Journey into Unschooling


July 28th, 2011 by becki

And I have burnt shoulders! I was so busy chasing the kids with sun screen that I forgot to do my own shoulders *sigh* Sleeves needed tomorrow for meeting Caroline and the kids in the park methinks!

The whole week has been sunny so far actually. Lots of washing dried on the line 🙂 We’ve been eating a lot of our meals in the garden too, which is always nice. The kids love the freedom to run and be noisy outside, which sadly they can’t do in the house.

On Monday we went to gymfants as usual. Thankfully Doreen was back off her holidays which was good news as the class works better and is more structured when she is around. She spent a lot of one-to-one time with Alfie practising his backward rolls which he loved. He loves the structured parts of the class, and gets manic or bored when they are left to just run around the apparatus for most of the session. H was doing her own thing, playing with other kids, rolling a gym ball round the room. She joined in with all the exercises and songs this week again, after last week’s refusal. They both enjoyed themselves, which is good 🙂

Alfie went through his craft folders, doing bits of half completed projects and books. Here he is making dinosaurs with the sticker book Helen sent from Australia. He also spent some time doing his workbook, doing a couple of Reading Eggs lessons, playing in the garden and various other things. H has taken to going through the barely used toy drawers in the lounge and playing with near forgotten toys which is nice.

The lovely Bex came over on Monday night for wine and chats. Always good 🙂

We had a “quiet” day on Tuesday. In this house that means not going out but is usually anything but quiet 😉 We made cookies for Nanny’s birthday – some cherry, some chocolate bean.

H wrote lots of words on her magnetic board.

We did an experiment involving static electricity, which required the construction of an elaborately decorated snake to charm 😉

And built marble runs

Amber ate pasta

to fuel her speedy crawling 😉

The big kids also spent a fair amount of the time playing imaginative games upstairs or in the garden – jungles, holidays and various other things from what I could gather. Good news for me as I got to clean the bathroom and kitchen 😉 They also spent a fair amount of time colouring and drawing. H’s pictures are amazing for a 3 year old. So clear and obvious. It must be a girl thing as I always thought how advanced Alfie’s female peers were when he was still scribbling. His pictures are now highly detailed and accurate but not so at 3 years old.

Yesterday we went to Croome Park NT with Mom and Dad. It was Mom’s birthday and, bar an absolutely jawdroppingly astounding mega tantrum from H right at the start of the day, it was a fab day 🙂 We followed the puzzle quest children’s trail around the grounds, solving puzzles as we went (counting the steps of the court, finding words on the church, unscrambling letters). We went in the house and cellars. We crossed the bridges and explored the grotto and temples. The kids went on the RAF playground too.

In the withdrawing room installation…

H took some pictures whilst we had the picnic…

Today Daddy had the day off so we got the train to Lichfield and picnicked around Stowe Pool. We fed the ducks wholegrain bread (it was heartbreaking to see 5 geese with angel wing whilst people blithely continued to feed white bread to them…), went on the play area, rolled down hills, then popped in a couple of shops before getting the train home 🙂

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