IMG_20150313_112503-blog IMG_20150313_113111-blog IMG_20150313_113934-blog IMG_20150313_115536-blog IMG_20150313_121053-blog IMG_20150313_121132-blog IMG_20150313_121302-blog IMG_20150313_124825-blog IMG_20150313_124931-blog IMG_20150313_124933-blog IMG_20150313_124935-blog IMG_20150313_131253-blog IMG_20150313_131736-blog IMG_20150313_132135-blog

We also went out to spend our World Book Day tokens (with a quick drink stop!)

IMG_20150307_115530-blog IMG_20150307_115533-blog

Made cards

IMG_20150302_192914-blog IMG_20150308_210044-blog IMG_20150308_210036-blog

Went to gymnastics class, and learned lots of new skills.

Did jigsaws and played games

IMG_20150311_162501-blog IMG_20150311_162456-blog

Used lots of media at the same time ;-)


Protected ourselves from brothers who had eaten too much of their homemade tarka dhal…..


Learnt how a hare and rabbit differ…


Did lots of cooking – and washing up – and even made our own chilli oil.

IMG_20150304_160806-blog IMG_20150313_171447-blog IMG_20150313_163411-blog

Spent lots of time doing crafts.


Went to the big library in Birmingham for lots of new books and CDs.

I even got to go out with a bunch of fantastic fellow unschoolers, as well as to my aqua fit class!

A lovely first couple of weeks of March :-)

The End of Winter!

March 1st, 2015 by becki

Today, spring is here. It even looked like it for a few hours this morning! Amber and I set off to the supermarket in bright sunshine, planning on hanging washing on the line when we got back and there was no danger of chicken poo water spray from Rich’s coop cleaning duties. However, it was not to be – our drying and gardening plans were thwarted by heavy rain and gales! Still, we have buds on the trees, seedlings emerging and bright mornings. All a good sign, right?

Here is a sneak peek into how we have spent these last few weeks of winter :-)

Friday Club fun – designing a Lego croissant and pain au chocolat maker ;-)


Cooking a special Valentine meal for Daddy :-)


With yummy sugar cookies

IMG_20150214_134524-blog IMG_20150214_134942-blog

And vegan sushi – yum!

IMG_20150214_123441-blog IMG_20150214_125616-blog IMG_20150214_125619-blog IMG_20150214_124709-blog

Making Valentine cards


Helping clean up a spill


Fresh air in the park, spotting crested ducks and getting some exercise.

IMG_20150215_121826-blog IMG_20150215_121828-blog IMG_20150215_122444-blog IMG_20150215_122446-blog IMG_20150215_122448-blog IMG_20150215_122509-blog IMG_20150215_123700-blog IMG_20150215_123705-blog IMG_20150215_124817-blog

Learning all about the amazing Erasmus Darwin – humanist, inventor, evolutionist, doctor, scientist and poet! Finding the 26 mice hidden all around his house.

IMG_20150215_132204-blog IMG_20150215_132208-blog IMG_20150215_132732-blog IMG_20150215_132813-blog IMG_20150215_133908-blog IMG_20150215_134158-blog IMG_20150215_134241-blog IMG_20150215_135029-blog IMG_20150215_135224-blog IMG_20150215_140002-blog

Making more sushi and vegan Brie!

IMG_20150216_115643-blog IMG_20150216_131549-blog

Play dates with lovely friends – playing babies with Phoebe, sun bathing and water fights (all indoors!) with Jess, Lego with Jacob, catching up with Evie and Finn and showing off the chickens. Train track fun!

IMG_20150217_101745-blogIMG_20150219_144036-blog IMG_20150219_144039-blog IMG_20150219_154144-blog

Hungry Horse for dinner :-)


A trip to the farm and Dartmouth Park with Nanny and Grandad

IMG_20150218_111616-blog IMG_20150218_111619-blog IMG_20150218_140423-blog IMG_20150218_140535-blog IMG_20150218_140537-blog IMG_20150218_140735-blog

A sleepover with Cadi – pizza, dolls, loom banding, colouring, midnight snacks and giggles galore!

IMG_20150219_161447-blog IMG_20150219_200940-blog IMG_20150219_200942-blog

Blowing off the cobwebs in the Arboretum

IMG_20150220_120115-blog IMG_20150220_120117-blog IMG_20150220_120119-blog IMG_20150220_120822-blog IMG_20150220_120824-blog IMG_20150220_121959-blog

Jigsaws, elephant and monkey leaping games, dominoes and memory games

IMG_20150220_142132-blog IMG_20150224_161033-blog

Apple crumble, malt loaf and vegan Jaffa cake baking :-)

IMG_20150220_145255-blog IMG_20150222_154352-blog IMG_20150220_151406-blog

Badger cull protest and wildlife festival visiting, followed by lunch in the Warehouse veggie restaurant. Trio of hummus followed by refried bean tortilla for Alfie :-)

IMG_20150221_122649-blog IMG_20150221_130516-blog

Play Doh monster making

IMG_20150222_114812-blog IMG_20150222_114814-blog

Seed planting

IMG_20150222_122539-blog IMG_20150222_122541-blog IMG_20150222_133727-blog IMG_20150301_130429-blog

Visiting the Stones and Bones geology exhibition in the Library of Birmingham. Finding the fossils built into the Hall of Memory and Baskerville House.

IMG_20150223_124959-blog IMG_20150223_125020-blog

Ice skating fun, with tips from the coach

IMG_20150224_122506-blog IMG_20150224_122525-blog IMG_20150224_122554-blog IMG_20150224_125305-blog

Gymnastics class, and the achievement of level 6 badge and certificate.

A visit from Nanny and Grandad. Grandad loved Alfie’s vegan sushi. he had never had sushi before!

A fun, mad day at water World with friends – splashing, swimming and having fun.

Friday Club Minecrafting and chat.


Play Dough creating

IMG_20150226_095354-blog IMG_20150226_095356-blog

Victorian House sticker book


Treating the 13 lovely ladies to some scrambled eggs

IMG_20150227_105300-blog IMG_20150227_105254-blog IMG_20150225_143557-blog IMG_20150225_143553-blog

Story telling at the library, new books, spending Xmas money, art gallery and Frankie and Benny’s lunch :-)

Loom banding galore – amazing creations beyond belief from Holly, who has also been giving her siblings lessons :-)

Spring cleaning – in more ways than one – curry with friends, aqua fit, time spent reading and drawing, cuddling and watching Operation Ouch. The end of Winter has been full of fun and adventure. now bring on the spring :-)


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