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Busy Week

September 29th, 2011 by becki

We are currently in the middle of an Indian summer, and the weather is scorching. It is so strange (but lovely!) to be back in summer clothes and so so hot. We have definitely made the most of the weather this week with lots of time outdoors. If we can get the lawn and garden under control this weekend then I will be very happy 🙂

On Monday I had to take the car to have the brake fluid changed, new wipers and a new tyre – joy! Mom looked after the big kids, walking down to Boldmere to collect Rich’s coat from the dry cleaners and playing in the garden. Amber came with me, obligingly falling asleep so I could have a coffee in the Range whilst I waited 😉

On Tuesday we headed out to recycle batteries and plastic bags and buy Halloween costumes. Afterwards we met Sarah, Alice and Saule at Kingsbury Water Park to test out the fab new play area and go on a VERY long walk 😉 As usual Alice and Holly held hands and hugged most of the time, whilst Saule followed Alfie 😉

Alfie loved this game where you had to roll a ball around a track without it falling into the holes.

As well as the usual big basket swing, they also had a baby version which Amber loved. She just lay there smiling for ages whilst it was swinging.

Dentist for me and H on Wednesday. We were both OK thankfully. H was great, sitting still whilst I had my teeth done and opening her mouth wide for the dentist – last year she refused. Oh how quickly they grow up. In fact, she amazed me by saying that she could read the sign in the window of the dentist, which was silhouetted back to front on the blinds, then proceeded to sound out all the letters correctly. Not only can she read her letters, she can do it backwards LOL! Nanny had taken Alfie and Amber for a walk round the shops then met up with us and we headed to the new adventure playground at Sandwell Valley. It was amazing! The kids loved it.

Afterwards we went to the little farm to see the animals and the vegetables in the enormous kitchen gardens. Nanny treated us to lunch in the cafe there, then we walked up to the lake in Dartmouth Park to feed the ducks. Back home for a quick rest, then it was Alfie’s first gym bounce class. Adults were banished to the viewing gallery, but he was fine on his own. He absolutely loved it, doing forward rolls, spring board and trampolining.

Today we went to a home ed teddy bear’s picnic session that I had set up with the RSPB at Sandwell Valley nature reserve. All the kids (there were about 20 including littlies) had a ball. They played lots of games, made magic woodland potions, collaged teddies from natural materials, hunted for hidden teddies and creatures in the woods. A lovely day. Nanny came along too and looked after Amber in the classroom during the afternoon session so I could spend time with the big two. Amber snoozed in the sling during the morning bug hunt and magic potion making in the herb garden 🙂

Alfie’s teddy and place mat

And H’s

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