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Winter Wonderland :)

December 18th, 2009 by becki

Yesterday we had a wonderful Xmas treat 🙂 We went with Nanny to Thomasland magical Christmas. I didn’t take many photos as there was so much going on, but it was a wonderful day. As soon as we arrived (at Alfie’s request), we got straight onto Percy who took us to the animals. We had a wander around Farmer McColl’s Farm, then collected the children’s presents from the elves. Neither of them would go near the elves let alone pose for a photo lol! They were pleased with their presents though (wooden shape sorter for H and Thomas sticker album for A). We went around the bizarrely deserted zoo next. I think 90% of people must just stay in Thomasland for some reason! The highlight of the day for the children then occurred – a real snowstorm! And boy was it heavy! We were covered! The children were in fits of giggles. We took refuge in the reptile house  (where a particularly active Nile monitor caused much hilarity!)then went back out to make footprints in the snow. After seeing the penguins and the rest of the zoo, we got on Thomas back to Thomasland. I went on the classic cars 3 times with A and H and on Bertie Bus. Just H and I went on the diesel mayhem ride, then A and I went on his first ever rollercoaster – Troublesome Trucks. It was actually very fast for a children’s one lol! Alfie shouting “this was not  a good idea!” as we raced around was priceless! 🙂 Soft play next, then another coffee whilst it grew dark. We walked around the Christmas lights then finished off with the 4D cinema and a lovely Christmas film 🙂

The children had a magical day. Alfie’s first words to Rich when he came into his bedroom this morning were “we went to Thomasland and I went on the Troublesome Trucks” lol! H was rather grizzly at times and spent a lot of time cuddled up on the hip seat, but really enjoyed herself nonetheless. We went back to Nanny and Grandad’s afterwards and had takeaway pizza as Daddy was away in London at a meeting, then home and to bed. The children were 2 hours late going to bed and by the time Rich walked in I was worn out lol!

Today we’ve paid the price for the late night with some amazing Blast from the Past Alfietastic tantrums (in public of course lol!) We met Nanny and Grandad in Sutton for a bit of shopping, watching the animatronic reindeers at the grotto and a breakfast in the Bottle of Sack. The rest of the day has consisted of fudge making, organic box unpacking, memory card games (both real life and on PC – Alfie is really into them at the moment), Alfie/Holly jigsaw teamwork, cooking a curry, cleaning out the fridge together and various other chores and play. Alfie is starting to get a real curiousity about letters and words, which is great.

After posting about his tantrums on the April’06 board it seems many people on there are having the same experiences – really overtired kids despite apparently sleeping well and a return to tantrums thought to be outgrown. As there is a last pre-school growth spurt at this time, and as it is coupled with Alfie eating more than usual and complaining of leg aches, I think that is the answer. He does seem much taller judging by his trouser length and measured over 95cm on the theme park ride boards. The main problem is handling the awful tantrums. You have so much less patience with a tantrumming nearly 4 year old than a 2 year old and my unconditional parenting has been sorely tested (and at times sorely failed!). This too shall pass 🙂 I’m trying my best, overall doing well, and am modelling apology and contrition when I slip up 😉

Oh, and my cholesterol and blood sugars are normal 🙂

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